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Default Lifestream Pt1: Blessings of a Spirit

Prologue: First Ties

In the beginning years of the universe, everything is divided into sections, or dimensions. For instance, imagine that the dimensions were connected to each other like a web. Also imagine that all of those dimensions are linked to a power source, the main dimension. The reality that we all live in is actually the main world. In addition, the main world has the Spiritual Realm, where ancient spirits that have speicial duties and abilities roam.

These spirits hold powers such as manipulation over energy, electricity, etc. These spirits keep their natures so all would last in the main world and everywhere else. The recorded history was first written about a dreadful war that the spirits fought against the opposite of the main world, the "Alternate Side," fought for the control over the main world. Many of the spirits worked together to combine their efforts against shadowy silhouettes of humans that have passed away, and those are known as Shadow Replicas. Besides the Shadow Replicas, even demons were appearing during this war. But alas, their combined efforts weren't enough to drive the enemies back to their respective places.

Desperate for the end to come near and for the odds to flip around, the spirits made spiritual pacts wtih humans for help, lending those humans their abilities when needed. That tactic was once risky to do, since the humans would use the pact for self gain or the lust to be able to kill in many different ways. Thankfully, things had gone as planned as the humans did not disrespect their authority and used the abilities to drive the enemies back to their side of the dimensions. Conflicts were no more, and peace came to be. However, it is not exactly over yet.
Unfortunately, one of the spirits that actually helped the "Alternate Side" in the war is the spirit of shadows, Yasu. After the war, Yasu was forigven for his actions. Despite that, an elder spirit named Miki, known as the spirit of energy, is still suspicions towards Yasu.

Every day, every hour, every minute, every second, Miki took all of the time she had with her to spy on Yasu, keeping her presence well hidden as she kept a good eye on him. She was sure enough that he had something on his head. After many days of watching him, Miki discovered that Yasu was planning to find a human that would make a new pact with him, and there wasn't much of a logical reason to make a pact nowadays anymore. This troubled the elder spirit, and Miki needed to make a pact with a human as well. But with a human that has a large amount of Soul energy, which is the main energy source in the main dimension. Soon, Miki had found a young girl, at the age of 8, that exceeded that standand of Soul energy. though, at the same time, Yasu had already found someone and made a pact with that someone. Miki only crossed her fingers, and waited for this girl to mature. One reason was that she didn't want to force a young girl into such a big responsibility yet. 6 years had passed, and Miki decided that this girl could be ready for the pact to be made. More importantly, this girl is named Kaika Cho.
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Chapter 1: Kaika

A numbing feeling came to the back of Kaika's head, and it was somewhat different than most times she gets a headache. She wasn't so sure why she felt that kind of pain, but tried to sleep just a bit more. That's when her phone began to vibrate when receiving a message. Groaning, Kaika groggily opened her eyes and checked her phone to see a text message that wasn't so important. That's her expression on saying that it wasn't her business to deal with that....until she noticed the time on the clock right next to her. Oh ****...don't tell me that the clock is right.....yup...I'm going to be late for school...should have set my alarm clock last night.. Kaika thought, grabbing random pieces of clothing from her closet and drawers. Slipping each piece of clothing on, regardless if it was put on with the wrong order, and she made for a mad dash down the staircase.

In the kitchen, her 9-year-old brother, Kuro, was just eating a bowl of cereal, and was already out of school for the summer. So he really didn't need to have to be in the same situation that Kaika was in. Just instantly, Kaika ran into the kitchen, swinging the pantry door open and snatching two blueberry flavored granola bars. She then ripped off the wrappings of the first granola bar and stuffed it into her mouth in one bite. Before she could chew it all down, Kaika kinda got the awkward silent treatment from Kuro. "Um..." he stuttered, unsure on what to comment on Kaika's behavior. "Keep your mouth shut about it!" Kaika told him sternly, not wanting anyone to know of this. "Y-Yes..." Kuro nodded, confused. Kaika only gave him a thumbs-up and ran out of the house, grabbing her backpack that was by the front door.

Running down the sidewalk, it just felt like she was pressured by time, knowing that she only had a minute to get to school and the way there took 10 minutes. "****, ****, ****," Kaika mumbled to herself, knowing that she was going to have to face the consequences for this. While running, her phone vibrates in her pocket, getting a text from Luki. She reaches into her pocket and pulls her phone out to see the text. God dammit! I already know that I'm ****ing late Luki! Kaika thought in frustration from reading that text, shoving the phone back into her pocket and continued running. As if distractions were going to make this worse for her, this next distraction was little more interesting than troublesome. Catching her attention, there was some kind of faint shadow up ahead, and it had the shape that almost resembled a human body.

Now what is that? Kaika thought, stopping her running to see what this shadow was. Curiousity winning the best of her, she slowly walked towards the shadow, reluctantly reaching her hand towards it. Before she could actually interact with the shadow, it vanished right before her eyes, almost making her think that she was imagining things. Kaika only shook her head and continued her dash towards her school.
"There you are! You missed your first class," Luki called over to Kaika, once she walked into the school building. "Sure, whatever, just got distracted," Kaika merely replied, relating her own comment to the strange "shadow" distraction. "Of course," Luki sighed, going over to her locker.

Kaika only went to her locker, organizing her books and getting her things for her next class. "so, do your have a date for the prom?" Luki asked curiously, having to ask this question to Kaika for about a few weeks now. "I've already said this more than 24 times already, no," Kaika groaned. "Oh c'mon Kaika, you do know that Sota is open for one person," Luki suggested. "You mean that sophomore. That Sota?" Kaika wanted to make sure that it was that person. Sota was one of the sophomores at the school, and was quite an attracting one in Luki's ramblings on boys. Despite that, Kaika actually had some feelings for him in some way, but never actually tried to ask him out. "Yes! Him! He's just perfect for you! Speaking of him, he's right there down the hallway! Go for it girl!" Luki whispered to her excitedly, shoving Kaika gently several times. "Alright, don't get too excited now," Kaika laughed a bit, then took a deep breath. Relax, I'm just asking out Sota for one date. One date! How hard could it be?....of course it's going to be damn hard! Just keep your cool, and you'll be fine... Kaika thought, walking towards Sota.

"Oh, hey Kaika. Is there something you needed?" Sota asked, greeting her casually. "Um...yeah, say, do you have a date for the prom?" Kaika asked, twiddling her fingers shyly. In her mind, she was literally cursing at herself because of the shy approach she had just shown, and causing a bit of an awkward silence between the two. "Not yet, because I think that you're the one," Sota said, gazing at Kaika. This has got to be too good to be true...any guy would say that with no sense in their heads.... Kaika thought, doubting this for a reason. "R-Really? You would...go out with me?" Kaika said, surprised and was pointing at herself. "Of course, I would," Sota nodded, giving a warm smile. "That's great, then I'll see you tomorrow," Kaika smiled, walking back to Luki. "So, what did he say?" Luki asked once Sota was out of sight. "He said yes!" Kaika said excitedly. "No way! That means you're going to have to get yourself prepared for that prom tomorrow," Luki cheered. "Well, c'mon, we have class to go to," Kaika pointed out, dragging Luki to their next class.
After school, Kaika began walking home since Luki got a ride home. Kaika couldn't really stop thinking about her date with Sota. Thinking about how she would act, how he would act, and what the outcome of it would be. It just made her think more into the topic. Before she could "dream" more on Sota and their date, that strange occurence happened again. That same strange shadow from earlier that morning appeared right in front of her. "Um...go away shadow thingy," Kaika tried to push it away, only having her hand go through the shadow. It gave her the chills from how cold it was like ice and how it felt absolutely lifeless as a corpse. All of that creeped her out, and Kaika had to retract her hand back. Geez...why's it so cold? Is it some ghost? Kaika thought, staring at the shadow with some fear on her face. Then she noticed that there was some kind of dark energy coming from it, and Kaika thought it was going to attack her. "Alright, I'm going to die," Kaika mumbled, trying not to panic. The shadow was about to lunge at her. She quickly shut her eyes as it hissed, and expected to get mauled. However, nothing really happened.

Kaika slowly opened her eyes, seeing no shadow anywhere. This left her surprised and confused. What?...but it was just right there! Kaika thought, glancing around for the shadow, but there was no sign of the it. Thinking that she was imagining things, Kaika continued on walking home.
From afar, a figure was watching Kaika from on top of a house. "It is almost time," the figure said before disappearing.
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Chapter 2: Change

Kaika carefully brushed her hair, already in her fancy prom dress. Her outfit consisted of a simple pink strapless dress that was as long to barely reach her knees, her hair was going to be let down and flat ironned, and was going to wear some nice high heel shoes. Again, she couldn't stop thinking about her date with Sota. You could consider it like herself thinking that Sota would be like her knight in shining armor at some point. I bet Luki is bawling over my little date with Sota. I can just imagine her exact expression right now Kaika thought, giggling a bit. Luckily, she stopped giggling in time before her own mom walked into the bathroom. It was regular for her own mom to check on her at lot, since whenever Kaika does her own hair, 9 out of the 10 times it goes terribly wrong. "Kaika, are you sure you're ready to go?" her mom asked with concern, and it was obvious that her hair wasn't done properly. "Yeah, I'm fine enough to go," Kaika reassured her, stopping all she was doing and cleaning up the bathroom of all of the hair supplies. "Alright, let's hurry. Your father and brother are waiting for you," her mom reminded her before leaving the bathroom to meet up with the rest of her family at the car.

It never actually occured to Kaika as to why her brother has to come along even though he was fine enough to stay alone at the house now. Now remembering that he had some party to go to, Kaika shrugged her worries off and hurried along to the front door. She slipped on her favorite jean jacket and buttoned only the top 2 buttons before opening the door. "Kaika! Hurry up already! You're taking so long!" Kuro's yelling could be heard clearly from the open car window. Geez...someone's concerned for my prom....or his party...Kaika thought and rolled her eyes as she walked up to the car and got into the passenger seat in the back, next to Kuro. There wasn't much talk after that, just silence. Kaika actually liked the silence, or else she would accidently blurt out her date with Sota. She never really told anyone in her family about her date at all, only because she didn't want both of her parents to give her the talk about boys and relationships. Wanting to relax her mind from all of the thoughts she had, Kaika gazed out of the window while the car drove down the neighborhood street.

Soon enough, something caught her interest and really got her out of focus good time. a very bright star glimmered in the vast night sky, standing out from the other stars that appeared all around that one star. No one other than herself noticed the large and flashing star. For some odd reason at the same time, Kaika could had swore that the flashing star was warning her about something. Again, Kaika only thought it was just her imagining things again, but she was truly wrong on her part. Before she could give it another thought, the star vanished instantly, and a cold and lifeless feeling came to her insides for a very brief moment before she felt like nothing just happened.

The next moment immediately snapped into her reality, sudden fear appeared on her face. As the car was going through the forest road to get to the school, loud hissing could be heard. This hissing sounded just like the shadowy silhouette she ran into yesterday, and she knew exactly that it was a bad sign. Kaika had the urge to tell them to turn around and go back, but she was dead silent from the fear that chilled her to the bone. It then happened all as fast as her own heartbeat. Out of the forest trees, a monsterous shadow dashed out onto the street and towards their car. Kaika could tell that it was the same exact shadow, and that it was most probably that Kaika was it's target. Kaika instantly let out her fear through screaming, wrapping her arms around Kuro protectively. both of her parents wondered what was wrong with her, until they saw the shadow, it gave them the message that this was bad, very bad. Wanting to give in effort for protecting all of them, her dad slammed his foot onto the gas pedal in an attempt to speed the car up fast enough to outpace the shadow. Despite that effort, the shadow lunged towards the car, ramming itself against the car that hard enough to send it tumbling down the hill that was right next to the road.

Kaika grew silent as her world slowed down, her heartbeat was all she could hear. Her parents were absolutely in fear, their screams were mute to her. Kaika could tell they were scared to death. Kuro had a tight grip onto her, like she was his only way of surviving the upcoming car crash. In Kaika's eyes, their lives together as a family flashed within her auburn eyes.

Then reality began around Kaika, the car began to tumble down the steep hill. Kaika counted about 4 times that the car rolled down, but lost count as soon as the glass shattered and the rough force of the tumbling forced her out so suddenly. shaking in pain and fear for her own family, Kaika was only able to lift her head up to see that the car finally stopped at the bottom of the hill, now upside down. It was certain that the car was definitely totalled, but her parents and Kuro were unconscious in the car still. Automatically, Kaika forced herself to stand up and run down the hill to help them out. Carefully but urgently, she pulled Kuro out of the wreckage and put her ear on his chest to check his pulse. Her ear heard slow but fine heartbeats pounding from his chest. She smiled in relief, but the smile vanished once she took her sight towards her parents. She had to check them to be sure. Gently laying down Kuro aside, Kaika went to pull out her mom and dad out of the wreckage and onto the grass. Slowly, Kaika checked the pulses of her mom and dad, and gulped in fear from what she realized. Sadness overtook her completely, but no tears were present on her face. Her own parents were long gone, dead. Clenching her hand into a fist, not wanting this to happen at all.

A familar hissing noise was coming near, Kaika snapped her head towards the noise's direction. The same exact shadow came into view, slowly approaching them as if they were it's weak prey. Now Kaika's mind had many thoughts racing around with anxiety, and glancing to where Kuro was it. Staring down at the shadow and then at Kuro, she wanted to protect her own brother no matter what now. Without another second wasted, Kaika took action and ran at the fastest towards Kuro. At the same time, the shadow reacted immediately and dashed towards her. She didn't care about herself anymore, she wanted to die protecting Kuro, and that was what she planned to do. A rush of energy came to her, allowing her to get to Kuro. Kaika instantly threw her arms around him once more. She acted like a human shield for Kuro, and got herself ready to endure the upcoming pain. All Kaika could see was the shadow lunge towards the both of them, and then there was endless darkness.


Where...Where am I? this the afterlife? Kaika thought, her sight stared at the endless black darkness. Her feet touched no ground, so she felt like she was floating in some dark space. Losing hope, Kaika slowly tried to shut her eyes, but stopped once a voice was heard. "Kaika...don't let this be your final resting place," the voice said, echoing from all directions. Wondering where that came from, Kaika responded,"And why stay alive? I already lost my purpose in life. My family, including myself are dead! Alright! Dead!" Now breaking down in her own misery, Kaika had decided to give up. "Then I will show a light to save you," the voice reassured her, and then there was nothing more from that voice. I could get help now... Kaika thought not believing the voice one bit. Again, Kaika's assumption was very, very wrong.

It was so sudden, happening in front of her eyes. A powerful and intense spark of light engulfing the entire domain of darkness. The speed of this light shouldn't be underestimated. Kaika could had sworn that the darkenss was lit up that face that it had became white space in a blink of an eye. Soon enough, Kaika found herself floating in the white space. Still...I just want to be dead already... Kaika thought, about to close her eyes again.

"You give up so soon, even your family is on the line for you," the voice echoed all around her. Kaika didn't want to listen any more, ignoring the voice by not responding in any way. "Just looki in front of you and I will explain for you," the voice told, sounding concerned for her. Kaika hestitated to do this, but sighed and stared straight in front of her. Only to see something quite surprising and interesting at the same time.

A glowing figure, which was about 4 feet tall, was right in front of her. Glowing in a bright pink color, the figure looked like a spirit of a little girl. All of this made Kaika think about why this was happening that it made her head jumble in confusion. "Convinced yet? Kaika," the spirit said, having the most angelic voice that echoed throughout the white space. "Just explain everything to me. Then I'll be convinced," Kaika sighed, not believing the spirit at all.

"Alright, listen though," the spirit told, and Kaika only responded with a slight nod. "You, out of all people are chosen to bear a spiritual pact. I'm Miki, the Spirit of Energy, and all occurances you've experienced related to those shadows are based on your fated destiny. That is why you are here to create a pact with me and obtain the Art of Energy Manipulation," the spirit explained. For some moments to gather it all in, Kaika understood the explanation and at the same time, doubting some of it. "How can I be sure that this is true?" Kaika asked. This has got to be some hallucination... Kaika thought, but decided to listen a bit more to Miki. "Because this is not the time for you to pass on. I kept you safe and protected from the experiences with the shadows, even now when danger almost fell upon you and your brother. As you can see here..." Miki explained further more, slowly holding out her hand towards Kaika. At first, Kaika thought that Miki was waiting for her to take her hand. She had her hand out for Miki, but Kaika retracted her hand back as pure white energy came out of Miki's hand. Slowly, the image appeared from the energy, showing that both herself and Kuro were unconscious. At the same time, an energy barrier surrounded them, protecting them from the shadows.

"I kept you safe, and I know you want to protect those who matter to you. So I offer my power to you, a pact, and you can expand your willl to protect others," Miki explained to Kaika, this time holding out her hand to Kaika once more. It was hard to consider in Kaika's case. If she were to say yes, what would happen? This was definitely the first time that she's offered a supernatural power before. Though, considering that the barrier isn't really going to last very long, Kaika needed a way to fight back the shadows. She knew already that bare first wasn't going to be enough against the shadows, so she had a clear idea on what her decision was. Looks like I'm left with one option...wish me luck, Mom...Dad... Kaika thought and took a hold of Miki's hand as if they were shaking hands on it, and declared,"Alright Miki, I accept this pact of yours." "Then it is settled, the pact is vertified," Miki announced as pure white energy began to engulf them both. "Do not worry if you can't figure out your abilities, it will all come together soon," Miki reassured as they were being sent out of the white space. "Right...I'm ready to take on those shadows..." Kaika mumbled as she suddenly blacked out.


Back at the lower parts of the forest, Kaika and Kuro laid unconscious safely inside the energy barrier that Miki had made. Many shadows were swarming around the barrier, pouncing at the barrier and being sent back by how powerful the barrier was. Regardless of the barrier in the way, the shadows kept on attacking the same thing again and again. At the same time, Kaika began to recover from her unconsciousness, her eyes fluttering open. Now...what am I supposed to do? Kaika thought as she slowly sat up to piece together her surroundings.

Kuro was still unconscious. lying down beside her silently. The barrier was there too, but it began to flash rapidly. That only brang appeal to the vicious and bloodhungry shadows. Dammit! This barrier is gonna wear off soon. Think Kaika! I have to act and do something! Kaika frantically thought, glancing back and forth from the shadows to Kuro. "Kaika, do not worry too much," a familiar voice could be heard behind Kaika. Almost like an instinct, Kaika faced towards the voice and saw Miki at her side. "I'm running out of energy to keep this kind of protection up, but I'll do what I can do to keep your brother safe. Go and handle those Shadow Replicas, I know you can handle those," Miki explained and quicklyed whent to Kuro. Kaika just nodded and saw that the barrier was slowly disappearing. "Wait! How do I use my powers!" Kaika suddenly blurted out. "Just focus," Miki simply put it at that, but there was some urgency in her voice. Focus? What the hell kind of advice is that? But I do remember that my power is energy Kaika quickly thought over, and took a long deep breath. Just focusing her energy, like Miki had told her, and the unexpected happened.

Instantly in seconds, a surge of unusual adrenaline couuld be felt in Kaika's heart. She could say that it was like being touched by a god. Following the sudden surge of power, sparks of pink energy appeared glowing around her eyes, chest, and hands like brilliant active flames. Still, Kaika had no idea on how to use her abilities as attacks, but had to try at least. By now, the barrier had vanished completely, and the Shadow Replicas, as Miki had called them, were coming towards her fast. Her heart was beating fast as she had no idea on attacking and panicked right away. Like a reaction, Kaika immediately closed her eyes. Knowing the outcome, she braced herself for all sorts of pain. In her head, Kaika focused so much energy, that another unexpected occurance began in an instance. After some moments later, Kaika noticed that she wasn't harmed yet, and decided to slowly open her eyes.

In her sight, one Shadow Replica was in the air, like it was going to lunge at her, but something kept it away from her. Soon realizing what was causing this Shadow Replica to be like this, she had a close look. Then, Kaika saw a transparent pink blade impaled through the Shadow Replica and it immediately fell apart as dark mist before completely fading away. Now looking at herself, Kaika saw that the pink blade came from the glowing energy around her right hand. this energy can be manipulated from my mind's focus... Kaika thought over, taking a mental note of that for future events.

Knowing how to use her powers now, Kaika had the energy blade tightly in her grasp, she immediately dashed towards the horde of Shadow Replicas. Many were going to pounce onto her, but she swiftly swung her energy blade again and again at each and every one of them. It never occured to Kaika as to why all of these Shadow Replicas were appearing near her, but assumed that it was related to her "fate" that Miki had mentioned earlier. Nevertheless, Kaika continued to deliver fatal blows and strikes to the Shadow Replicas. Even if she was outnumbered by them, Kaika kept on fighting, one by one, the Shadow Replicas were being taken down. Defeating the last one with her energy blade through its throat, Kaika watched it disappear into dark mist right before her eyes.

Kaika gave a deep breath in relief and to calm herself down, the energy blade disappearing from her hands. Now remembering that all of the threats were gone, she gazed over at Kuro and Miki. Kuro was soundly asleep, unharmed from the Shadow Replicas since Miki hekpt him safe. Kaika sighed as she walked towards them, the pink energy glow around her disappearing from her as well as the energy rush within her body faded away too. Maybe I should ask Miki about this situation, it's a bit unclear....later on.... she thought, not saying anything to Miki at all. In response to Kaika, Miki didn't speak to her too, like she had heard Kaika's thoughts. Silently, Kaika kneeled down next to Kuro and laid his head on her lap. "Kuro, just rest soundly...I promise...I promise to keep you matter what....even if it kills me...and..." Kaika was going to say something else, but the sounds of ambulances and police cars from the top of the hill rang down for all of them to hear. It didn't matter to her as she stayed with Kuro and her passed on parents until the police and paramedics arrived to the scene. By the time it was crowded with all these people, Miki was gone without any warning, but Kaika didn't say or thought anything about Miki right now.
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Chapter 3: Adjusting Life

Kaika didn't show much emotion, but it was inside of her that emotions were active. Ever since the car crash and Shadow Replica attack, which only Kaika and Miki knew about, Kaika felt different about herself in many ways. More importantly, Kaika and Kuro were considered orphans now, and knew that they would be sent off to the orphanage. It was hard to think about this right now for Kaika, standing by the freshly filled graves of her parents. She had Kuro in her arms, comforting him and wiping away his tears.

"Kaika, I feel very sorry for you and Kuro," Luki could be heard from behind, and that Kaika knew Luki and her family were still present with them. In fact, all of them were the only ones near the graves. It gave Kaika some comfort that they weren't alone, but it felt unusual to her to be pitied like this. Though, something seemed off. "Thanks...but shouldn't you be at the reception. Everyone else should be there," Kaika silently pointed out to Luki. It didn't make any sense as to why Luki's family was with them this long. Well, she was about to hear the answer why.

"Actually, we can't really leave you two alone here, how should I put this into words?" Luki tried to explain, but paused mid-sentence. Kaika only sighed and gave Luki a look that literally meant: "Go on with it already." After a moment, Luki finally remembered what she was going to say before. "Oh! I remember that my parents are going to adopt both you and Kuro. So, you're going to stay with us and not with any other stranger," Luki finished up her explanation. At first, a response couldn't come to Kaika from her excitement to this sudden news. She knew that she would be fine with this.

"Alright, sounds good," Kaika smiled, but something made Kaika think that her smile was fake. "Nice! I'll tell my parents, we're leaving soon for the adoption center," Luki sounded excited, and went over to her parents to tell them the news. With that over and done, Kaika took her attention to her brother. Kuro had stopped sobbing, but he kept himself close to her. Before Kaika could further comfort Kuro, someone unexpected appeared nearby.

Why is she doing here!?!! Kaika thought in a panic once she saw her pact spirit, Miki, near them. "He-" Kaika was going to say something to get Miki's attention, but the spirit immediately hushed her silent. "Stay quiet Kaika! I can hear your thoughts, but everyone else except you cannot see and hear me," Miki quickly explained to her. After that explanation, Kaika knew that this was definitely true, seeing that Kuro couldn't hear Miki talk and Luki's family couldn't see the bright and glowing spirit nearby. Makes sense. At least no one would know I'm speaking to a spirit who gave me supernatural powers. Oh yeah, I was meaning to ask you this. I know that I'm a pact bearer of energy and to face an evil...but what am I against exactly? Kaika thought and asked to Miki. It was going to take awhile to get used to this.

"That is exactly what I was going to inform you about just now," Miki remembered once mentioned. At the same time, a voice could be heard from afar. "Kaika! Kuro! We're leaving now! C'mon!" Luki yelled from the car. Silently, Kuro began to walk towards the car without a word being said. However, Kaika didn't know what to do. "All I request from you is attentive ears. You can resume your daily routine while listening," Miki added on. This made it somewhat easier for Kaika to think once she realized that. Go ahead... Kaika mentally gave the signal to the spirit, and began to walk to the car once Kuro had got into the car.

"The pact system was made by the Spirit World elders to make it possible for spiritual action to help maintain the Living World. The Living World is where we are now at, while there is another plane of reality on top of this place like a layer. That reality plane is the Spiritual Realm version of this world, unable to be seen by the humans...even you, the pact bearers. The pacts are designed with a stable link between the spirit and the human, and considering on some pact elements, the human may need to have a certain amount of Soul Energy. Soul Energy is the life energy that makes up the life in the Living World, apposed to the....'Alternate World'..." Miki explained thoroughly as Kaika got into the car. Everyone in the car except Kaika were talking, revolving on the adoption center and what other things they wanted to do the rest of the day. So? Did I have that...high Soul Energy? Kaika asked, thinking that it was her quality that made her a pact bearer in the first place. "Yes, it is crucial to be vertified as a pact bearer of energy, but you are special as you have something more," Miki nodded, seeing that she understood that.

"Another requirement is the cost to pact spirits is that the spirit must store away their humans memories to gain access into the Living World. I have already done that in order for this pact to work properly. The main responsibility of pact bearers is to maintain the balance of the Living World and the After World. The After World was once the plane of reality for dead bodies to reign while spirits leave and go to the Spirit World. An eon ago, the After World was corrupted by the personification of hatred, despair, fear, and most importantly darkness: Yasu. He took over the After World and changed it to the Alternate Side. Using the dead bodies in the Alternate Side, he alters the bodies with it's hatred, making it become a Shadow Replica. To avoid the chances of the spirits to be affected like this, the Spirit World brought every spirit into their care and away from the grasps of Shadow Replicas. Pact Bearers have that responsibility to destroy the Shadow Replicas and keep Yasu in check," Miki continued with her explaination, now talking about Yasu and the After World/Alternate Side.

Now it was getting confusing, not only that her world is called the Living World and there's a Spirit World version layered over her reality that she can't see, there was a negative version of her world that was like an anti-parallel dimension for dead bodies to roam. It was still a long way to their driving destination, and no one was taking their attention to her, so it was good enough to respond. Let me recap this, we're in the Living World, then layered around us is the Spirit World, and the mirrored version for dead bodies is the After World or Alternate Side. I have to keep Yasu and the Shadow Replicas in control, because I'm a pact bearer, Kaika mentally recapped the entire bunch of information to be sure. "Correct. I am sure you can catch up with this new information very soon. Though, you are not alone, there are many other pact bearers besides yourself," Miki nodded in confirmation, and then was dead silent. It wasn't clear to Kaika why she stopped her explaining, but it would piece together now.

"Alright, we're all going together, so that way, it would be easier for this process," Luki's mother immediately directed them directions once they stopped at the parking lot of the orphanage Kaika and Kuro were supposed to go to. It made sense now, assuming that Miki had stopped to let Kaika deal with this process of being adopted first. Alright, if you think that way Miki...not sure if you can even hear me or know what I meant... Kaika quickly passed that mental note out as she walked out of the car. One thing for sure, this adoption business would certainly take awhile.


"Well, that's 10 hours behind us now..." Luki's voice snapped Kaika out of her busy thoughts. Before Luki's sudden outburst, Kaika had been thinking over so many things. All of this, the Shadow Replicas', Yasu, her parents' deaths, was happening because of her fate to become a pact bearer. Was this really meant to be? Would all of this happened without the supernatural change? Only one thought stood out from the rest: she thought it would be better for her and Kuro to be dead with their parents so she wouldn't bear this pain and depression. But then again, that was like she wanted to give up on life, everyone, her parents, Kuro, and herself. Besides, it was too soon to quit now as this was the beginning of her journey. That meant there would be more to come.

"Hey? Are you even listening to me? You've been quiet ever since we got home...uncomfortable with this at all?" Luki spoke once again, noticing that Kaika was spacing out again. Unable to think of something to say, all that could be heard from Kaika was a simple grunt. it made her feel bad to respond to her best friend like this, but she honestly didn't feel like she was in the mood to come up with a better response.

"Um...okay? I'm gonna do some errands. Just hang in there," Luki sighed as she was unsure how to respond to that. Immediately, she walked out of the bedroom in an instant. It was easy to tell that Luki wanted to get out of the awkwardness of the conversation. Looking around the room, Kaika saw Miki present in the room. "So?...what else do you need to tell me?" Kaika asked and knew it was okay to talk to Miki vocally as they were alone in the room.

"None...all we need to focus on is training to the consent of your prowess. You will require the experience for future events," Miki suggested, knowing of Kaika's inexperience. Kaika can admit it that the idea of training sounded nice, but knew that it was getting late fro mthe ending sunset. "Sounds fine with me, but maybe tomorrow. It's getting late tonight," Kaika nodded and went to through her luggage for her sleepwear. "ah, then you shall rest so you can commence your training on the next day," Miki understood why Kaika needed the rest, and disappeared from sight. With her pact spirit not present, Kaika sighed and was about to undress until she noticed that the window was left wide open. A regular habit of privacy kicked in, and she was going to shut the window closed. That's when her attention was caught with a familiar person.

S-Sota! I need to tell him about this!...though, he might already know... Kaika thought instantly, once her line of sight caught Sota in view. He was simply walking home from school. With the courage to do this, Kaika took a deep breath and called out,"Sota!!! Over here!" Despite the nearby neighbors that were bothered by her outbursts, it certainly got Sota's attention as he silently gazed at her window and a light smile came on his face. Maybe I can go for a few minutes to hang out with him... she thought, and then said to him from the window,"Hold on, I'm coming down." With that, Kaika threw her jacket on and went out of her new bedroom. Luckily for her, Luki was doing something that it was easy for Kaika to sneak right past her unnoticed.

Once she crept down the stairs, her motions stopped in her tracks as she saw someone in the living room, which was the room closest to the front door. Lying on the couch in the living room was Kuro, still grieving the loss of their parents, silently sobbing on a pillow. Don't worry Kuro...I feel the same way too... Kaika sighed silently, and then remembered about meeting up with Sota outside. It seemed like it was easy to sneak past Kuro, even if she felt bad for the thought of doing this. Though, it was only meeting up with Sota and nothing else. Refocused on her "objective", Kaika continued to silently go down the stairs, being quiet and light like a feather. Only hearing her slow heartbeat, Kaika now tip-toed onto the loose hardwood flooring of the house's first story. Slowly she continued her way towards the front door, constantly moving her gaze between the door and the sobbing Kuro. Her hands were careful and precise as she unchained the door and also unlocked the door. Silent and light, Kaika opened the door, and slipped out of the house, and quietly shut the door.

With the end of sneaking out, Kaika began to walk towards where she saw Sota earlier. Luckily he was still there waiting, just like she had asked him to do so. "Kaika, that was quick. I've heard of the news that you live here now after the incident yesterday. I'm truly sorry for your loss," Sota greeted her, and then pitied her with the loss of her parents. Even if his words felt heartwarming, Kaika seemed to feel there was no sincerity and only a hint of malice. "Thanks, I appreciate your words, and I have some time to spare before, want to have a little date. Just to make up for the prom yesterday?" Kaika smiled, and then randomly asking for another date with Sota. She couldn't tell why she seemed different when asking, but her relationship with him was becoming more common of her to think about.

"No problem, I happen to have free time as well. You can choose where we can have the date at, I don't mind where it is as long as I am with you," Sota nodded, smiling. Again, Kaika didn't feel right when she is with him, but shrugged the idea off. She didn't want to abandon him for such a simple reason. "Then we should be going, time isn't forever~!" Kaika smile with excitement, and began to lead the way. Sota knew about Kaika's bubbly personality, so he sighed with a chuckle before he walked alongside her. It felt awkward for Kaika because not only did something feel ood with Sota, but Miki wasn't really around anymore. If a powerful spirit wasn't going to appear during this "date," maybe there was something very very off. However, Kaika chose to disregard the strange coincidence that came to mind.

As they kept on walking towards their destination, Sota didn't speak up, and would only talk when Kaika would. It was then that they would arrive at the café that was near the downtown area, and knew that they have enough time before Kaika's time to go. "Well, seems like a nice place to have a date," Sota commented, keeping a walking pace with Kaika. Just like a long-time couple, they both walked into the café. Luckily there wasn't much people inside the café, so it was quiet and empty, just perfect for their date. For a moment, Kaika gazed over to Sota's face to see a light smile on his mouth. She felt a wave of happiness throughout her body, and knew that Sota was happy to be with her after the tragic incident. However, there was still something bothering her. Something was gravely off, relating to her newly given powers of energy. Ever since that, Kaika could feel many kinds of life energy around her, including Sota. His life energy, in particular, is different than everyone else's...and had a mysterious feel about him that strikes a nerve inside Kaika.

"C'mon, let's take our seats," Sota's voice broke her silence, snapping her back into action. His gentle tone was enough for her to get back into sense. "Oh yeah...right," Kaika nervously laughed and they sat down at a table booth near the back. Again, silence came about, and it made Kaika think that she should begin another conversation to keep Sota occupied. "This café is one of many favorites to go to in the downtown area," Kaika said, knowing that this would start a conversation with Sota. "I can see why it would be a favorite of yours. It reflects more of your personality in my opinion," Sota complimented on Kaika's statement, putting some large vocabulary to comment Kaika in a positive way. Kaika tried to resist the urge to blush, but soon enough her cheeks flushed light red. "I know, maybe it'll be your favorite place to hang out later on," Kaika blushed even more as she replied to him. Kaika was really enjoying her time with Sota, but knew she needed to rest soon for her training tomorrow.

"Good evening, how may I help you?" a waiter said as he walked over to their table booth. Well, that was on way to ruin some of the romantic feel so far, though, it didn't do much to them. "Of course, just iced tea for me," Kaika requested to the waiter. "only lemonade," Sota mumbled, not saying much for now. "Sure, I wil lget that right away," the waiter nodded and walked away. Awkward silence than made an appearance once the couple was left alone again. Kaika didn't know what else she should do now, being cautiously unsure. When she tried to think seriously to herself, distractions came easily to her as her own eyes warded it's line of sight directed towards Sota's eyes. Uncontrollably, Kaika felt her dreaming about her boyfriend as his eyes locked upon her's. come to think of it, a strong bond was already tightly formed between the two. Then, reality happened.

"Kaika, I realized that we could be a great match for each other," Sota finally spoke up without Kaika's starting voice to begin with. Her attention certainly kicked back into gear as it was said. "Really? You think that for us?" Kaika stuttered with her words. Sota only lightly smiled and continued his point,"Of course. Most of my other relationships didn't prosper, only because my earlier dates only wanted to be with me because of popularity. With you, you are the most honest and caring young lady I've seen yet. You're strong-hearted too, because you didn't completely lose yourself when the car incident happened. You care for the real me, so I know we can be the perfect match." Kaika couldn't help it now, she just couldn't. It appeared like a dream come true at first sight, but it had more meaning to it. However, she didn't know which words would had described this feeling at all. "As a first date goes on Kaika, I owe you a gift. That gift, to me, is special, and I suppose it is for you too," Sota spoke right when he got off his seat at the table. Her heartbeat tended to accelerate it's frequency, Kaika decided to reply. Instead, her reply attempt was settled down almost completely.

Everything around them stopped as Kaika felt her own surprised reveal itself through herself. Right now, this second, Kaika stared at Sota with dreamy eyes. This feeling came to her from the moment before and exactly as Sota came up to her to gently plant a kiss directly onto her lips. No words can truly portray this moment to Kaika once it started, and came to it's end seconds later. "....a thoughtful gift for a first, don't you think?" Kaika smile with her dark blushing face. "Don't fret just yet, that's only the first part of many for my gift to you," Sota whispered contently to her ear, his breath gave Kaika a slight shock, like a wake up call. Because of the lack of words she had, Kaika gave another of her smiles to him again. That's when the date ended.

A distance away from Kaika's line of sight, a familiar figure could be seen outside the café and steadily growing. No! Why now? Oh well, I'm pretty sure those are Shadow Replicas...but how about Sota? I want to protect him, but I don't want to reveal my pact too... Jesus, do I have to have the most complicated life? Kaika began to panic within her own thoughts. Her fears were clarified as many Shadow Replicas began to spawn everywhere outside, and already causing chaos. As Kaika was really worried, Sota noticed her facial expression gone to an empty and scared one. Slowly, he turned his head slightly to come across the chaos that was being caused by the Shadow Replicas. "W-What the hell!?!! What's going on!" Sota certainly was panicking upon the sight of the Shadow Replicas. Kaika was silent, but knew exactly want to do.

"Whatever those things are...we have to leave, now. Don't worry about everyone else, they can take care of themselves. We have to do the same thing too," Kaika said with a gulp. She felt confident of the both of them to survive this, but the idea of not using her energy manipulation to it's extent urkded her in a way that this would be difficult. "Alright, I trust you, so I guess you'll lead the way," Sota assumed, seeing that his new girlfriend wasn't completely freaking out as he was. Kaika felt herself get even more nervous, trying not to lose it. "Then let's get going," Kaika declared before her deep breath. Immediately, Kaika held Sota's hand and both ran out of the café and into the horde of Shadow Replicas. To some, it was like a suicide act to just run through a horde of monsters. Kaika knew they would be hurt once, so she slipped a faint sheet of energy protection around Sota unnoticed to himself.

Every time a Shadow Replica would lunge at them, Kaika immediately pulled them out of the way and kept on running. "Do you know where we're going exactly? Those things are on our tail," Sota asked with worry after seeing that the Shadow Replicas steadily gaining towards their backs. "Just trust me, we're going to shake these things off before going back home," Kaika reassured him before swerving them into a tight alleyway. Obviously there was a clear dead end at the end of the alleyway. While Sota felt unsure, Kaika knew what to do. Once at the end, Kaika pushed a garbage can out of the way and opening a set of wooden doors that led to a basement. "C'mon," Kaika whispered and quickly got into the basement with Sota following behind. Once they were inside, Kaika shut the doors and locked it.

"There, we're safe. I know my way through here, so let's head home," Kaika mumbled, taking out her phone like a flashlight. "right," Sota nodded and followed Kaika through the dark basement to the exit that led to the residential area.


Once back at home after the date with Sota, Kaika felt relieved that no one actually knew she was gone. Silently making her way to her bedroom, Kaika wondered about Miki during the entire time at the date. "Miki? You there?" Kaika whispered very quietly in the bedroom. She wouldn't want to disturb and get caught by Luki, talking to Miki. "Yes. Is something the matter?" Miki soon appeared to her. "Yeah, almost got ambushed by Shadow Replicas during my date with Sota. Why weren't you there?" Kaika explained, and wondered about the spirit's whereabouts meanwhile. "Since you stated that you'll rest for the night, I shifted into the Spiritual World plane. I only knew there was a slight outbreak of Shadow Replicas. I did not know of your presence in the outbreak. Do no worry however, another pact bearer took care of the situation," Miki explained. Wait...another pact bearer? Since when... Kaika thought and blinked in confusion. "Another pact bearer?" Kaika stuttered. " Yes. You are not alone. There are many different pact bearers. This pact bearer is close in proximity to you and controls electricity. Maybe during your training tomorrow, I can guide you to this pact bearer," Miki nodded and clarified a bit further. "Alright, I'm sleeping for real this time Miki. Night," Kaika yawned and got into bed once in her pajamas. "Then rest. It will be needed," Miki said before disappearing from sight. Kaika only fell asleep soon after. Sota...I'm going to keep you safe, just like the others...You're the only one I truly love... she thought to herself in her gentle sleep.
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Chapter 4: Training

In the morning, first sound Kaika hears the next day is her alarm clock. Groggily getting up from her bed, she slammed the snooze button on the alarm clock. "Urghhh...why the hell do you have an alarm clock? It's way too early..." Luki apparently awakened by the racket of the alarm clock, and did not sound like a morning person for today. Kaika only chuckled a bit from Luki's complaining. "I'm going to do stuff today. Sorry for kinda disturbing you. Just go back to sleep," Kaika apologized while changing her clothing to go outside. "It's all cool. I just don't like alarm clocks," Luki groaned before throwing her bed sheets over herself. Kaika smiled a bit and grabbed her cell phone before walking out of the room.

"Hey Miki, you there?" Kaika whispered as she went down the stairs. As everyone else in the household was sound asleep, at least Kaika could whisper to the pact spirit without getting caught. "I am present. Are you prepared for your training?" Miki appeared to her in a blink of an eye. The presence of the spirit seemed to feel more usual to Kaika, like this is becoming normal for her. "Yeah, I know a secretive place that'll be perfect for the training," Kaika remarked and walked out of the house. Being familiar with her hometown, Kaika knew exactly where she was going. This also explains why Kaika knew where to go to shake off the Shadow Replicas the day before with Sota. "Ah, then open the path to the destination," Miki nodded and floated alongside Kaika silently. So Kaika only conitnued walking.

She was curious about how the training would go. All she knew what to do is create energy blades and sense the life energy around her. Obviously kaika needed this, and knowing she would need it later on. While walking to the destination, Kaika's cell phone got a text message. Sighing in realization that it was Luki texting her, Kaika took her phone out to see the following message: `Oh! 1 more thing! Don't forget to remind me of your relationship with Sota! K bye!' Kaika only chuckled a bit by the mssage and replied back: `I'll tell you once I'm home. I'm busy right now.` With that done, Kaika put the phone away and continued walking.

Pretty soon, they reached the city's garbage dump, and the rigid smell was noticeable once kaika pinched her nose slightly. "A bit of a filthy atmosphere, but it is secret from bystander attention," Miki knew exactly that it was truly smelly here, despite not having a sense of smell herself. She could had got the image of the garbage, or by just Kaika's reaction to the stench. "Yeah. We need to be deeper in this dump, so let's keep on moving," Kaika said as she continued to walk more into the garbage dump. To be honest, it really smelled in Kaika's perspective, but this is the most private place she can think about that was close by.

Now there was a wide and open space near the middle of the dump. Kaika knew this will take awhile, and took a deep breath. "I believe it is time to start the training. Though, I am most sure that you are comfortable with energy focus, sensory, and the basic formation of energy manipulation. Shall we begin?" Miki explained to her, ready to start the training. "Yes, I'm ready," Kaika nodded, focusing her energy already. "Then pay attention to my words," Miki nodded and floated a distance away. "Transfer the focused charged energy in your hands. Any hand is fine. Do so before my next piece of directions," Miki instructed her before waiting Kaika's action of doing exactly as she said. Kaika understood and held out her right hand in the air. Mists of pink energy began to form in the palm of her hand, two flares of the same pink energy sparked in her eyes, one flare for each of her eyes.

"Ah, you actually adapt with haste, but no mistake in that haste. You entered into your Partial Energy Mode. It is more of the basics for pact bearers, and it is only the sheer manipulation of your affinity. Even with a partial amount of your can still do many things with that power. for now, I will tell you the base of basics, so then you will grown on your own by then," Miki elaborated on the new topic,"First, try to transfer that focused energy throughout your body. This would trigger a supernatural reaction within you that would enhance your strength, agility, and durability for a short time's while." Kaika nodded and took back int the energy in her palm. For a slight moment, she saw her body blink in the aura of the pink energy before it vanished immediately. Before Kaika could question the training method, she began to feel a powerful sensation inside her. It made her feel like she could do anything. Being curious to try this out, Kaika walked over to a broken refridgerator, and swiftly sent a strong punch at the faulty appliance. With her newfound strength given Kaika enough force to have her fist tear through the metal like paper. As soon as Kaika pulled her arm out of the wrecked machine, the energy around her fists disappeared.

"I believe you are used to using energy manipulation to enhance your physical ability. Now, you can try a focused set of energy within you, and manifest that energy in a semi-physical form. In that state of form, you have your will to make the energy's object albe to go through certain things or not. Give it a try," Miki saw Kaika's fluent use of Energy Enhancement, and decided that Kaika should practice the next method of energy manipulation. Yet, Kaika had a sense of this said method, as seen in her first fight against Shadow Replicas. Though, it wouldn't hurt to try again for experience. Kaika took another deep breath of air, and held out her hands in front of the air. Slowly, she began to focuse the energy around her and draw the focused energy to the palm of her hands. By doing so, a bright pink glow glimmered brightly from the air near her hands' palms. That pink glow formed itself to a transparent energy blade in her hands.

This energy blade was like the one she generated from her earlier fight. Just to be sure of the strengths and weaknesses, Kaika swiftly swung the energy blade at one of the wrecked cars in the garbage dump. Without a problem, the blade tore through the car and cut it in half. This was energy manifestation, she wanted to some thing else quick however. First of all, the energy blade had to be disbanded to save the energy for whatever she was going to do. Immediately after disbanding the energy blade, Kaika manifested an energy orb in her hands. Going on with this test run, Kaika then launched the transparent energy orb in the direction in front of her. With the energy projectile in the air, Kaika began to store her charged energy into it. By doing this, Kaika had a prediction that the charged energy of her own would cause an energetic explosion from the energy orb, but instead something else occured. A dizzy feeling churned in her head as she did this. Before she could question the dizziness in her head, Kaika immediately noticed that she and the energy orb switched places in an instant. It felt like a certain kind of teleportation, but it wasn't.

"Ah. I never expected for you to figure out such an extensive ability like so. It's been called many names and terms, but it's been recently dubbed "Energy Transmutation" by a fellow pact spirit. It is a clever trick on teleportation and useful in tight situations of the battle's midst. You must keep on trying to practice this method, as well as the many other things by just Energy Enhancement, Manifestation, and Transmutation. We have plenty of time before the fate comes to reality," Miki began to explain many more things about her energy manipulation, and praised her first perfect usage of the Energy Transmutation skill. Kaika smiled and charged up energy within her body, about to further her training.


It is rigorous for a training session, in Kaika's point of view. To create more skills, Kaika combines her gymnastic reflexes with the Energy Enhancement skill. This gives her more mobility in getting around in places, like parkour in several ways. Now it had been 4 hours for her training and Kaika decided it was time to stop for the day as she couldn't learn everything in one day. With that decided, Kaika deactivated her partial mode, and began to walk out of the garbage dump.

"I see that you are done for this day," Miki said to her, getting to her side once again. "Yes, and since I still have time before going home, so I'm going to do some stuff," Kaika said and walked through the city park. It felt like it was perfect timing for a bit of rest and relaxation after all of the tough training. So, Kaika claimed a bench near the base of the city park, and soundly laid back on the wooden bench like an outdoor bed. Knowing herself well, Kaika knew that she would suddenly close her eyes and go to slumber in the next few minutes. However, that little nap wasn't going to happen.

Out of the blue, a certain familiar figure makes his way towards Kaika's resting spot. Even with half-open eyes, she could draw attention to this person. this boy seemed roughly her age by how young he looked. The smooth and spiky blonde hair that was neatly combed down to make a rather modest impression was like this boy wanted to appear good for someone. Kaika didn't really reveal to this boy that she had acknowledged his presence, but at least made herself appear like she was awake. The boy didn't ward himself away from her as he saw no attention, but drew himself uncomfortably close to her. It was like he wanted to annoy or bother her to get at least any attention right now.

"So? anything you need? You', creeping me out ," Kaika stared at him from lying down and finally spoke to the intruding boy. Whether this disturbed her more than the "stalker" impression he was giving off, but his spiritual presence felt strong. It was like the situation upon feeling Sota's presence, but with this boy...his presence was more pleasant. Though, Kaika didn't want to appear suspicious to this boy while thinking this out.

"Oh, sorry 'bout that. I just need somebody to talk to," the boy nervously grinned, and sitting down on the bench where Kaika wasn't lying down on. Oh great, is this guy serious? Kaika thought in annoyance, this boy gave off the "stalker" definition in clear sense. Of course, how would she respond to that? They clearly don't know each other, and out of nowhere, he comes up to her and just starts up a random conversation. This was the new meaning of awkward. Apparently, Kaika's silence only encouraged him to keep on talking.

"Hey, don't leave me hanging. Wait, I know why you're so quiet. You're too shy to speak up to a guy like me," he spoke once again, but something made her feel like he was flirting now. Resisting the urge to facepalm at this boy's attempt to get her attention in a way, Kaika sighed a bit in response before speaking. "Um, I would like to talk, but I obviously don't know all," Kaika tried to get a point over to him, without sounding too harsh about it. The boy only chuckled to himself, if he were to enjoy the company and words from her for some reason. "No prob. It is my pleasure to you to introduce myself. The name's Peyton Dalium, and I kinda thought you would know me since we are from the same school," the boy greeted her with his name. Then the memory of his identity smacked Kaika in the face upon realization. This boy, Peyton, is actually in the same school and grade as her, and the one student that sits behind her occasionally in English class. Though, she never made any interaction with him until now. Peyton only stared at her, waiting for Kaika's response.

"Oh yeah, now I remember," Kaika acknowledged him, but still wondered why would he talk to her now out of all times. Upon a quick check around her, Kaika noticed that Miki was gone again. It confused her when Miki couldn't be seen by anybody else, right? He only showed that goofy grin of his. Then the next moment the grin slowly shifted to a stern face, with the addition of him beginning to look around cautiously. Oh god, don't tell me he's going to admit his love to me or something like that... Kaika thought, taking note of the instant change of his mood immediately. Peyton finished his frantic check around them before looking right at Kaika.

"Listen closely to me Kaika. I have to tell you something," Peyton whispered with the depth of meaning in his face. Kaika didn't know what to say, and kept silent. "You know this, but I'm a pact you," he tried to explain what he neded to tell her, which was a topic that Kaika didn't expect from him. It was like a slap on the back of her head, the new information was difficult to take in. T-The hell?...Since when is he, the "stalker" student, a damn pact bearer? How would he know about me being one too? Did he see my training at the garbage dump? Does he know about Miki? Is his pact spirit even present?...Again, why does it seem like a complicated life for me? Kaika thought over these new questions, suspicious about her fellow student now.

"And you expect me to know this? Prove it," Kaika finally replied to him, but was unsure in the inside. For a moment, he blinked, probably getting the intended message of Kaika's lack of trust towards him. Then he regained his loosen up nature, and chuckled a bit to himself. Oh, how she wanted to slap him right in the face for his annoying attitude. Yet, she thought that Kuro was more annoying at some times, but Peyton was another story.

"Oh, someone's demanding. Just hold your horses. I'll prove it to ya! We just need a more private and secure location before I could even begin. So, let's go before you get bored," Peyton teased her playfully, ruffling her hair. I swear...nobody touches my HAIR... Kaika angrily thought to herself, crossing her arms in front of her chest. Of course, she had to reply back to him. "Sure, let's get going," Kaika groaned, knowing she had to stick with someone she barely knows for information about pact bearers. Peyton only grinned and took the lead towards their destination. Whereever they're going, it was going to some private location no one realy knows about. Kaika just silently treaded along behind Peyton to their location. It happened so fast in her perspective. First of all, she finally makes a conversation with a student she barely knew in her English class as an assumed stalker. Secondly, he knows about Kaika's identity as a pact bearer. Lastly, Peyton himself was also a pact bearer...but of what?

kaika shook her head to keep herself from confusing herself even more, or actually jumping into some conclusions. All she hoped for is to get more information for herself regarding pact bearers, if Peyton stopped in his tracks. They stood in front of a rundown and out-dated house near the edge of the city's outskirts. While Kaika kept a stern face, Peyton would probably make another obnoxious outburst in any moment. Instead, it wasn't going to be like that.

"So. This is it. One of the hideouts in town, pretty much like a compound in general," Peyton explained about the "house", or the compound he called it. This only sprung up more questions and possibilities. "A hideout? For you and what? That compound looks like it could be occupied by more than one there more pact bearers than just us two?" Kaika asked with an eyebrow raised in curiosity. Once she got the question out, Peyton seemed not that serious about it anymore. That could be that they were in a private and non-public area. "Yup. There's at least one more pact bearer I know, and he comes by to the compound after his part time job at an electronics store as a clerk. His name is Monoso Yakao," Peyton answered without hesitating at all. Kaika nodded at the info he given, but was still greatly unsure.

"yeah, but I'm not even sure if I could trust you now. You probably know more about me than I know about you," Kaika admitted her lack of trust, sounding unsure. Peyton only grinned again, probably understanding her feelings. "Hey, you said that I had to prove it to you, so let's do that. Then you'll see that you can trust me," Peyton pointed out with this grin, and walking into the compound. Really? That wasn't the answer I was hoping for...might as well go along with it for's all I could get from him... Kaika thought to herself again, and followed him into the rundown building. despite how rundown it is on the outside, the interior of the building seemed comfortable to be lived in to be honest. The first room of the compound once entering the building, it was like an apartment by how it had the furniture and appliances that would be enough to make a living. For this "session" to work out, they needed to be in a private room so Peyton could demonstrate his prowess to her. Soon enough, they enter a large and empty that only had several sandbags, wooden crates, and some metal scraps lying around on the floor.

"So, perfect place to start. Do I have to wait for you so you can take notes or can I start now?" Peyton said once they were in this training room, and having some yellow energy forming around him. It made so many thoughts swarm around in Kaika's head. "Just go ahead, I can catch on," kaika sighed and sat on the ground in wonder about Peyton's spiritual affinity. Again, his almost constant grins were shown from him, and Peyton allowed the yellow mist of energy consume him. Yellow?...yellow...what affinity would his be? Kaika pondered on that thought, and just anticipated the moment it would be revealed. Peyton had this shroud of yellow energy disperse in the form of electric sparks and static. Just from that alone, Kaika knew now that his spiritual affinity is electricity. However, there was something different about his pact compared to hers. The power amount of his pact seemed slightly stronger, but that is probably that Peyton could had this pact longer than Kaika, who only had it for a day and a half so far. The other difference is manifesting a physical weapon with his pact. Kaika honestly didn't know how to do that tactic yet, and it would probably take up more power to do that too.

Peyton generated a pair of customized pistols, which also have that electical static sounds. Not only did he was able to materialize his own weapons, but his appearance changed a bit. Compared to where Kaika only has pink energy mist around her slightly, Peyton had his outfit change into something more otherworldly and ancient attire that he would appear as a cosplayer of some sort. As soon as his transformation was complete, Peyton charged up some electricity into his dual pistols, and aimed both of the firearms at the stack of sandbags. It was quick like natural lightning, one pull of both triggers on both pistols, and he kept on pulling those triggers. In that repitition, Peyton was literally shooting many electric blasts at the sandbags. The electricity was that intense in charged power, that the sandbags were electrocuted and burnt up in just a few moments. From the distance between him and the spot where the sandbags once were at, Peyton had a great aim with his pistols. Wow...just, wow...he has more experience with his pact than mine for sure...I can trust him now, bu that transformation...can I do that? Kaika thought to herself again. While she did so, Peyton shifted back to normal, and went up to her again.

"by that expression on your face, I got you convinced that I'm not lying. Am I right or am I right?" Peyton began one of his teasing tones once again. Really, this got to Kaika's nerves, truly annoying her. Just calm down. I can't snap... Kaika mentally reminded herself. "I'm convinced. Just don't lose it. I can change my mind, you know," Kaika decided to indirectly start a battle of wits against Peyton, but reconsidered it as she needed to ask him something now. "Oh. I just remembered. I saw you trigger some transformation, and it trumped some more power. I haven't tried it myself, and I think that I don't have enough experience to even access it yet," Kaika pointed out her curiosity about Peyton's transformation. He chuckled a bit, considering that Kaika is entirely knew almost nothing about pacts. "Yup, could tell. I can explain this all out for you. The transformation you saw me perform is called the "Full Mode" pact skill. It's just literally using full power and potential of the spiritual pact, but you're new to this so you only used the "Partial Mode." In the "Full Mode," your form changes to fit your abilities' affinity and your customized weapons are created to fit that affinity as well. It's pretty simple to understand, but hard to get youserlf doing," Peyton explained, also taking out his phone and earphones to listen to music. It was like he didn't want to push further with the conversation. Kaika paid no mind to it, but she needed to get going back to Luki's house by now.

"Sure, I understand now. I should be going now, starting to get late for me," Kaika smiled as she explained her next course of action. peyton only nodded and walked out of the training room. What a goodbye that was... Kaika thought in annoyance and left the training room shortly after him. There was no sign of Peyton, so he could have went into a separate room right away. She didn't care for now, she needed to get going. Kaika paced her walking a bit faster thought the front area of the compound, knowing she would have to hurry up. While fastening her pace, kaika noticed someone else present in the compound. He had short brown hair and green eyes, and wore a casual shirt and jeans. Probably another pact bearer... Kaika thought about him, but had the tendency to ask him a few questions to be sure. "Um, excuse me," Kaika got close to this boy, getting his attention right away.

"Hm? I'm going to guess that you're the new pact bearer Peyton told me about. The pact bearer of energy, correct?" the boy went ahead and identified her as a pact bearer. Probably Peyton and his unknown pact spirit knew about kaika once she made a pact with Miki. "You're correct, I'm new to this. My name's Kaika by the way. I'm sorta wondering who you are..." Kaika introduced herself to him, trying to keep a good attitude so far. This guy was a bit more pleasant to be with besides Peyton, in her opinion. "Of course. I'm Monoso, the pact bearer of the forest. I'm usually the medic as the forest affinity, due to all of the healing skills I've leaned in the course of a year," the boy answered without any restraint. Monoso...Monoso Yakao...this is the guy that Peyton was talking about a bit earlier... Kaika thought about it once the boy's name came to mind. As much as she wanted to stay and talk, Kaika didn't have much time as of now. "Nice to meet you Monoso. I'm okay with staying and talking to you more, but I need to be somewhere soon," Kaika attempted to give out a good excuse to leave. She isn't the type to make excuses, but she needed to go, like now. Monoso only gave a light chuckle before going off into the training room.

Kaika only waved to him until he was gone from her line of sight. Then she sparked off darhing out of the compound. If she didn't run, she would return home late. Kaika didn't want to worry Luki's parents in the first week in the house. It's such a fast day today. At least she knew about a few more pact bearers she can turn to for help. Now she headed through the city's residential area, heading home for the day.

"So you are aware of the others that are in your alliance," Miki reappeared once again. Kaika only felt curious as to why she rarely shows up as time progresses. Maybe she only comes up when I'm not busy with anyone else... Kaika thought about it and assumed Miki's reason on appearances. "Yep. A pact bearer of electricity, and a pact bearer of the forest. There's probably more out there that I might even don't know about," Kaika agreed on it, and guessing that was most likely more pact bearers. For a moment, Miki didn't answer back, and wasn't paying any attention to Kaika. She focused her gaze at the night sky, or maybe something else perhaps? " okay Miki?" Kaika went in front of Miki, waving her hands in front of the spirit's face. "I'm fine. I am sure you'll need your rest soon. It is past dusk," Miki spoke to Kaika after disregarding whatever got her attention. It was fairly strange to see that kind of behavior came from a spirit, which almost worried her so much. Kaika only nodded and began to walk home. I wonder...what is so important to nab Miki's attention? Kaika thought as she walked. There was no more interaction between the two that night.


Meanwhile at the time when Kaika was walking back all by herself, there was a watching eye over her. A cloaked figure stood beneath eerie shadows to conceal their eavesdrop. A few strands of blue hair laid out from the figure's hood, suggesting a female gender for this person. The hooded woman just stooded upon the rooftop of a house and shrouded in shadows, keeping an eye to gaze at Kaika below. This young pact bearer looked so weak and frail in this person's eyes, but resisted the urge to make actual contact with this girl. Then, a familiar spirit formed near Kaika. this lady knew all about this spirit already, and also made an interaction with this spirit before. While remembering the last time she and the spirit made contact, the spirit took her attention to the darkness that concealed this lady.

In time, o' good friend...I will send it all back to you... the lady thought in manners sarcastically towards the spirit. Before the spirit would reply to her threats, the girl got the spirit's attention once more. A smirk grew on the lady's face as the pair began to leave the area. Once left alone, the lady had the shadows die out to reveal some of her appearance. Her figure was very slim for a lady, and most of her face was covered by her hood. Her lower face had no blemishes, supporting the face of her "perfect" appearance. The only unique feature was her strands of bright blue hair.

A playful giggle escaped her lips, her idea on the young girl and the spirit alongside that girl. After her release of entertained pleasure of everything coming together, the lady stared up to see the cresent moon. Upon that, the moonlight shined into her hood, only revealing the eyes of this lady. Deep blue eyes as deep as oceans, the lady mumbled in excitement,"Luck must be smiling at me today~! Because death awaits my offerings after so many tedious failures. O! The joyous delights to shed the blood of my sworn enemies, to have the shriekds on lust's pain, the cracks and snaps of the hardest bones. I could go on all day on the many procedures to greet them to the life after. Too bad it won't happen as soon as I wish it to be, and the planned directions force me to resist my instincts..however, I must attend an opening playdate at the break of dawn, and lure the special ones to my blade~!" Once at the last word, the lady vanished through the assistance of shadows, and prepared to make the first strike.
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Chapter 5: Welcome Death

In the morning of the next day, there were several of Kaika's and Luki's classmates hanging out at the café in the downtown area. The group consisted of two boys and one girl, and were a part of the Student Council. Since it was a day of the summer vacation, they decided to kick back and relax today. "Didn't I tell you two that this would be a good idea? Nothing's going on, and Kaika and Luki aren't really around," One boy, Kyle, sneered and put his feet on the table. Afterwards, he gulped down a good deal of his iced tea. "I know...but doesn't this seem a, not productive?" the girl, Zoey, stuttered shyly, seeming uncomfortable with the idea of slacking off for the day. "I think it's fine. We haven't heard anything from Luki if she wanted a task done. So I guess this is the only good option to hang out rather than never meet up at all. Still, we haven't hung out after that incident Kaika was involved in," the other boy, Brandon, rambled in a wise tone, trailing off into some irrelevant topics. "Hey guys! Just relax and enjoy the time, there's no school, no council meetings. We deserve it!" Kyle tried to convince the other two to go with the idea.

"Yeah...I guess," Zoey mumbled with a smile, taking a light sip of her pink lemonade. Brandon only gave off a nod, knowing he would go off topic again. Kyle snickered in delight, and chugged the rest of his iced tea down. Like Kyle said a few times, this "get-together" was quite enjoyable and relaxing. It was rewarding for them, since they've worked in the Student Council rigorously this school year. However, they felt bad that neither Kaika or Luki could come to join in with the "get-together". For a moment, Zoey noticed a voice that sounded unfamiliar to her, and only she heard it since Kyle and Brandon were talking to each other. "Chimes~...chimes of church bells solemnly from afar...mourning~...mourning the undelightful luck of mortals...slumber~...slumber 'till oblivion is anew..." the voice literally whispered with the eerie feeling echoing. Zoey couldn't control her emotions, and felt her heart skip a beat.

" sick or something Zoey?" Kyle asked, noticing how pale she's gotten in a quick period of time. Zoey didn't expect Kyle to ask her in concern, beginning to sweat a bit on her face. "U-U-Um...Um..." Zoey began to wildly stutter in surprise, but was suddenly interrupted. "Finally I find you guys!" Luki exclaimed as she ran over to their table outside the café. "E-Eep!! Luki! I thought you couldn't come today!" Zoey squeaked in surprise, jumping out of her seat. "Yeah boss, did you decide to check on us? We're just chilling out after all," Kyle grinned instead of being surprised like Zoey.

"Oh, I kinda squeezed this to my schedule today. However I have something for you guys to do. Don't worry, it won't take long," Luki nervously laughed, and immediately began to sound serious. Well, they knew Luki that well, that it felt weird to see her all serious, as if no one could take her that seriously. Luki was never serious at all, so maybe this was important. "Then speak of the task," Brandon urged her to continue. Luki only smiled innocently, and answered,"I had this surprise party planned out for Kaika, since she's been depressed recently. Considering that the surprise party has to be somewhere unexpected, I want it to take place in the school gym. Don't worry about getting in, I've got the key to the gym already from the school. I just need help getting the place set up. The party supplies are in the building, so that's it."

"That sounds great! We'll surprise Kaika with this party! Of course we'll help, right?" Kyle didn't have any trouble thinking about this surprise party. Zoey smiled and nodded, but felt a bit scared from that eerie voice from earlier. Brandon gave a thumbs up, which clearly meant yes. "Alright, let's hurry before Kaika decides to go find us," Luki saw everyone's agreement to the plan. Being the one who knew the way, Luki began to walk ahead. Zoey felt uncomfortable with everything happening after that voice, and had fears about going to the gym.


Kaika saw herself fall down in her dream, and her dreams had been abnormal and different ever since her pact was made. These dreams couldn't be forced away, as if it were a part of her "fate." Each dream was random every time, and the meanings behind every dream were hard to decipher. This night's dream revolved around a girl that was from the past as her attire appeared too classy and outdated. Her hair bore a shade of the brightest red and her eyes shone with green. The clothing she wore was a bright blue-green dress, and supported the fair lady's impression as one of a noblewoman. Once Kaika finished observing the person within her dream, the scene within the dream began.

"Lady Reyu! Wake at the break of dawn Lady Reyu!" a man's voice pounded against my eardrum. All I wanted was some peaceful silence for a morning, can he spare me that? Being a person who's up and ready on a morning was not me at the most. Just to save myself the hearing, I snapped myself awake and sat up. "Ah, my Lady Reyu. You must be up and ready early. That is one point to be a noblewoman in the Bates household," one of the many servingmen said to me, standing by my bed. At least it was only one servingman, because at one time, I had about 25 of them waking me up. This was my usual morning, waking up a bit late with a servingman beside my bed, and awaiting to start helping me get dressed. I don't understand why exactly I was sent here in the first place. I'm not of actual heritage of the Bates family, I'm Japanese not English, and didn't have the "manners" to be a noblewoman. Yet, I was sent here to the country of England, and they adopted me as a daughter. I can't understand that, but might as well go along with it. Besides, if I wandered alone, I am worth nothing to the citizens here due to my Japanese descent. So I am somewhat grateful to the Bates family's thoughtfulness to house me in, even if I didn't want to in the first place.

"Right. I know that," I grumbled with my sleepy expression, rubbing my eyes to get myself fully awake. "A noblewoman does not grumble. Otherwise, come this way," the servingman corrected me straight away, and walked into my wardrobe. When he wasn't looking at me, I casually roll my eyes sarcastically as I groggily got off my bed. It was really awkward for me to get my hair fixed, and getting help with my clothing with a servingman. So, I'm not going to think about it anymore. Later on after being assisted in preparing for the day, I walked down to the main hall of the Bates manor. My crimson red hair was bundled up into a neat bun, and the dress I wore was shining in a bright blue-green. Once downstairs, the servingman gave a nod to me before walking to the dining hall to do other duties. Then I remembered that it was a Saturday, so that meant no pointless lessons and the free time to go on a walk around the town. Taking that in mind, I took a coat that was near the front doors, and left the manor without my "parents'" consent. I'm probably going to get scorned at for leaving like that, but I really didn't care.

It was a busy day, I could say, for the marketplace. People going to and out of stores, it could be some busy holiday coming up soon. I just walked through the crowds, being careful not to anger the residents. Even if I was in a noble family, the residents and citizens don't have a liking to me. Yeah, I kept to myself in the crowds, minding my own business to avoid a conflict. All I wished to do out here was get some fresh air and maybe purchase several things to treat myself. I did have at least 50 pounds to spend. Then I was set for this, and walked to where the bakery was.

I wasn't sure if I began to see things, but an unusual sight came to view from the corner of my eye. A light pink wisp was levitating a distance away, and in my line of sight. People might think I'm crazy, as I was the only one who could see this wisp. Everyone else just seemed to ignore it, or literally walk right past it. Well, I guess my curiosity got the best of me, because I caught myself chasing this wisp. When I got close to the wisp, it would move even farther away from me. Like it wanted me to follow until at some specific location. For all I knew, I really just wanted answers to it and be done with it. So, I kept my pace going after this wisp, disregarding the people that wondered why I was running in the first place. I didn't care, same going to my poor dress getting dirty from my running. Soon, the wisp disappeared in a flash, and I stopped to see I was in an empty alleyway...alone. That was weird. What was the point of leading me here? Well, I sighed in dismay and decided to head home until someone ran right into me.

With someone falling onto me, it was fairly painful. Pretty sure that the dress was ruined by now, but I had another problem. The person who ran into me was a very young maid, and she had blonde hair and blue eyes. Even if she was a maid, it seemed like she was of Japanese descent too. If she was running down this way, maybe she ran away from her master? I would understand why, as so much can be asked from maids, and that was almost going to be my fate in the past. The young maid only got close to me, hugging me for comfort. I felt bad for her, so I spoke softly,"I'm not going to hurt you. But can you speak of your name?" The girl stared up at me with innocent eyes, and mumbled,"Maiko."


"So, this is where we're getting the party ready, not bad Luki. Not bad," Kyle grinned once they reached the school gym building. It was one of the largest buildings in the school grounds, so this would be a lot of work for them to get the party set up. Luki only smiles and unlocks the doors to get inside. The entire gym had the lights off and it was pitch black darkness inside. Her anxiety caused Zoey to cling on Brandon's arm. "Geez, it's dark in here, I'm going to find the light switch in here, so hold on," Luki told them and went ahead, shrouded in the darkness of the gym. "Go do that Luki, just don't get lost," Kyle joked as Luki went to turn on the lights. Some moments later, Zoey let got of Brandon's arm, since the lights would come on soon. So, they waited with no complaints, but it seemed like Luki took too long to just flip a light switch. maybe it was too dark to even see the switch, however, it was getting ridiculous as the lights haven't come on and that Luki said she would 10 minutes ago. It was strange since Luki didn't say anything or that they couldn't hear at least a single sound from her.

"I was right, she did get lost!" Kyle exclaimed in laughter, unable to resist the "hilarity" of the situation. Zoey didn't actually respond in a way, but felt so many worries come to mind. "Please settle yourself Kyle, I'm going to see if she needs help of any kind," Brandon didn't tolerate Kyle's jokes, and insisted that he would help Luki in this case. So, he cautiously stepped to the darkness of the gym, holding his hands out so he could feel Luki nearby. He only advanced forwards, hoping to walk into the wall of the other side to narrow his search. Again, no sounds came from Luki in particular, and his curiosity turned significantly to morbid agony. Brandon couldn't recall why or how it all happened, and it occurred all too fast for him to comprehend the truth. The stinging pain that gave him this agony traced from his chest, and slowly placed his hand on top of his chest. Burning flesh could be felt upon his hand's combat, and the warm and moist sensations came from his chest and downwards. Piecing this together to a final conclusion, Brandon raised his hand to close view in the darkness to confirm his conclusion. Blood. The moist red substance was fresh in his hands and chest, and it stained his shirt and pants. A fatal impalement wound caved into his chest and pierced through his most fragile heart.

As a result of his fatal wound, his vision and hearing was beginning to muffle, and his consciousness wasn't stable anymore. Brandon's thought of action is to head back to the group for help, and the need for medical attention grew. He wasn't exactly stable, so his rush back to the group was desperate and trembling. "Brandon? What's up?" Kyle spotted their friend coming close, the darkness made it hard to see the blood. Brandon was in clear view now, but the second he opened his mouth...the life within him slipped away. His body collapsed to the ground like a ragdoll, and it was clear that he was dead as the blood slowly leaked out from him. For the minds of average teenagers, seeing someone you know die with the killer unseen was truly traumatizing and devastating to even accept and think about.

"D-Damn...we need to get the hell outta here!" Kyle shouted out a few seconds upon the realization of Brandon's death, stepping back a few inches away. After that, a clear and obvious tactic began: run. While Kyle ran for his life knowing the killer was still here, Zoey stayed where she was, shivering with fear staring at Brandon's corpse. Yet, she sworn that she was hearing the same voice she heard earlier. It caused her to feel many chills go down her spine. Her fearful instincts were literally yelling at her to get out now, but Zoey just stood there. "What the hell Zoey? Get over her!" Kyle shouted once seeing Zoey not even following him. Zoey definitely heard him this time and turns herself towards Kyle, who was still looking for the door in the darkness.

Knowing the deep trouble they're in, Zoey began to scramble the way back to him in panic. Even if she was quick as she is, it wasn't enough for her to escape a forced fate. A cry of agony was squeezed from her as a strong force like metal drove it's way through her legs. Her eyes gazed down with tears to come upon her sliced off legs. The cause for this is unknown, and the precision through her legs was a clean cut through her flesh and bones. With no support to stand, Zoey fell to the ground, blood seeping out of the sliced thighs she had left. She still had hope that she would live, but that she would get artificial legs. With determination in her innocent eyes, Zoey uses her arms to drag herself towards Kyle. On the other hand, Kyle's paranoia was becoming even worse, frantically searching around with his eyes for the potential killer. The fact that this killer could be something not human as there is no way that Zoey's legs would be chopped off that quick and easily, which brought more fear to build up within Kyle.

As Zoey slowly pulled herself towards Kyle, the pain returned once again to stop her. She watched in horror as her arms are also chopped off in an instant, causing her to fall facefirst. There was no chances of her moving anywhere, and that Kyle would be in danger if he would help her. So, she kept her head down as she sobbed in total despair. "Z-Zoey?" Kyle stuttered in concern, stepping once forward. She raised her head slowly, tears running down her face. "...please...don't...just go...go an-" Zoey mumbles quietly to Kyle, telling him to leave and to not pity her. Then, she was cut short as the invisible sliding motion happened again. Silence fell on her, and her eyes were lifeless. Slowly with the moist sound of moving flesh, Zoey's head slowly slides down and falls off in the result of a possible beheading.

Kyle froze in fear as Zoey dies, two of his friends...dead. It was hard to accept the truth of this situation, and that the same fate would fall upon him very soon. Knowing he wasn't safe here obviously, Kyle had the full intent to get out and escape the killer. Soon enough, he made a break for it. Despite how dark it was in the gym building, he managed to run into the doors. Adrenaline pumped throughout his body as he tried to feel for the door knob, sweat going down his face. Then his heart sank as something pulled him back and away from the door. Kyle feared the worst, and gulped deeply once he saw who is definitely the killer behind this.

The killer wore a black hooded cloak, hiding the face. Up close, however, some of the face shown feminine features, such as a slender facial structure, and strands of long blue hair. Then, the eyes of the shade blue stared at him emotionlessly. The shady chills of the situation brought anxiety to Kyle, the chances of surviving fell short on his end. That is why he spoke of nothing, and only he let out a shaky breath. The female killer kept her gaze on him, and smiled at him innocently. Yet, the smile didn't give off that said innocence. So, Kyle was still afraid in a way that would explain his silence. Just because this went on for a few minutes, the lady sighed and got close to Kyle's ear.

"You think that you can live another day, but it is too late. Swallow fate down...and savour living this last second of nothingness," the lady whispered playfully to his ear, then moving a bit back to perform this next course of action. With a tap of her finger on Kyle's forehead, the lady kept her finger there and giggled a bit. This is the moment that Kyle began to think that this lady wasn't really normal. It started out slowly, but he began to feel a pain inside of him. Maybe it was a stomach ache? No, it got worse. The pain grew more painful, as the churning feeling tore through his insides...literally. He couldn't tell for himself, but the lady triggered a devastating act through telekinesis, which would absolutely crush and churn his internal organs. The second his heart was destroyed in the process, Kyle slumped over backwards onto the door, the life already gone from his body. The lady chuckled madly and stood up from her kneeling position.

"The bait is set in the water, and the fish is in sight. The fish will fall for the bait, and I will capture and feast on her before she will learn more of her origins. Time for the game to begin," the lady spoke to herself before going into the potential darkness. There, she left the brutally harmed corpses of Brandon, Zoey, and Kyle on the floor.


The dreamful vision came to an end, awakening Kaika near the midday afternoon. Instead of being surprised that she woke up late, Kaika was more interested and curious about the dream. That woman, Reyu, what connection does she have with me?...a possible ancestor? Kaika thought about Reyu's appearance in her dream, and her actual importance. Then she notices the time and rubbing her eyes slightly. "2:37? Already? I must slept too long," Kaika mumbled in slight surprise, yawning. Meanwhile, Miki had appeared at her side, but had nothing to say. Training was what Kaika had in mind, and that her training today would be at the compound. Hopefully Peyton and Monoso were there to give her some advice during her training.

"Miki, by the way, I'm going to train at the compound. You know, the base for the other pact bearers are at," Kaika explained to Miki, getting dressed for the training. The spirit didn't reply, but definitely got the message. It was strange that Miki wasn't really talking to her, but maybe nothing important was happening as of now. That was when Kaika took her leave from the house. Worried thoughts came to mind about Kuro, Kaika noticed that he was still depressed, but wasn't being all silent anymore. Kaika felt concerned for her brother, as he was falling to a deep trauma. Just cross my fingers...and hope for the best Kuro... Kaika thought about Kuro, and crossed her finger as she walked down the street.

The ringtone of her cell phone went off, and she nearly jumped in utter surprise when she felt vibrating coming from her pocket. "'s just my phone," Kaika chuckled to herself in realization. Not wanting a missed call, she grabbed her phone from her jeans pocket, and immediately accepted the call.

"Hello? Kaika here," she answered through her phone right when she accepted this call.

/"Hey, it's me. Sota. How are you feeling right now?"/ Sota's voice came from the phone's speakers. At first, Kaika wondered how he got her phone number in the first place. Then remembered when they last met up, their date, they shared their numbers after the Shadow Replica attack. It was good to hear from him again, in Kaika's opinion.

"Oh, hi Sota! I'm doing well, thanks for asking," Kaika smiled as she gleefully responded to his question.

/"That's nice to hear...did you go somewhere with Luki earlier?"/ Sota asked another topic, regarding on Luki. It kinda felt awkward when her best friend is suddenly mentioned on the phone. Something didn't make sense here.

"Luki? Nope. I just woke up and gonna do some errands. Why?" Kaika expressed her confusion here, unaware of what he meant.

/"I thought you did though. I saw Luki and some other of her friends go to the school gym. I wonder..."/ Sota sounded confused as well, thinking that Kaika was with them at first. Now this made no sense, and Kaika demanded to know more to this scenario.

"That', strange to now...when I left the house, which was about a few minutes ago, Luki was still at the house. How could she be outside if she never left at all to being with?" Kaika knew that there was a major contradiction in his words, but tried to pull off her point in a non-offensive way.

/"Wow, that is strange. But I could had sworn that Luki was there headed for the school gym. Oh well, we'll find out soon. See you later Kaika,"/ Sota agreed with Kaika's point. However, it sounded like he did see her outside.

"Sure thing, hope to see you soon," Kaika said her goodbye to him, hanging up afterwards. For a normal person's point of view, this sounded like a coincidence, but Kaika wasn't a normal person. With energy manipulation powers and spiritual pacts, then anything is possible. Good or bad, there was something unnatural with Luki being in "two places" at once. Luki couldn't really be in two places, her life energy, that Kaika felt, had nothing supernatural under it. So maybe an illusion perhaps? And what about the "other" friends? Kaika instantly knew who they were: Kyle, Brandon, and Zoey. Why exactly were they headed for the school gym? All of this didn't make any clear sense.

"Kaika. This is not as petty as it sounds. We need to make haste to the school gym. The Luki you've heard about that has made way to the same location, she is not the true Luki. The imposter is imposing as your friend to fool others to their demise. It is also urgent that this imposter is a Death Keeper, a dangerous being who works under Yasu. We need to make haste!" Miki explained to Kaika about the truth of this mishap. Not only was Kaika right about Luki being at her house, but that the "Luki" at the gym was a deadly imposter. That means that her friends are in danger, or something terribly worse. Who knows what this imposter wants from this? The most likely outcome for this is to lure Kaika in, but she didn't fear that. Her friends come first in this scenario...

"Yeah! Let's go! Time's running out!" Kaika agreed with Miki's points. Every day ever since the car crash, it was actually nice to hear some info and advice from her pact spirit. With her initiative set up, Kaika dashed in a different direction. Away from the compound and towards the school's gym. It seemed like the way to that large building on the school campus wasn't entirely that long. Yet, the absolute silence of the weather and the lack of people brought uncertainty to her mind.

The proximity between her and the gym become short, and halting Kaika into a shaky walk. Something about the surrounding area just screamed out the unsettling feel, the feeling of a bad omen was in the air. When she drew close to the door, her anxiety steadily ascended along with her heartbeat. It was clear that Kaika had her anticipated fears about her friends, but she didn't want to stay in the shadows of suspense. I...I need to keep going...I honestly can't keep myself and the others waiting... Kaika thought and crossed her fingers. Ever so slowly, she carefully took grasp of the door knob, and turned the knob in order for the door to open.

While she slowly pulled the door open, there was something heavy leaning against it...and sounds of moist and slimy movements came along with this. Curiosity peaked up in her head, and forced her to swing the door fully open. It unveiled a disturbing sight to anyone's eyes, and unsettled the held in feelings of anxiety inside her. A body left untouched on the outside slid off from it's resting place and support from the door. However, the "disturbing" part was that the body appeared to be hurling out bloody and mushy amounts of...crushed guts? To make this even worse for her eyes, this poor "gut-less" body was Kyle's. Her own friend, murdered in a painful and gruesome way. It clearly was caused by something unnatural...the Death Keeper Miki warned her about some time ago.

"K-Kyle..." Kaika mumbled under her breath...and another thought came to mind. Wait! about Brandon and Zoey!? Were they killed too! she immediately thought and barged into the dark gym. Kaika also made sure she didn't run over Kyle's body out of respect. The immense darkness in the gym kept it's place as it was before the sudden deaths of her friends. She didn't mind the darkness, and only wanted to find Brandon and Zoey.

"What mistaught awe tumbles down to the abyss of blood-soaked lust? Has the bait bring in the prey?" a smooth and beautiful voice echoed around the gym. As the feminine voice spoke in an eerie and poetic way, all of the lights in the gym suddenly switched on at the same time. These lights in the gym suddenly switched on at the same time. These lights gave more devastating sights left for Kaika's eyes. Ther were two more bodies left on the floor, and were the dead bodies of Brandon and Zoey. Brandon's body appeared to have collapsed face-first, and the red substance of blood bled out from his torso. Moving towards Zoey's body, it seemed to have been hacked on many times. The imposter could had used some heavy blade to achieve this, but this was really brutal. Having her limbs and head chopped off, Kaika felt bad and anxiety from this. Now, she had to focus on this "imposter", considering that she just heard the voice of the imposter.

"You caught something, alright? However, you caught a big mistake," Kaika spoke with confidence. No sight of the damned imposter despite the fact that the lights were all on. No response in any way possible for Kaika to notice. It felt eerie and shady to Kaika to wonder where this imposter could be hiding at.

"Wow, you're are pretty stupid to never see your fated opponent taking the high ground above you," the voice mocked like a cocky child. The internal chills this person gives to her through the tone of voice. Kaika's mind warned her to really check above her. Almost by instinct, Kaika took her gaze to the basketball hoop above her, and to her surprise, there was a mysterious figure sitting upon the basket. It wasn't that easy and simple to see this person's face as the hood of the cloak veiled the upper part of her face. However, the figure had a feminine structure, so it was most likely to be a female. The sight of this mysterious figure made her wonder about if this was someone dangerous or not.

"Like I would care about that. I know you're behind this," Kaika spoke, not fear in her eyes when she had the voice of determination. All she wanted to do is to avenge her dead friends and finding out more of this new enemy. While she was dead serious about it, the woman only crackled in devilish delight. She then leapt down from the basketball hoop and to the ground in front of her. From the impact of landing on the ground, this woman was left in no pain at all, which made Kaika think about her limits.

"Oh, I'm the bad guy now~? Well...of course I am. The surprise I left for you to see basically screams out the "villain" to your poor mortal mind," the woman wooed with a smooth voice, as if she was verbally toying around with Kaika. Yet, Kaika wasn't really scared by the unusual presence she felt come from this woman's appearance. With the help of her sensory abilities, Kaika could tell this woman wasn't human.

"Let's just get to the point. It's obvious that you aren't human, so let me kill you here and now!" Kaika glared at the woman, her release of Kaika's Soul Energy unintentionally activates her "Partial" mode. Next moment after that, the woman bursts out in playful crackles once again.

"Some attitude you have there, I like that. Too bad you're too new in your life, learn your limits well," the woman taunted as she stepped forwards to Kaika,"So you feel like you can turn the tables against me, Rank VI of the Death Keepers, Ayimu. I advise you to rethink that very thoroughly." Kaika didn't feel much anxiety as these threats were thrown at her. She had no intention to talk back to the possible enemy, and had her Soul Energy charge up in her hands. Wanting to get a first attack in, Kaika instantly manifested an energy blade, and swung it at Ayimu. It was clear that the blade had made it's mark with the target, but technically it missed as well. Ayimu was still in front of her, defenseless as the blade comes down. However, the blade slid through her like a ghost, no harm was done here. The hell?...what did she do? Kaika thought as she froze in surprise, her grip on her energy blade grew tight.

The moment that the fake Ayimu disappeared from Kaika's sight, an unbelievably powerful kick rammed into her side and ribs. She could had sworn that several bones broke by this. The force sent her off her feat, and got into an impact into the gym wall behind her. That hurt even more, she will admit. Plopping down to the ground, Kaika couldn't move that well due to her sore and in-pain inflicted body. D-Damn...she's tough... Kaika thought in frustration, and tried to endure her pain. He eyes focused to what was above her, staring intensely at Ayimu's figure. For all of the pent-up anger Kaika had, she tried not to growl at the demon.

"See? You're too naďve. To believe you'll hurt me first try, reconsider your logic. That is why humans fall short compares to demons. Too predictable. Too gullible. Too naďve. Learn you place, and this wouldn't have to be. Either that or prove that you are the most powerful pact bearer out of all. Choose wisely Kaika-chan," Ayimu belittled her in her poetic nature. To think that she would be able to fight against a demon, Kaika's chances to even be a match would be low. However, there was no more turning back, since the possibility of being killed was high and the chances of Ayimu going out and causing more havoc was possible too. Besides Kaika had an idea that is was better to end this now, by killing Ayimu.

"That's your point of view...not probably going to cause more chaos again. I can't afford for you to go loose, so I'm going to end this!" Kaika stood up, holding her energy blade. At the last word of her sentence, Kaika charged towards Ayimu once again. The course of action Kaika decided to do seemed foolish in Ayimu's eyes, causing her to giggle a bit to herself. Regaining her focus, Kaika was milliseconds away from inflicting her attack towards her. Then Ayimu's eyes flashed immediately, putting into motion a certain ability. In return, the motions that Kaika had in mind were paused and held in place as if there was something invisible doing this. What?...she has telekinesis too!?!! Kaika thought in shock. She couldn't really move anything, only her eyes and mouth.

"It must feel horrible to be on the losing end Kaika-chan~. Too bad the "know-it-all" spirit had to choose a human incapable of this cycle of life. Face it. You aren't made to be a pact bearer," Ayimu tormented the young girl even more, simply enjoying this. Now to prove her point even further to Kaika, her eyes flashed again to activate her telekinesis over to Kaika. By that, Kaika was roughly and violently lifted up to be slammed onto the high gym ceiling, and was restricted of movement while "paused" from the telekinesis's grasps. No matter how Kaika tries to break free, it held her stiffly and in place.

"You struggle in your well-being, and for your precious dear life. This life here is meaningless, and to leave a life like must pass onwards!" Ayimu then began to minimize the meaning of the life in the Living World. The result of her words stirred up a different expected reaction from Kaika. Aggressive anger came from her face, and struggled even more to free herself. This potentially fueled kaika's resolve to killing this demon. I...I have to...focus more...enough break free! Kaika thought in determination, moving slightly against the telekinesis. Soon, pink energy generated around Kaika and freed her, sending her into a free fall.

Ayimu wasn't really surprised when Kaika managed to break free, and actually was highly interested. It was like she enjoyed a good fight. She drew out a thin katana, and stared at the falling Kaika. However, kaika summoned an energy blade into her hands and a transparent orb to go loose for now. With the energy blade, Kaika attempted to land an aerial strike on the demon. Ayimu only waited for the attack's contact, only to see that Kaika had disappeared from the sight of her. Again, she had no surprise for this, and stood there...waiting. Somehow knowing, Ayimu held her katana behind her, and successfully blocking a surprise attack from the behind without looking. Kaika felt shocked by this, and tried to force the katana to be disarmed.

"Ah, Energy Transmutation. You quite are the fast learner to learn that in a short period's time. Oh so young in this life...I behold the end in front of your eyes," Ayimu slightly turned her head backwards to see Kaika, smirking madly with insane joy. With just a little amount of applied power, Ayimu's katana broke through Kaika's energy blade, destroying it with no form or sign of effort displayed in this. W-What!?!!... Kaika's eyes widened in shock, having no other way to help herself. The katana was swung at her, sending Kaika flying towards a wall. There, she yelped in pain from the intense impact. Upon glancing up from her spot, Kaika saw Ayimu standing above her. At the same time, the pain became worse.

"And then...there was none!!!" Ayimu stared at Kaika, and laughing madly as she held her katana up and brought the blade down upon her. ...brace myself for this... Kaika thought this was it, and immediately closed her eyes. However, it seemed like it was taking forever to be fatally inflicted by this blade, but Kaika kept on waiting. Suddenly, another familiar presence came to Kaika's senses, forcing her to check to see who this was. In relieved surprise, Ayimu was smacked away from kaika by a huge electrical blast, and near the gym entrance was her ally, Peyton.

"Hey Kaika, what's up with the demon lady?" Peyton sarcastically asked as he walked over to her, helping her up from the ground. With his other free hand, he began to store electricity into his pistol, and it was noticeable that Peyton was in his "Full" mode. No matter how much pain she was in, kaika felt relieved to know she had help in this situation against Ayimu.

"I'm...I'm a bit sore...t-thanks for...coming..." Kaika mumbled, getting weak by how much she's endured from Ayimu's onslaught, and also from blood loss. That definitely would explain her failing vision and hearing steadily got worse. However, she was still conscious enough to stand and even be awake. In her sights, Ayimu was getting up, and that was a signal for Peyton to strike once more. He shot another electrical blast at the demon, shocking her again. Compared to the other attacks that Kaika sent, these shots Peyton shot were more capable of hurting Ayimu.

"Heh heh're pretty lucky. Being able to survive me, but I will kill you. Next encounter, you will die alone by my hands," Ayimu promised this demise to her, vanishing all together through the shadows. With her gone both Kaika and Peyton take a huge breath of air in relief. This experience would last in her memory for quite awhile, and hard to take her thoughts off of. Not only did she realize that she is too inexperienced right now, but that her friends were really dead. If she were here earlier to protect them from the Luki imposter, Ayimu, they would have had a chance to survive barely.

"Well, that was a hell of a close call, but let's head back to the compound. It's quite important that your pact spirit contacted me, or you would had been demon bait," Peyton reminded Kaika about the compound, but she felt dizzy from blood loss. Slowly, she began to faint, collapsing to the ground. Peyton immediately caught her fall, and by that time, her world went black.
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