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Old November 5, 2014, 06:38:42 PM
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Default You just MAEWIN! (Job Hunters RP)


The train pulled up to the station just outside Safe House 5237, screeching slightly as it slowed to a stop. A large group of people in baggy, army green outfits exited the train, hurrying inside to clean themselves off after a long day in the arena. Just behind them, led by a middle-aged woman with short curly brown hair and wearing a jacket the same army green color as the recruit's suits, was a smaller group of people carrying suitcases and backpacks and looking rather nervous.

Nicolette Eyres stood among them, only half listening as Charlene, the lady in the green jacket, led them towards the large building while talking in an overly-cheery voice that got on the girls nerves about the history of MAEWIN and the safe houses; it had been a mandatory subject for High School Seniors and had been part of an important presentation that was shown to all the students in her College at the end of each school year, so she felt there was really no need to hear it again.
As the group approached the front entrance of the Safe House, Nicole paused to look up at the large building that she would be living in for quite some time; maybe for the rest of her life, however long that may be. It looked like it'd been quite a nice building before MAEWIN had turned it into what might as well have been a prison; the outside of the building was a rough off-white stone with a slightly reddish undertone to it, which was brought out nicely by the dark red accents and roof tile; there were even a few glass doors that she could see leading onto small balconies overlooking the surrounding woods. The only thing that distinguished this from some rich family's Summer home was the words "M.A.E.W.IN. 5237" painted on the front in fading black letters.
"Well," Nicole sighed, "I guess there are worse places they could be herding us into while we fight to the death." She heard a slightly irritated "Ahem" coming from a few feet in front of her, and she realized that Charlene was waiting for her to enter the house after the other newcomers. With a muttered curse, Nicolette picked up her suitcase and jogged to catch up to the others.
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