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Old September 2, 2016, 04:54:35 PM
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Default Evolutionary lines where you like some Pokémon but not others

What are the Pokémon that you really like (favorites, perhaps) where other evolutionary line members really do not fit your fancy?

For me, a few choice examples:

Cofagrigus > Yamask
Pancham > Pangoro
Furret > Sentret
Typhlosion and Quilava > Cyndaquil
Bibarel > Bidoof
Wartortle > Blastoise
Armaldo > Anorith
Most of the early butterflies/moths > larval and pupal stages
More pets
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Old September 3, 2016, 11:07:52 AM
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I only like Turtwig. It's evolutions are okay, but I try not to evolve my little Turty buddy.

Also, I've never liked the middle stage of any starter, except for cute little Bayleef
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