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Default Crack Dragon (Sign - Up!)

The Story Unfolds:

Jason, N's Kyruem, is afraid of Team Plasma going bankrupt. He turns to drugs. After a long time of searching, he finds a drug dealer in a vacant alleyway. His motto:

"The best crack to take you back! Since 1969."

Kyruem soon finds the best damn experience he would never forget.

================================================== =======

Name: Jason

Age: 1345

Gender: Male

Hometown: Plasma Castle Zone (A Team Plasma Base)

Description: A Kyruem who is depressed about the recession in Unova.
He eventually turns to drugs to ease the pain of everyday life.

He loves the colour green, and happens to love the Commodore 64. (I dunno why I typed that.) He can get nervous easily and can be very indecisive. He's naturally a screw up. He also faints when he sees blood. He has a phobia of polka music.

After N caught Jason, Jason lived at Plasma Castle Zone for quite a while. When the recession started, a considerable amount of profit for the property was lost. Jason started having nightmares. He called a friend of his to talk. His name was Mike. After he saw his friend, he was convinced a economical disaster would soon follow. His friend was an Absol. N sent Jason to see
Dr. Phil because N was convinced Jason had turned into a nutcase (Jason almost killed two people with his B-B gun). Now, Team Plasma is on the verge of bankruptcy and Jason has gone off the rails. Now he's on E-bay looking for a good crack deal. Osama Bin Laden.

He once licked yellow snow for fifty bucks. Turns out it was fake. He once got trapped in an elevator. He screamed like a little girl.

How he\she kicks sum ***:
He runs away screaming.

Weapon Of Choice:
(Don't forget his B-B gun.)

Did I mention he's a total loser?

What do you think? Sorry if the execution sucks, I typed this at, what?
2:30 am?

(Please note that this Pokemon RP is a crossover of Streets of Rage, and Final Fight.)

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Aaaaaaaw Yeeeeeeaah

Name: Various names, see Description

Age: 59

Gender: Male

Hometown: Castelia City

Description: A Grovyle who grew up on the mean, ghetto streets of Castelia.
Wears his long, tan trench coat filled with various narcotics. Also has two circle shaped scars from an "accident". He says its's his scar from the Viet-Cong war to get the ladies.

His name is ever changing due to the fact he's always on the run from the 5-0.
His various names include Slick, Wookie, 8-bit, and Hannibus.

A nosy son of a gun. He's always getting into peoples' business and, as a result, is often threatened and pushed around by the other "top gangsters"
But he sells drugs, so they're cool with him.

He used to be a gangster when he was a young, mean Treecko. One time he stabbed a rival Torchic gang member and was shot in the tail twice.
Then he decided to try out pimping, but got beat by Pimplup and his gang.

So now he's a drug dealer in the shadows, handing out crack, marijuana, heroin, and all other kinds of drugs to deadbeat 'mons like Jason.

He is also looked down upon by other gangs on his turf because he's such a loudmouth and tipped off the cops of an underground crack house once. But he sells drugs, so he's cool.

How he\she kicks sum ***:
The efficient way

Weapon Of Choice:
Whatever he happens to find- be it an Uzi, Pistol, Pop Bottle, or Switchblade

He's literally tried every drug known to the world, and is often seen using his own "supplies" on the job.

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This'll be the trippiest RP I'll ever be in.

Name: He doesn't know. He tends to refer to himself into the third person, in which he will call himself Kitty. So people call him Kitty.

Age: Doesn't know. Thus he presumes that he was just born whenever anyone asks him.

Gender: Male. Of course, he forgets that he's a male, also.

Hometown: Unknown. His most commonly referred to hometown is the Ruins of Alph. Then he'll say that he was born in a truck. So it's not known.

Description: A Sunkern who is constantly seen sucking on some sort of stick. People don't know what this stick is, where he got it, and why its sucking it, but many believe that its a sort of drug that causes "Kitty" to be constantly hit with amnesia. He doesn't know how to speak anything besides his supposed name, his supposed place of birth, and "I dunno."

Personality: Overly optimistic and jovial in every sense possible. HE'LL GET BEAT UP AND FORGET HOW TO FEEL PAIN.

History: Pretty self-explanatory. Nothing is known, because "Kitty" doesn't know.

How he kicks ***: He can't feel pain because he can't remember how to feel pain, he can't make friends because he constantly forgets who his friends are, and he annoys the heck out of everyone for not knowing anything. Then he forgets what he says and proceeds to confuse them even more.

Weapon: Amnesia.

Other: Goes insane when he loses his stick.
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Name: Koro

Age: 15

Gender: Female (Yeah bring on the girls!)

Hometown: The abandon Route 18 and 17.

Description: A Dewott that forces you to buy drug she steals. If you fail to do so, she kills you.

Personallity: Her favorite color is red, likes rock music, and enjoys killing people.

History: Koro has always been a thief. If you fail to buy some drugs of hers she kills you, unless you already have some on your hands. Has always done this even when she was 3.

How she kicks ***: Looks hot.

Weapon: Shells

Other: She can quickly make friends to people that sell drugs, occasially suppling them.
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Name: Mike

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Hometown: Opelucid City, Piraka Street.

Description: An Absol friend of Jason's. He is part of a six - Pokemon team led by a trainer, who he lives with.

Personality: Naturally a loyal friend, he is willing to listen to Jason's woes and talk to Jason to help him. He usually has to parent Jason as Mike claims he is "irresponsible, clueless and an a**hat". He is very wise and knows how to take care of himself, but he can still be vulnerable.

History: Mike was abandoned as a pup. Lost, alone and confused, he was left to die, until his trainer took him home to care for him. He believes he has a lifetime dept to pay to his trainer, promising he would fight and die to the end, if it meant survival to the person who saved him. He had life threatening experiences with an underground organization, Rocket X. His trainer has the battle scar to prove it.

How he\she kicks sum ***:
-Giga Impact
-Charge Beam
-Shadow Claw
*-Snatcher Beam >> \/ \/

Weapon Of Choice:
*-He is also part Snatcher, similar to Random Hajile. He can fire a
Sub-Machine gun out of his back. (DID U WIEK IT?!)

Has a fear of heights.

************************************************** *******

Name: Yulia Carbon

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Hometown: Opelucid City, Piraka Street

Description: Mike's Pokemon Trainer.

Personality: Very tomboyish, but can also get very feminine depending on the mood. She can be very clumsy, but very violent. She has a criminal record of Property Vandalizing, and hitting her neighbor with a branch they threw in her backyard. She is very persistent, but knows her limits.

History: Not much is known about her as she was an orphan just like Mike.
CHERUB tried getting her waaaaaay back, but, meh... For the past few months she's been getting dreams about her long-lost parents.

How he\she kicks sum ***:
Falcon Punch. She learned it from Captain Falcon himself.

Weapon Of Choice:
Doesn't like to pick up weapons. She's afraid she'll kill somebody.
Last week she shot a Giratina in the eye with a paintball gun.

HATES the swamp. She prefers to stay away of any place too muddy.
(She's a clean freak!)
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Name: Strangler

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Hometown: Undella Bay

Desciption: A frillish that enjoies threatening pokemon.

Personallity: Likes Nyan cat, is a vegatarian, and is waaaay to nice (In Koro's feet)

History: Strangler got flung to Route 17 by a trainers Beartic. She wants to rule the world with another water pokemon (Koro). She can speak 7 languages and loves soda as ice.

How she kicks ***: She smacks your ***

Weapon of choice: She strangles you.

Other: After strangling you, her tenticals get tangled.
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