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Question Teachy TV for Victory Road (Forum FAQ)

As our forum continues growing, it seems many people don't understand how our forum works. This guide was created to help our members with many common problems that newbies (and even regular members) have.

The first thing you should do is: READ THE RULES
I can not stress how important this is. Many mistakes I see are broken rules that we clearly state. The most common rules I see being broken are being off-topic, spamming (mainly the Games board), use of very large signatures, use of multiple smilies, and failure to spell/be grammatically correct. (Seriously, you know where the Shift and punctuation buttons are, it won't kill you to push them.)


Q: Under my user-name I have *insert Pokémon here*. What is that and how does it change?
A: That Pokémon represents your rank. This depends on the amount of posts you have so to change your rank you just simply join in on conversations on the forum. Remember this isn't a contest, so don't go spamming messages just to increase your rank. At the moment having a higher rank won't give you access to hidden areas. A list of all the ranks can be found here.

Q: How do I add text/images under all my posts? (Signatures)/How do I change my display image? (Avatar).
A: The text/images that you have appear under all of your posts is called your Signature and your display image is called your Avatar. You can add/modify your signature/avatar by going to your User Control Panel (upper left of the page). On the left side you will see options to change your profile, your signature, your avatar, your profile picture, your main account settings (e-mail and password), and more. Be sure to remember our rules about signatures (must not be excessively tall and must not contain videos).

Q: Why won't my YouTube video work? All I get is a white square.
A: YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG! To embed a YouTube video you use the text
You only need the ID number, not the entire URL. The ID number follows after the
For example if you wanted to use the video you would type
Q: I made a post but now it isn't there. Where did it go?
If you see your post isn't there, that means it was deleted by an admin/mod. This was most likely due to it being off topic, you posted about something that you already said earlier in the thread, or there was content in your post we didn't find appropriate.

Q: Why is my Brawl card/Mario Kart license not working properly?
A: Because you just copied the code from the website which won't work with the way we have our tags set up. You will need to modify it to be the following:
[url=addressgoeshere][img]imagelinkgoeshere[/img]Click me![/url]
Q: I have a question that isn't answered here, what should I do?
A: Your best bet would be to PM an admin (preferably Cat333Pokémon or myself, Yoshi648) and we will get back with you ASAP. Alternatively, you can post a topic here with your question/problem. We have plenty of friendly members who would be more then willing to help out.

Q: How do I get rid of the advertisement at the top of the page?
A: Once you register and reach 100 posts it will be removed. There is no time limit in doing this - once you have posted 100 posts in a post-counting forum (/b/uizel does not count towards these 100 posts, for instance), it will be gone for good, and you can do this in a single day or a year. If you would like to speed this period up, try posting in the Pokémon forums, replying to others' questions, and maybe start a few of your own. The General Conversation thread is also a good place to talk. Just make sure that you follow the rules and don't spam.

This list will be updated as more questions arise.

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