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Default Pokemon Grey! Has Disney Inspired Pokemon?

Hi, I've seen scans of the Opelucid Gym Leader, his name is Hankon in English Scar! He is Drayden's younger brother. This is also juicy news Grey Gorge! the equivilant to Black City and White forest which by the way are in Grey Gorge, the ship you can't get on is acessible, it's called the Poseidon! I also heard something about Justin Bieber being in the game. There is also some mention about a ship disaster.

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...Either this is a troll or I really confus...

[the fact that Google News, Bulbapedia, and Serebii all show nothing doesn't help make this anymore credible, I might add...]
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>Pokémon Grey
>Grey Gorge
>Bad Grammar
>Justin Beiber

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