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Old March 22, 2011, 08:35:17 AM
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Default the wolf adventure sign up

this a role playing for 5 wolves.they will meet each other in the mysterious forest.they have to win the bad wolf "zorlosion".i'm waiting 5 people for the story.the rules are: SPAMMing.don't make your wolf spam GODMOD(do not control other person's character)
3.i will let you do spelling wrongs DO NOT make a post full of them.please try.
ok here is the form(it is filled with my wolf's things.DO NOT copy answers are colored) :
wolf name:Angela
personality:she loves everyone and everyone love her
ability:she makes people love each other
color and other stuff:pink and has a heart in her back
reason for winning zorlosion:zorlosion took her parents and she want them back
people who joined:

sign up

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i will join
wolf name:wolfartica
personality:it's not so friendly.he loves being alone
ability:create and control ice
color and other stuff:light blue.
reason for winning zorlosion:he destroyed his home.
Old March 23, 2011, 04:40:51 PM
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Why not? I'll join.

wolf name: Maru

gender: Male

personality: Maru is the kind of wolf who will show compassion to anybody whom he respects. But he will obliterate anybody who threatens him and his
loved ones.

ability: He has the ability to control water in any form.

color and other stuff: Maru has a slick black coat with a dark gray picture embroidered into his back in the shape of a water drop. He is also known as the best hunter in the mysterious forest.

reason for defeating Zorlosion: When Zorlosion destroyed his original safe haven about 20 clicks from his current position, Maru swore revenge against Zorlosion and his forces.
Old April 17, 2011, 06:51:38 PM
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wolf name:Thalea
personality:Violent and always looking for a fight
ability:Controls fire
color and other stuff:Albino except for a red heart on back left leg
reason for winning zorlosion:Killed most of her tribe

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Old December 13, 2011, 03:51:24 PM
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Post Wolf RP

Wolf Name: Damon

Gender: Male

Personality: He is a gentle wolf that is stong in power and wisdom

Ability: Can envelope his paws in dark blackish purple shadows to attack opponents, you know when its going to happen when the scar across his eye glows purple.

Color And Other Stuff: Silver with whith a black scar over his left eye ad black paws

Reason For Defeating Zorlosion: Killed his entire Northern Tribe, and wants to get revenge (wow Zorloison likes to kill other wolves dosent he, in percuit of power hm?)

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i guess i'll take my character in a different direction

Name: Shadow
Personalty: Mostly Silent only speak's when he needs to, doesn't seem to want to talk about the past? seem's to know much about magic. Doesn't seem to trust anyone
Ability: Bends realty to his will and can drain power from living thing's if they aren't as powerful as him, Despite his amazing power's he is rather weak
Color:his Fur is jet black and his eye's seem to glow like fire
Reason for Defeating Zorlosion: seem's to hold a grudge against him, doesn't like to talk about it much for some reason
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