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Default Earth-Shaking Battles Here! The Ground-Type Gym!

The first new Ground-type Gym since Giovanni back in R/B/Y, hopefully you`ll enjoy any battles you have here xD Though, I may be somewhat short on time for battles like Giovanni`s successor, but I`ll try to keep time set aside for challenges. Anyway, the rule for this Gym are as follows:


Uber Pokemon Clause: The following Pokemon are not able to be used in an official League Battle against me for a badge: Garchomp, Deoxys, Arceus, Darkrai, Dialga, Giratina, Groudon, Ho-Oh, Kyogre, Latios, Lugia, Manaphy, Mew, Mewtwo, Palkia, Rayquaza, Wobbuffet. If you happen to start a battle with me with any of the aformentioned Pokemon are your team by accident, you are permitted to re-start the battle with a different Pokemon in it`s/their place.

Sleep Clause: You are not permitted to put any more than one Pokemon to sleep at any given time during the battle. (Note, however, that this rule does not apply to the move Rest).

Hacking Clause: Though it should be obvious, no hacked Pokemon are permitted to be used in an Official League Battle. "Hacked" refers to any Pokemon whose moves, stats, and/or ability has been altered to a point which is not attainable through ordinary means in-game, examples including, but not limited to using an Action Replay, or a GameShark. A commonly sought-after hacking combination, for reference, would be giving either Sableye or Spiritomb the ability WonderGuard, belonging rightfully to Shedinja. As they have no elemental weaknesses, all offensive moves would be useless, except for Fire Fang. A violation of this rule will result in your team being reported a Victory Road Pokemon League Admin, such as Shadow.

Evasion Clause: Evasion increasing moves are not permitted. The most obvious move this applies to is "Double Team", however, otther examples include Acupressure. However, given that Acupressure has a random stat increase, I may let accidental evasion boosts through said move go if I find you would have won or lost regardless of it`s use. Accidental use of a move such as Double Team may also be excused for the same reason, but it would be much simpler to just not teach any of your Pokemon the move in the first place.

Multiple Pokemon Clause: You are not permitted to use more than one of the same species of Pokemon in an Official League Battle.

Item Clause: I may change this at a later time, but at the moment, you may only have one item being held by more than one Pokemon at maximum, the maximum number of Pokemon holding the item being 2.

Some additional things to note for battles:

An Official League Battle against me will be a 6 VS 6 Level 100 Battle.

Additionally, according to Official Gym League rules at the time of writing for this post, I am required to use a minimum or 2-3 Pokemon of my Gym`s type (in this case, Ground) in an Official League Battle, with other types being allowed to fill the remaining spaces in my party for support purposes, ect. If I battle you in an official match and do not comply with said rule, you have every right to report it to Shadow or another Victory Road Pokemon League staff member, which will result in infraction in my part.

My Badge is called the Seismic Badge, I will post an image of it here within the month.

I have not finished deciding on a prize for winning at my Gym, but if anyone has some ideas, feel free to let me know via message, ect.

Once again, I hope you`ll be able to have an enjoyable battle against me, should you choose to challenge my Gym.

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Originally Posted by AuraKshatriya View Post
NOTE:I will be on vacation from the 25th of March to roughly two weeks after, making accepting challenges during that time period almost entirely impossible. As a result, I will deal with any challenges against me upon returning. I may have someone fill in for me while I`m away, but until I get more information on the rules behind such a situation, the former policy will be in place.
If you can get a substitute while you're away, then that works perfectly. However, if you can't, then I'm sure all of us will understand your excuse.
So, in either case, do not worry

Oh and by the way, your gym looks good to me.
Well done.
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