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Default Pokemen

In a world where Pokémon and humans once lived in perfect harmony....

.... such a world that would seem farfetched now. I would often hear stories of Pokémon and their lifestyle. I read the old school mangas, and played the ancient video games from the devices of old. I never saw a real pokemon, especially after a huge war supposedly destroyed them... or rather, they disappeared.

"So, what are you in for, Kid?" said a tall man.
a blue haired teenage boy walked over to a strange machine.
"to stop the war," he replied.
"get in line, boy." the man said with a chuckle. "you're too young to see it now, but the war will probably continue even after we're all old and dead. so get that fairy tale out of your mind now."
the boy smirked, as he flashed out a disc shaped object.
"so you insist on becoming a Pokeman? Alrighty then. Step into the Ditto machine. But fair warning, like pokemon, some abilities you may not be able to learn. Keep trying and you'll probably be dead."
"Trying to scare me away won't work," the boy said. "I made up my mind. today, I'm going to be a Pokeman."
the boy walked into the machine as blue rays of light surrounded him.

several scientists began to work.

"y' think this kid will be able to fully sync with the Ditto device?"
"humph, we'll see shortly."

"initiate Munna and Musharna software data"

the boy 's vision went dark. then a screen appeared before his eyes, radiating an eerie glow.

"Please insert TM Data.

the boy took the disc in his hand and it came to life with a gleam.

Pokémon data confirmed: Lunatone. Lv30 fateful encounter from OT of unknown event. Beginning Ditto Sync in 3 seconds.... 2.....1....

a brilliant lustrous flash took over all vision.

attention. you will be induced with Musharna mist during installation. this will ensure the body will not take too much stress during the synchronization process...

.... Synchonization complete. Saving data......

in a chime it said, Nytz saved the...... data corruption imminent....

an alarm sounded and the screen went red. a group of humans began to teleport into the lab firing aura spheres at the Ditto device...

"Get hi..... out.... f... there!"

It's the.... Team Lunac..."

Nytz woke up abruptly. he looked around in his darkened room.

They call me Nytz.... often Nytz N2 Dreams, but just stick with Nytz. Just a guy living in a modern day world of war. I'm from a special resistance who uses the DNA strands of those Pokémon that once roamed the planet. They say that the monsters, though gone, will never be forgotten. Project synchronize is the reason we as a band of freedom fighters have an edge in this battle. It uses the memories and TMs of pokemon and combines their data into what we now have installed into our bodies. So now, normal humans have the power of pokemon. Cool huh? but it works both ways. this war drove pokemon away, the only thing they left were tms and memories... and our enemies were actually the first to use the Synchonize machines... based off certain pokemon's ability. we just have a crafty amount of people who took some of that said technology and made it our own.

Whoops, I must be boring you with information. Long story short: we have our own version of the device used to infuse our bodies with pokemon powers... we call our device "Ditto". our objective: use the power the pokemon left behind to save our world... or vice versa from our enemies: destroy it.

what the pokemon left behind... was it a gift? or was it to destroy us?

We are Pokemen.

Coming soon in VR forums.
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