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Old January 24, 2012, 08:17:45 AM
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Default Let's Play Touhoumon Another World

Hey everyone your local power abuser angry friendly Consoles & Gaming moderator Zsaberslash here. Welcome to my LP of Touhoumon Another World. This game is a ROM hack of Pokemon Fire Red. This is gonna be a screenshot LP. Any major battles will be recorded and uploaded to Youtube.

Explanation of Touhou    
Touhou Project (Shortened to Touhou) is a series of bullet hell shoot-em-up games made by one man known as ZUN (well, the main series games at least). The first five games were made for the PC-98. The first of the games: Highly Responsive to Prayers is more similar to games such as Breakout and Arkanoid. Touhou 6, a.k.a Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, and onward were released for Windows PCs. The latest game in the series is Touhou 13, a.k.a Ten Desires.

Explanation of Touhoumon and this hack    
Touhoumon started off as simple Japanese hack of Pokemon Fire Red which replaced Pokemon with Touhou characters. This gained a considerable following and eventually spawned many hacks with the name Touhoumon with different content. This specific hack is based off another unfinished Japanese hack called Touhou Puppet Play ~ Gensokyo Scenario.

Part 1 - Prologue

Upon loading the hack we are greeted with this screen. Aichya Sanae is the creator of this hack.

A familiar sight to anyone who's played FR/LG.

And a not-so-familiar sight.

It's almost like playing FR/LG again... Almost though.

And of course we have the title screen.

Well this makes a change from the blue background in FR/LG... I'm cool with this.

A very brief explanation of Touhou and this specific hack.

A quick credit to the original hack that this is based off.

Credits. And no problem!

Oh boy, it's Professor Oak!

Wait what?
(Boneka is apparently Indonesian for "doll")


Oak's intro speech is pretty much the same as it is in FR/LG. It has a few changes here and there, that you'll see.

No I'm a guy but oh well...

Choosing "Tomboyish" leads you to this:

This is Renko Usami, one of the two characters specifically introduced on the music CDs. She's a human from the outside world.

If you choose "Girlish" you are lead to this:

This is Maribel Hearn, the other of the two characters introduced on the music CDs. She's also a human from the outside world.

I decide to go with Girlish girl.

And of course, I'll use my preferred shortening of my username.
Oak then does the usual talk about his grandson.
I decide to name him after a former member here.

I dunno I could have named him something rude for all you care and you'd call him that. I digress...

Wait a moment! I'm not in control here. WHAAAAAAA?

Let's start our journey, I guess?

Masara Town? So what, I'm in a Japanese version of Kanto?

But I wanna go outside Masara Town.
(Still not in control yet, by the way.)

Which one though?

But who won? I need answers, game!

Ok then?


Well at least this saves time with the game doing this for me...

Hooray I don't have to do the boring sidequest at the start!

Well Lite clearly does what he wants. He's a true man!

Free stuff, can't complain really.

What happened?

You (The game) goes off to Route 1 when...

Uh, this clearly doesn't look good.


Find out what happens in the next part!
Which will be sometime between now and the apocolypse

Any questions/comments on this are appreciated.

Useful links for this LP:
English Wikipedia page for Touhou Project
Unofficial English Touhou Wiki
The Touhou Wiki's page on this hack
The developer's (Aichya Sanae's) blog
The developer's Youtube
My Youtube

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Old January 24, 2012, 01:42:32 PM
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Part 2 - This doesn't look like Kanto...

We wake up in somewhere that clearly doesn't look like Kanto.

This really doesn't look like Kanto. Where exactly am I?

Walk to this patch of grass. Since this doesn't seem to be the Pokemon world there shouldn't be any harm in the grass, right?


Uh oh.

This isn't looking good...

Um, help?

The Boneka moves in faster than we can run away.

Hey, don't just stand there, help me!
The screen then fades to black.

We wake up in a bed in somewhere.
(I'm in the left bed by the way)
Before we do anything we take the item up top.

Which is a Potion.

Fair enough.
Going into the room to the left and going near to this girl she comes up and starts talking.

You know, I don't think I do.


Heck if I know.

Strangely not...

We are then forced to sit down.


Technically, yes.

Aside from what happened when I woke up here, yeah.

An amnesiac, yes.

Nice to meet you Reimu.
(Japanese naming order is used here so Surname first then first name, so here she would be known as Reimu Hakurei.)

I guess so.

Well can you help me get my memories back?

Yes? No? Maybe?

Okay then.

I guess.

Well since I'm a big boy/girl, I'll go outside.

Outside we see two boneka chasing each other.

The brown one that I'm talking to is ChibiMystia. The one it's being chased by is ChibiCirno

Here's a sortof advert for the Moriya Shrine.

Going up a bit we find ChibiSuika sleeping in a tree.
The sign there talks about the tree and the legend associated with it. It's a bit long so I won't show it.
Up and right a bit is the not shown lake.

What's beyond here I wonder... Let's take a lo-


And if I don't want to?

Good thing I stopped then, really.

And it's a good thing you stopped me then.


At this point we're led back into the shrine.

How many exactly is many?
(You may notice parts of Reimu there, that's a simple sprite glitch that'll go away in a minute.)

Well even a little help from them is nice.

So I should go see this Akyuu then?

Oh, thanks!


Only one? Reimu, I am disappoint.

Why can't I take them all? But fine, I'll take one. Maybe.

On the left:


I'll take a look at my other options first.

In the middle:

And my other option is?

On the right:

Hmm. Which one to choose...


(Side note: While I've got an idea of which Boneka I'm gonna choose, your votes may influence me to a different one. So yeah, vote away.)
(Side note 2: Hieda Akyuu's proper name is Hieda no Akyuu, the "no" is generally used in old Japan with the upperclass people. A more better way of translating would be Akyuu of the Hieda clan.)
Old January 29, 2012, 08:38:37 AM
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Part 3 - Plot plot plot plot plot
Because I don't feel like waiting for the poll to end, I'm gonna ignore the results and pick which starter I feel like.

Yeah. So there.

No funny nicknames cause I couldn't think of any at the time.
There's always waiting until we meet the Name Rater.


I should probably stop being a dick about spelling mistakes since the creator's first language isn't English.

Alright then.

Ok, I won't!

Goodbye Reimu.

Now finally I'll be able to leave without any interruptions!




So that's the Boneka we picked all the way back in Masara Town...

After defeating that shiny Boneka it goes off somewhere

I decided to go say hi to Reimu.

And she heals us.

So in the grass near the shrine we find these wild Boneka:

The region's bird and the usual Rattata-like Boneka.

Going out west we make it to Youkai Road.

Following Youkai Road we hit a hot springs which kindly heals our Boneka for no price.

We also find a Potion. Meh, free stuff.

Eventually we make it to the Human Village where this man casually insults us by calling us a little girl.

He does offer a tour round the village so he'll be spared. At least for now.


A.k.a. Potions

Next is the PokeBoneka Center.

Well it's true...

I doubt I'm gonna forget about them...

Why are you showing me this if I'm "little"?
The old man must be senile.

Or get drunk. Your choice.

Lies converted to a printed format.

Doubt I will.

As you'll find out this actually very small.

She's in the Forest of Magic. And she's busy being a witch.


It's actually got some decent stuff like Repels, Escape Ropes, etc.

You were spying on me?

I'm going with he was spying on me. Perv.

We could go see Akyuu but there's other things I want to do first.

First up, the Medicine shop.

How to encourage stealing.

Here's the selection. Some basic stuff really...

Second is the tool shop.

Which isn't open yet. We'll come back later then.

In the Kirisame shop we get this:

The running shoes. And yes, we had to pay for them.

Over at Akyuu's mansion.

No I'm here to steal all your possessions.

Word gets around fast.

Stuff happened. The end.

I liked my version better...

In English: sssss
She's probably a creeper...

Aside from this whole place, nothing.

Then why hasn't my memory come back yet?

Are you going to explode on me?

You only just noticed?

I'll just go hide before you explode on me.

Plot plot plot plot plot

Well where does she live?


That's not very helpful...


Or I could introduce myself. I dunno.


Any day now, Akyuu.

I dunno, amnesia and all.

Well at least this trip was slightly worth it.

It's a glorified Pokedex for Boneka.


A.k.a. PokeBalls


(Japanese for excuse me)


I'll just leave you in the dark then.

So we have to go to the Scarlet Devil Mansion up north. We'll do that next time!
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