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Default Sentinels of the Starry Skies ( DQIX Redux )

Hello? Is anybody there?
If you're there, say something. Show yourself.
Thus do the voices of mortals plead,
Ever hopeful of proof of our existence...
For how long have we watched over their realm...?
For how long have we Celestrians existed...?

Sentinels of the Starry Skies

Long ago the Almighty created mortal humans. He was disgusted at their envy, lust, hatred, gluttony, and how the creatures around them reacted. He created Celestrians, assigning them to towns to watch over the mortals residing in them. The Celestrians thrive in The Observatory, a large tower hovering in the sky, that is invisible to mortals. Celestrians, like The Observatory, cannot be seen by human eyes, but mortals do know of the Celestrians. Statues of Celestrians are littered about the world in towns with the names of the Celestrians engraved into them.

This particular story basically revolves around the Dragon Quest IX storyline, but the main character, Aquila, Columnba, Apus Major, Corvus, and the other named Celestrians have never existed. The character I conjure will lead The Observatory in Apus Major's style so any missions into the Protectorate (DQ IX Earth) will need to be approved by me first. The towns and their locations in Dragon Quest IX are the same here, and the same monsters still thrive, which means the Celestrians watching over a particular town will need to defeat the monsters that threaten it. NO GROTTOES THOUGH!

But how do you defeat those pesky monsters? Well your character can start off with a celestial garb and one beginning weapon of your choice. But how do you buy new armor/weapons? There will be a shop in the Observatory that will be run by a NPC that you can buy stuff from. Everyone starts at level one. You can choose any of the vocations to start out with. I will also have a NPC who acts as a pseudo-Jack of Alltrades persona.

I will act as a Reactive Game Master, which basically means you, the people participating, will post a post and I will "react" by finishing your post. Try not to post super long posts for the reason prior, but do make them lengthy and juicy enough for me to "react" to. I will try to post everyday to "react" to the participants' posts. I have a life too, so don't get angry at me forgetting to "react" one day.

  • Follow the general Victory Road Forums rules
  • Be nice
  • No bunnying, godmodding, mary sues, etc.
  • Posts must be at least 200 words minimum
  • Swearing is allowed but only in character
  • Out of Character (OOC) info must be posted in spoiler tabs
  • Correct grammar would be much appreciated
  • Relationships are allowed but physical stuff must be okay for regular PDA
  • Backround of playing Dragon Quest IX storyline isn't required but it would help much

Character Spreadsheet

Name: Simple enough. It'd be lovely if you could make their names star-related though. ;3
Gender: Male or Female. Speaks for itself.
Age: Keep in mind that a NPC in the canon game said that the youngest Celestrian is 300 years old. You could always say something like chronologically 700, but physically nineteen.

Appearance: Two hefty paragraphs here. Include what their Celestrial garb looks like too.

Personality: Two hefty paragraphs here also.

History: Three hefty paragraphs here. Histories play a huge part in how characters react to different environments. ;3

Town they Protect: Pick an open one from the list below.


Angel Falls
Port Llafflan
Wormwood Creek

Sign-Ups are OPEN
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Name: Nova
Gender: Male
Age: Chronologically he is 589, physically he is 16

Appearance: Nova has hair that is the color of fire, he doesn't pay much attention to it though and so it is always messy his eye's are dark and when looked into is like staring into an abyss, Nova has a scar on his right hand from an accident while practicing with his sword, his Celestrial garb is dark and stand's out in the day but give's him the advantage anywhere dark, the only part of his garb that isn't dark is the emblem on the back of his cloak, it show's a star mid-explosion or a "super nova" as its usely called.

He also has a Black Scabbard witch hold's his sword, a dark black blade that seem's to drain the very light around it, this sword has its name engraved into its blade in dark red letter's, it reads "Erebos"

Personality: Tend's to keep to himself at first, but open's up when he gets to know people, is easily distracted by shiny things, loves cats and dragon's (except when their trying to kill him) tend's to rush thing's and may miss something important because of this. Is Easily angered and will often threaten subject of anger, he doesn't follow through on these threat's though.... well mostly he doesn't

Seem's to hate water and anything to do with it for some reason. Plot's against his enemy's in an attempt to one day strike back at them, hold's his friend's in high regard's and will often drop everything to help them.

History: Nova Had a hard childhood, which was all the worse because of how Celestrians age compared to human's (roughly 36.8 human year's for one Celestrain year of maturity)
Nova grew up with only his older brother to help him, his parent's were killed by a monster protecting a large town when he was only 2 (72) it wasn't an easy life his brother had to take his father's place as a protector and so he hardly saw him, so Nova spent most of his childhood alone, because of this Nova learned to do most thing's by himself and by the age of 12 (441) He had masted the sword although he didn't get through that last practice without a scratch, this is where he picked up his scar.

When he had finished with his training he started to run errand's for the protector's e.g. Picking up armor, finding something they lost etc. thing's they didn't have time for mostly because of this he saw his brother more he still didn't see him much but it at least gave him some time to catch up with him, During his spare time Nova liked to read, book's about monster's mostly. Nova learned allot from those book's who knew that a slime had 3 brains?

But his life wasn't going to let him off that easily less than a few month's before he was due to become a protector it happened, his brother was killed by a monster the SAME monster that had killed his parent's so many decade's ago, when this happened something in him snapped he began to act more and more secluded he cut himself off from those that he had called "friends" all he could think about was how to destroy the monster that destroyed his life, until finally he stumbled upon something in one of his book's it told of how a swordsman could make the perfect sword for themselves but no one else as the sword would be tied to their soul's, Nova followed the instruction's word for word, he locked himself in his home for week's all people could see was a strange smoke coming from his house, until one day he emerged but he was not the same, his eye's seemed to be darker than night and his hair seemed to flicker like a flame, Nova had done it, he had made a sword infused with his own blood, a sword that was the embodiment of his very soul, a sword that he swore upon would kill the beast the ruined his life...

Kind of epic hey? :3
Town he Protect's: Zere
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I'm not very good at the whole singing songs Lengthy Description thing, but.. here's a try. whooop

Name: Deneb
Gender: Male
Age: Chronologically 900, but physically 22.

Appearance: Deneb is, simply put, a big guy. He's six-foot seven and weights 220 pounds. His skin is tanned slightly, and his eyes are a bright green, but are rarely seen due to his tendency to wear Aviator sunglasses. His head is shaved, but he has a well-kept black goatee that he takes some pride in. Despite his size, his legs are quite toned and he is surprisingly agile. His weapons of choice are a small paring knife which can absorb the elements of whatever it touches, and a trident he wears on his back when he isn't flying. His wings are a pristine white, in good contrast with his skin color.

His garb consists of an open white trench coat with black stripes along the shoulders. Under it, he wears the average Celestian toga and pants.Unlike most Celestians, Deneb wears navy blue running shoes rather than sandals or greaves. His trench coat is almost completely invulnerable to ice and water.

Personality: Deneb is a very proud man. He takes pride in is body and his strength. He would rather solve a dispute with his fists than his mind. This has gotten him in some trouble, but nothing he could handle, since he can back up his bragging with factual proof. He tends to drink at times, and he can be quite violent when drunk as well.

His fighting style usually involves using his agile legs to flank the opponent in order to get close enough to hit them with his knife. When confronted with a horde of enemies, he takes out his trident as a last-resort and hits them with a multithrust. He spends his free time looking out into the ocean and thinking up of new battle strategies, which he memorizes and experiments on the monsters outside the Port.

History: Deneb lived quite an average life for a Celestian. He took over for his master in Port Llafflan when he was 14 (520) and has kept it quite peaceful ever since. He picked up his personality from the proud sailors that ported there often, and always enjoyed listening to their tales. When the sailors passed in the port, their souls' power materialized and became his trident. His trident now is powered by the souls of the sailors, and the more any sailor prays to him, the more powerful it gets. His tan came from his periodic times watching the sea.

When he was a child, every day at 2:00 Pm he would watch a local swordmaster train with a paring knife. After a while, he found his own knife and started mimicking the swordmaster. After the man had died, Deneb continued training and mastered lightfooted the way of the Myrmidon. When the swordmaster's spirit saw this, he burst with gratitude and magically imbued the knife with his soul, giving the knife its powers.

Town they Protect: Port Llafflan

(I hope that's good enough.)
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Hey guys.

Wildfire's Character Review    

Okay...where to start? The grammar is off but still readable...kind of. Nova is verging on Marty Studom, and just saying he had a "hard" childhood isn't really a flaw. I'll accept him because I'm just so generous.

Idno's Character Review    
Oof. Celestrians are noble creatures, not the kind that drink or are known to get drunk.  Besides that, everything looks okay.
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Name: Andromeda

Gender: Female

Age: 548 chronologically 15 physically.

Appearance: Andromeda has thick, shoulder-length blonde hair with bangs swished generally to the right and curls that give her hair a little bit of a "bed-head" look. A flower adorns her hair which is normally a rose but can also be a lily. Andromeda's luscious jade eyes look impecibly green against her olive skin and light freckled face. Andromeda has no scars visible when wearing her garbs, however she has a scar running across each shoulder blade where wings should be present. Andromeda is a measly 5 foot even and barely hits 120 pounds.

Andromeda's garbs are knee-length and free flowing for easy movement. They are the color of the sky at noon, an extremely light cerulean color. Because of her love of earthly flowers, Andromeda has a rose or lily (dependent on which one is in her hair) on her belt hiding a dagger with a hummingbird engraved into the blade. Andromeda generally does not wear shoes unless she absolutely has to, and even the her shoes are sandals that are easy to slide off.

Personality: Andromeda tends to put others first, however she has a hard time saying no. She refuses to fight, unless it is for the best interest of others. However, Andromeda can fight if it is required. Her love of nature tends to get her distracted at times but is quickly redirected back on task. Andromeda to also fascinated with sound and music.

Andromeda thinks everything through before she speaks. She is eloquent and sometimes uses it in a way to twist others' words. She would much rather talk diplomatically than fight barbarically. Despite her beautiful speech, she can fight.

History: Andromeda was very well-behaved as a child. Her love of nature kept her from becoming lonely. Her mother died when she was 5 (200) and she assumed the home role. Her brothers used her as a punching bag, however she endured every blow. This abuse made her strong but very afraid to say no.

Around 12 (456), Andromeda fought a battle with her father. To horror's suprise, Andromeda's father was brutally muurdered in front of her. Because of fact she had rerouted the monster's mind to spare her, the monster took her wings rather than her life. Andromeda has frequent nightmares even awake of that day.

Andromeda took up her father's role in Angel's Falls. She conversed with the musicians and rhetoric teachers rather than the warriors. She did converse with a specific warrior before he was killed as well. Andromeda's brother left home later to find a better Protectorate, however Andromeda is sure they are dead because it has bee years since she has seen them.

Town they Protect: Angel's Falls
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