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Default Gym #5: Fire-type

Gym #5: Fire-type

Welcome to the Fire Gym! That's right! I'm now back and hotter then ever!!!! Now, with 74% lamer fire related puns! Prepare to be burnt by my planned use of the heated sun; to burn the world and cover it in magma!

In case you havn't noticed yet or are stupid, this is the fire gym.

1. General Rules & Mechanics
  • The Gym League consists of 8 gym leaders, each representing one type.
  • The battles will be conducted in the WiFi Club only.
  • The following games are the ones that can be used in the League:
    -Pokémon Black
    -Pokémon White
    -Pokémon Black 2
    -Pokémon White 2
  • A challenger must not reveal information about a gym leader's team to anyone.
  • A gym leader has the right to change members of his or her team.
  • The winner will receive the Volcano Badge.
  • The winner will also receive my special prized adoptable, Larvesta.

2. Battle Rules
  • All Pokémon to be used in battles must be within the allowed level margin: Lv80 - Lv100.
  • All battles are conducted as 6 vs 6 single battles.
  • Battlers are not allowed to change the order of their teams, as previewed in the Team Preview feature of the WiFi Club.
  • The use of Wonder Launcher is not permitted.
  • Hacked Pokémon cannot be used. Hacked Pokémon are those created through a cheat device, or Pokémon obtained using a hacked item.
  • Uber Pokémon are banned.
  • Hax Items are banned.
  • The ability, Moody, and move, Acupressure, are banned.
  • Having both the abilities, Drizzle and Swift Swim, in the same team is forbidden.
  • Sleep Clause: None of the players can put two of their foe's Pokémon to sleep. The player should wait until the sleeping Pokémon wakes up or faints in order for him/her to induce sleep upon another Pokémon. If a player has induced one of his/her foe's Pokémon to sleep, then he/she cannot use Yawn to force switches. He/She can still use Relic Song; if the target Pokémon falls asleep due to its secondary effect, the user does not lose the battle. If his/her foe has used Rest, he/she can still induce one of the foe's Pokémon to sleep. If the foe's Pokémon is put to sleep due to Effect Spore, the player can still induce one of the foe's Pokémon to sleep.
  • Species Clause: Two Pokémon of the same species are not allowed in the same team.
  • Evasion Clause: Any move or item that increases the evasion of your Pokémon is forbidden.
  • OHKO Clause: All One-hit Knock-out Moves are banned.
  • Self KO Clause: Using a move the knocks out both Pokémon, and these two are the only ones left, would cause the user of the move to lose. Recoil damage is not included in this clause, as the attacking Pokémon is considered the victor.

Breaking any of these rules results in the loss of the violator as well as any further punishment, decided by The Gym League Administration.

Gym Status: Open


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Alright Mag, I'm now ready with my new team. >: )
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