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Default Tierlimit- Tier/Survival battle thread

I'm planning to make a little game out of a game. Not sure if it has been done before, but I call it Tierlimit. It's utilizes the Pokmon's tier and regulates things based on the amount of LP (Limit Points) I would like to call, available for a pokemon in it's respective tier. Here's how it works. The max amount of LP you can go up to is 100 LP. The key for each tier is shown below:

NU= 10 LP
RL= 20 LP
UU= 25 LP
BL= 30 LP
OU= 50 LP
Uber= 90 LP (Although it must be agreed with by both opponents to use Ubers.)

Now as I said earlier, the amount of pokemon you can have in your party depends on the amount of LP they total up to, with the Max LP being up to 100, and no higher than 100 LP.

This means that you can use a party of 6 NUs, or a party of 5 RLs, a party of 4 UUs, a party of 3 BLs, and a party of 2 OUs, and Ubers are a party of 1... HOWEVER; you aren't limited to just one type of tier. You can mix up the tiers so as long as it doesn't exceed 100 LPs. For example, You can have a part consisting of 1 OU and 2 UUs, or a party of 4 RLs and 2 NUs= both of which equal up to 100 LPs which is the max. There are many more ways to mix it up, so have fun figuring them out, and find out which one is best for you.

I'm not sure if this idea will fly, but it will be worth a try. I wanted to tell you guys about it to see your opinions on it. And no, this isn't for competitive sport, but just for sheer fun and enjoyment of playing the game differently.

To those who do not know what tiers are, there are sites that may enlighen you.... but respecting VR's rules, I will not post these sites. Please enjoy.

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