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Default - Elaine's Pokémon White Nuzlocke Adventure -

Warning. Do not read this if you like drugs, stalking, Cheren, Professor Juniper, or Bianca. You probably will read it and get offended anyway, so this allibi is a wonderful tool. Enjoy it! Or don't...I guess.

Monday, 20th February 2011

Bianca was late again. She's always late. Cheren scolds her as usual, and he slips that Professor Juniper wants to give all of us Pokémon to go on some fabled adventure...yay. Bianca apologizes, and she claims that I get the first pick since the present was put in my room. Why was it put in my room? Is the Professor a stalker? Maybe that's why she wants me to go on this silly adventure, so she can take snapshots of my butt. Well I take a peek in the suspicious box and choose a Snivy that I plan to name Buttercup as my starter. He comes off as a bit smug, but I'll be sure to defrost that crappy mask as all trainers just love to do—giving him a feminine name is just the beginning. Now ditzy Bianca demands that I battle her in my room! My room, for Buttercup's sake! Is she on drugs? I might have to ask her for some if I keep hanging around these strange people. She picked Oshawott. That poor thing; Buttercup promptly Tackle'd it to death. Just as I predicted, Bianca and I ruined my room with our battling. Then Cheren heals my Pokémon and decides to battle me right after my spat with Bianca—the nerve of some people! My stellar Snivy kicked Tepig's butt and leveled up too! Now these insane friends of mine go apologized to my mother—serves the scoundrels right for jacking up my room—but they drag me along as well.

After all the apologizing, drama, and what-not, my mother bestows upon me a X-transceiver, whatever the hell that is. I thank her, step outside with my newly acquired Snivy, and take a deep breath. Turns out he is Modest natured. Great, now I have to deal with this coward for the entirety of my journey probably. Bianca waddles to her house, so I probably will have to chase after her as usual. Her father says a few mean things to her, and Bianca leaves. How sad. Too bad I have better things to do then help troubled teenagers with their family angst. Do I look like a therapist? Anyway, I have to go meet Bianca and Cheren in front of the Professor's lab. Why couldn't the Professor just come to my house? Is she morbidly obese? I meet the Profesor and, sadly, she is not obese. Juniper's actually kind of hot, if I say so myself. Yay I get to nickname Snivy Buttercup! Gosh, Cheren is such an over-achiever. He knows everything already. I thought I was supposed to be the savvy one. Juniper forces us into a cliché Pokémon adventure that we all know and love. I got a pink Pokédex when I even said I wanted the green one. Juniper is so darn stubborn—I hope that didn't sound hypocritical. She wants me to meet her on Route 1. The stalking starts now.

Mother catches me upon exiting Juniper's lab and gives Cheren, Bianca, and me Town Maps. She's so sweet. I don't see how she could just let her 14 year-old daughter go out on an adventure that spans the entire region. There must not be many pedophiles in Unova. Except for Professor Juniper. Anywho, all of my "friends" and I take our first steps onto Route 1 together, much to my dismay. We see Juniper, and she teaches us how to catch Pokémon. I personally think she was just showing off by catching a level 2 Patrat...which really isn't "showing off". At least I get to start abusingcatching new Pokémon for my journey! Bianca suggests some silly game involving catching the most Pokémon, but I really could care less. I take my first steps into 'tall' grass, and meet a nice Pokémon known by the name of Patrat. Buttercup tackles it twice, and I throw a basic P-o-k-accent-e ball. It fails, so I throw another one. I successfully catch it. Whoop-de-doo. I name him Fred, but I don't plan on using him. It's time to train my Snivy, Buttercup, before I head off into Accumala town.

Buttercup - Level 7 / Overgrow
Tackle, Leer, Vine Whip

Fred - Level 4 / Run Away
Tackle, Leer

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