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Default "Replaced" - Lucaria's First Creepypasta

It's my birthday. I've just turned 10, and I'm excited to get presents. My mom hands me a small, blue bag. Ecstatic, I pull out the white paper, and a game case. I screamed in joy. Pokémon Diamond! I ran into my room, jumping onto my bed and grabbing my DS. I ripped the plastic off the case and pull it open. I didn't even admire the amazing legendary time deity of Sinnoh, Dialga, until I slipped the game into my DS and got to the title screen. 3D Dialga silhouette with the blue aura flowing through him was epic!

I started a new game, naming my character SAMMY, because I never could think of anything better. I chose my starter, Piplup. I always loved penguins. I caught many Pokémon, but only kept the five I felt were valuable enough for me; Empoleon, Staraptor, Skuntank, Lucario and Dialga. They were all my prized Pokémon.

That was until I came upon a wild Magmar. Oh, boy, a Fire-type! I really loved Fire-types back then. Happy, I bring out my Empoleon and lower its HP down to red, then toss an Ultra Ball. I watched as the Ultra Ball wiggled back and forth three times, then clicked. Hooray! Magmar was mine! Magmar's data was added to the Pokédex. As usual, I was given the choice to name him. Quickly selecting yes, I slam my stylus onto the screen, hitting "V","E","S","U","V","I","U","S".

From then on, I had Vesuvius as my frontman Pokémon. He was always stronger than the rest of my team. It was like I was meant to have a great Pokémon like him. He burned through the Elite Four and Champion like they were weak little Turtwigs. Vesuvius was the best Pokémon I ever had.

I'd been playing for two years, making Vesuvius my strongest Pokémon. Then I stumbled upon a Magmarizer. Somehow I knew it connected to Vesuvius in some way. I asked my brother, since he knows everything there is to know about Pokémon, and he said trading Magmar while holding the Magmarizer will make him evolve. Good thing I had also been playing Pearl!
I go to the Union Room in both games, having Vesuvius holding the Magmarizer, and a useless Bidoof to trade. I went to trade, hit Vesuvius and Bidoof, and watched as the Pokéball of each Pokémon flew up and swirled down after a moment. On Diamond appeared Bidoof, and on Pearl appeared Vesuvius. I stared as the words popped up on the screen, "What? Vesuvius is evolving!" I watched as Vesuvius took the form of a fat Magmar with arm cannons. "Congratulations! Your Vesuvius has evolved into Magmortar!"

Feeling proud, I traded my even stronger Vesuvius back to Diamond.

I kept playing for years. It was then late February 2011. It was almost time for Pokémon Black and White to come out. New generations always made me happy!

I had constantly played Diamond until March 6th, the day B/W came out. I had pre-ordered it, so there was no need to worry. I begged my mom to take me to GameStop and quick. As soon as I got there, the man handed me Pokémon Black and White, and my mom paid.

We hurried home, and I ripped the case open. I saved Diamon, shut it off, took it out, and tossed it aside to gather dust. I put Black in, watching the small trailer that came before the title screen. N... Ghetsis... Team Plasma... It was all so cool! Then the title screen. Reshiram was so epic!

I named my character Lucaria, and picked Oshawott as my starter, because otters are so awesome. I constantly trained her, as a normal trainer would do, and caught many Pokémon, but, just like in Diamond, I kept a special five; Samurott, Liepard, Unfezant, Simisear and Stoutland. I felt like I was saving that sixth spot for a special Pokémon, like that Magmar I forgot about.

I beat the Elite Four and got to N and Ghetsis, and I beat both. I found six of the sages, including Ghetsis, but I didn't know where the seventh one was. I couldn't ask my brother, because he wasn't interested in the Unova region Pokémon, so I Googled it. Turns out the last sage was in the Relic Caslte. Knowing I needed a map, I also looked that up. I had no idea what was waiting for me, because I saw, on the very last room where the sage was apprently waiting, "Boss Room." What did that mean? I didn't know then, and wanted to suprise myself, so I didn't bother to read the information or look it up.

I reached the Relic Castle, and after several tries of trying to understand the map without reading the information, I reached the bottom and found a maze. There were arrows on the map indicating where each entrance led to, so I easily got to the boss room. There was a sage blocking a doorway. I spoke to him, got the TM04 Calm Mind, sped through the Looker's rambling, and he took the sage away. Where was this "boss"? I entered the doorway that the sage was standing in front of, and came into what seemed to be a hall of ruin.
Slowly, I walk forward, eventually reaching an end point, where a Pokémon waited. I had no idea which one it was. It looked like a fire moth. I made sure I had Pokéballs of some sort, then saved the game. I wouldn't have wanted to kill this thing and not be able to get it again.

I walked up to it, and tapped A. A text box appeared with the creature saying, "Vraahhbrbrbr!", along with its battle cry. The normal wild Pokémon battle music started, and the creature slid onto the screen. Its name was Volcarona, and it was level 70. I was amazed, and I knew I had to catch it. Using my level 63 Samurott, I lowered Volcarona's HP down to red, then tossed an Ultra Ball at it. I watched as the Volcarona was caught by the ball, it wiggled three times, and the Ultra Ball clicked. Volcarona was mine! Volcarona's data was added to the Pokédex. It looked so cool. Who knew a fire moth would be so awesome?

I was then given the choice to name this beauty. I chose Yes, and hesitated for a moment. What should I name it? Then I remembered. I slammed my stylus onto the screen, hitting "V","E","S","U","V","I","U","S". I hesitated again before hitting OK. The game then asked me, "You already have a Pokémon named Vesuvius. Would you like to continue?" I was speechless, but didn't pay it any mind and hit Yes. I felt a faint heat burst come from my DS, but didn't think much of it. And I thought I heard what seemed to be Magmortar's cry, but I didn't think much of that either.

I decided I should put Vesvius' power to the test. I went to the Elite Four, making sure I had enough Full Restores and Revives. I went straight to Marshal, and swiftly skipped through his speech and entered battle. I beat him right away. Same with Caitlin, Grimsley and Shauntal. When I got to Alder, I had to use a few Full Restores, but I beat him with no problem. I was put into the Hall Of Fame, the credits rolled by, and the game went back to the title screen.

I found myself in Nuvema Town, as usual. I went downstairs and talked to my mom, and she said, "Don't you think it's unsually hot today, Lucaria?" I never heard her say that before after beating the Pokémon League. I went outside and talked to the people there, and they said it was really hot that day. I went to look at my Trainer Card and my character was in a swimsuit, but she had burn marks on her. What the hell? I didn't even remember even being outside, or even there being a chance to change clothes.

Something wasn't right.

I looked at the date, and it was obviously winter. I don't know why, but I decided to head to Driftveil City, and to the Cold Storage. The whole Storage was closed off because it was filled with water. This was strange...

I went back to Nuvema, and spoke to my mom again, and this time she said, "Honey, there have been some reports of a strange Pokémon at Dragonspiral Tower. Maybe you ought to check it out?"

Knowing something was definitely wrong, I headed out to Dragonspiral Tower. As I arrived, the water beside the toiwer was all gone, and the screen was moving very slowly, like when a Pokémon was Poisoned. It might've been to indicate it was really, really hot. I entered the tower, and everything was more broken than usual. A text box appeared saying, "Gyraooh!", along with a familiar but distant cry. What was this? I honestly felt somewhat frightened.

I eventually made it to the top, but everything was... distorted. Some parts of the screen were a messed up red color. I entered the room where N and Zekrom were before, and walked forward until I came upon a Pokémon. This wasn't a legendary. And it wasn't moving. Just standing there. Like it was waiting. Waiting. For me.

A text box appeared, "The Pokémon is staring at you."

I immediately shuddered, then went forward and spoke to it. Another text box appeared, this time the Pokémon speaking, "Gyraooh!", along with a loud battle cry, then the battle started. The Pokémon that came onto the screen was a Magmortar. But something wasn't right about it. He wasn't moving, and his eyes were fixed to stare directly at the screen, and at the person playing. I looked at its name, and my heart started pounding. Its name was Vesuvius. I looked at its level. It was 85. This was the Magmortar I had in Diamond. Vesuvius the level 85 Magmortar.

I automatically sent out my Volcarona, Vesuvius, even though it wasn't actually set as my frontman Pokémon. I waited for my choices to appear, but they didn't. Instead, Magmortar attacked, and the text box appeared, "Enemy Vesuvius use LIAR!" I knew that LIAR wasn't an attack, and something was wrong. I watched as my Volcarona's name changed to REPLACEMENT. Then another text box appeared; "Enemy Vesuvius used DEATH!" Right then and there, REPLACEMENT slowly stopped moving, and it looked like it was bleeding. A distorted cry uttered from my speakers, then REPLACEMENT dropped like a normal Pokémon would when it fainted. But the battle didn't end.

Vesuvius was still in the same position as before, staring at me directly and not moving. After a few moments, a text box appeared, "You lied..." When exactly did I lie? As if the game were reading my mind, more text scattered across the screen; "You had me, but you replaced me..."

Vesuvius? My one and only special Pokémon that made my whole experience the best?


The battle text box appeared, and this time it said, "Enemy Vesuvius used TRAP!" I watched as my character was tied up with rope. I waited for something else to happen. I was given the choice to say something to Vesuvius. I spoke into the microphone, "Why are you doing this!?" His battle cry screeched through my speakers as a shaking text box appeared with text all in caps, "YOU REPLACED ME, SAMMY!!!"

The whole screen turned into a picture of flames, then went black. But there was only a faint silhouette of Magmortar's sprite.

A white text box appeared for what seemed to be the hundreth time, "It is alright now... You won't replace me again..."

My screen immediately flickered like a Flash attack and started to steam. I quickly shut off my DS as Magmortar's screeching cry faintly drifted through my speakers. What the hell was that all about? My screen exploded, flaming. I shut my DS and ran to the bathroom, grabbing a towel and slamming it onto my DS. The flames went out, and I opened my DS again. I thought I saw Magmortar's distorted and evil face from the battle.

I went back to my room and laid in my bed, setting my DS next to me, knowing if I didn't, who knows what could happen? I fell asleep after what seemed like forever.

I woke up in pain. My hands were bleeding, and had glass stuck in them. I also had what looked like burn marks on my hands and arms. I looked over and saw my DS sitting there, in perfect condition. I slowly reached over, opened it, and turned it on. Everything was normal. I started up my game, but I didn't do anything except go straight to my Pokémon. My only Pokémon was Vesuvius, A.K.A. Magmortar. I went to his stats, listened as a distorted cry played and his frozen, soul-staring sprite appeared. I looked at his description. It read, "It's okay now. We'll be together... Forever..."
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