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Default Syra's Sporadic Soundtracks 'n' Stuff

Sometimes I get inspiration to make music on a music program. This is the thread for when that happens.

A few days ago, I had a thought: What if the first generation of Pokemon games had a unique Elite Four theme? I whistled and hummed a few ideas until I got sick of just dwelling on it and pulled up Famitracker for the first time in months. The result...imeaniguessitsok...

Take note that I have no idea how to make Famitracker's instruments make GBC-style sound, so what you're going to hear sounds a lot more like NES, but...y'know, pretend, k...?
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Oh wow, this actually sounds very nice. Imagining the triangle channel as that funky channel on the Game Boy (the one that sounds like a cross between a square and sawtooth), this sounds quite realistic. Nice work.
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