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Default Redstone to Obsidian Transmuter

With the 1.5 redstone update around the corner, the classic BUD switches could be a thing of the past; but, before they are, I wanted to share something I made that has come in very handy for me: my redstone to obsidian transmuter:

Click image for larger version

Name:	2012-12-30_12.58.14.png
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Why bother with something like this? I don't know about you, but I absolutely hate the standard method of using a slip stream of water to prevent the mined obsidian from falling into lava. It's such a hassle, especially when fighting the current! More importantly, though, the natural beauty of those untouched lava pools is destroyed in the process. Even a redstone tinkerer such as myself will easily find that Redstone is in no short supply whatsoever, so why not make it into obsidian in a safe environment?

Here's how it works:
Placing redstone dust between the lava and water will send a pulse of power to flip a switch, opening the lava valve. Once the redstone is converted to obsidian, a detector will close the lava valve, allowing for a safe harvest.

Here's how it works in depth:
Technical Jargon Warning (but there are more pictures inside! :D )    
As you can see in the above image, there is a redstone torch powering a small bit of redstone. There is a lava source block isolated from the rest of the system by a piston on the left, and on the right there is a water source block pouring down. There is a one-block hole directly beneath the source block to prevent it from spilling out and destroying the charged redstone dust (or anything else, for that matter). Placing redstone dust behind the charged redstone dust will activate the mechanism:

Click image for larger version

Name:	2012-12-30_12.58.25.png
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Once the lava flows down and touches the uncharged redstone dust, you get obsidian:

Click image for larger version

Name:	2012-12-30_12.58.27.png
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Minecraft chemistry! It's SCIENCE! Now, obviously, there's more behind the machine that makes it work: a simple RS NOR latch and a BUD switch. The RS NOR latch stabilizes the input from the BUD switch to control when the lava valve is open and closed, along with determining when the redstone torch in front of the machine is active or not. This is critical to the functionality of the machine, since only UNCHARGED redstone can be transmuted into obsidian. The machine detects the state of the redstone/obsidian by the following means:

1) When redstone dust is placed between the water and the lava, it will be powered by the initially placed redstone dust.

2) The charge is pulled through the back block into a repeater, which toggles an RS NOR latch:

Click image for larger version

Name:	2012-12-30_12.59.54.png
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and tripping a BUD switch from one metastable state into the another. This causes the lava valve to open and the initially powered redstone torch to turn off. This is VERY important, because charged redstone dust will NOT become obsidian.

Click image for larger version

Name:	2012-12-30_13.01.02.png
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3) The instant the redstone is converted to obsidian, this will trip the BUD switch back into its first metastable state, which will toggle the RS NOR latch to reactivate the redstone torch and shut the lava valve:

Click image for larger version

Name:	2012-12-30_13.00.04.png
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Since the BUD has an extra one-block gap between itself and the obsidian, it will not detect when the obsidian is removed, therefore keeping the lava valve shut. It will, however, detect redstone being placed, destroyed, or updated due to the way redstone works.

And there you have it. A simple, compact, elegant method of getting obsidian. If you're concerned about the obsidian falling into the water, all you have to do to fix this is put two sticky pistons beneath the blocks with the redstone dust wires on them. When the pistons are UNPOWERED, they will pull down the blocks, dropping you into a small ditch and delivering the blocks to you. I did not include an image of this since it would be underground and therefore very difficult to show.

This project was a huge turning point in my understanding of redstone mechanics. I'm interested in hearing what you guys think of it.
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