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Default Mysterious Adventures(Sign ups)

A roleplay in the mystery dungeon universe you will find many treasures and many adventures these are the sign ups

to submit this you have to fill these out
Pokemon: (first evolution's only and no legendary pokemon)
Name: (No last name required)
Occupation: (choose between treasure hunter, archaeologist, Rescue Explorer(you can make a rescue team of two to four characters,Explorer)
Personality:whats your character like
Affiliates: (choose a guild or nothing)
Moves: (nothing too overpowered yet)
Abilities: (special skill no superpowers just something like a good healer stuff like that)
Item: (A band or scarf variation that exists)
Town:choose a hometown you can visit other towns

Just to note your character never used to be a human.

Tour Town: a town with lots of pillars and castle like buildings.
Shop:Metang shop items are oran berry reviver seed apple and a pecha berry
Guild:Castle guild a guild were they train as Knight s members are
guild master Escavalier
trainer Gallade
and generic metal and fighting pokemon

Shinobi Town:A town with ancient pagodas and pagoda like buildings
Shop keckleon shop shop items are oran berry reviver seed apple and a rawst berry
Guild:Shadow guild. members
guild master Accelgor
trainer Bisharp
and generic dark and poison pokemon

Olden Town: A town with arch ways and cobblestone roads has Brick houses and buildings
Shop: Vigroth shop shop items are are oran berry reviver seed apple and a chesto berry
Guild Draco guild
Guild master Dragonite
Trainer Aerodactyl
generic dragon and normal pokemon

I hope i got people signing up for this rp it is my first one I am making

Pokemon: Tropius
Name: John-li
Occupation: Explorer
Personality: happy and likes adventure and treasure freedom and enjoying the ride
Affiliates: Draco Guild
Moves: Razor Leaf, Fly, Air Slash
Abilities: Great Flyer
Item: Power Band
Town: Olden Town

Here are the current 6 dungeons
Big volcano a large mountain filled with fire and flying pokemon

Luscious Forest a tropical forest with lots of grass and bug pokemon

Splash Pond a swampy pond filled area with lots of water and ground pokemon

Abandoned Mansion a old mansion riddled with ghost and dark type pokemon

Big Dungeon a old dungeon filled with rock and Metal pokemon

Ancient Temple a treasure filled temple guarded by dragon and ice pokemon

Eveloution rules

If you have three evolution's (example charmander) then you can evolve after two posts to the second form then when you've made 7 you can evolve to your highest evolution if you have 2 evolution's (example meowth) you have to make five posts before you evolve

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