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Default Alakazamaster's Psychic Gym - Conservatory of Concentration

Alakazamaster's Psychic Gym - Conservatory of Concentration

Welcome to my Gym thread. If you are here, you probably intend on battling me, which is perfectly fine! I'm Alakazamaster, and I use the Psychic-type, one of the most powerful types all-around. Though they have lost the ridiculously destructive power they possessed in generation one, Psychic types maintain a keystone position in the current metagame, so be on your toes when challenging me. Psychic-types can do just about anything; a fact which I will utilize to my advantage when battling. With such wild versatility on my side, you will need a secret weapon of your own. Do try and employ intelligent team-building and move selection as your prepare to battle me, and increase your competitive know-how whenever possible! Out-foxing a trainer who loves a mustachioed, spoon-wielding fox Pokemon is your ticket to my badge: the Medulla Badge.

Pretty, right? If you know your Victory Road history you may recognize it. Knowledge is power, so be ready to battle a Gym Leader who has been battling competitively for the past three generations! Before we battle, though, please bone up on the standard competitive battling rules I will expect you to follow. I just told you that knowledge is power, after all. I will be conducting six on six single battles; a fact which should help you avoid confusion when teambuilding.

The Winners

The Participants

Remember that there is no shame in being a participant rather than a winner. ""You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." -Wayne Gretzky" -Michael Scott. Unfortunately, for the time being, no one can be anything. The mind is a valuable thing, and right now mine is focusing on mid-terms, papers, and on Friday nights altering my mind in more ways than one. As a result, my Gym is currently CLOSED. Worry not, though, as my Spring break approaches rapidly. As such I will have plenty of time to battle. Check out my colleagues' Gyms in the mean time. They are sure to prove worthy adversaries, and it won't hurt to get some practice in before you battle a Gym Leader who knows competitive Pokemon like he knows Chinese history. If you knew my college course load you would be terrified right now.

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Is it Spring Break yet?
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