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Default You just MAEWIN! (Job Hunters RP Sign-ups)

Dear College Graduate,

As was established 50 years ago, all graduates will report to MAEWIN; the Mandatory Arena Education Worldwide INitiative. You are to report to the MAEWIN transit station designated below tomorrow morning at 06:00 hours.

Best of luck
In the near future, college graduates are sent to an arena to fight each other (Potentially to the death) in order to be placed by the MAEWIN corporation into careers. With a pass rate of 20%, this process is also a form of population control. Recruits fight in an arena from 9-5, and spend their evenings in MAEWIN-run safe houses. During this time, they are known as Job Hunters.

This Roleplay is based off of the Youtube web show Job Hunters, a dystopian series that shares some similarities to books such as the Hunger Games and the Divergent series. Previous knowledge of the series isn't necessary to play, but may help with understanding the basics of the universe that this RP is set in.

Rules and Guidelines    
• Follow all general forum Role-Playing rules
• Try to keep the Roleplay PG-13; you can be descriptive about what you see, but don't get too carried away
• You're allowed to create NPC's, and while there is no rule against controlling an NPC that someone else has created, keep in mind that they may have introduced them for a specific reason and having several people try and control them can throw off the story and make things frustrating for everyone.
• Above all, have fun!

Sign-up Sheet    
Name: (First and last name please)
Age: (21 is the average age for new recruits, but someone who's been fired and thrown back in could be older)
Weapon of choice: (Please try to pick something other than a gun; it seems like it'd make things a little too easy if everyone was wielding a 9mm)
Preferred Job(s): (Optional)
First time in the arena: (yes/no) (People who are fired from their job are put back in the arena until they are offered a new job)

Name: Nicolette Eyres
Age: 21
Weapon of choice: Any type of knife or short blade, especially throwing knives
Appearance: She stands at just under 5' 1", and is pretty slim; Her dark blonde hair is worn in a Pixie cut; Her outfit at the safe house usually consists of a comfortable pair of jeans and a t-shirt that, more often than not, has a fun design on the front; Her eyes are a deep chocolate brown.
Backstory: Nicolette lived with her Mother and her little sister Mckayla in a small house just outside a big city before she was summoned to the MAEWIN safehouse. While they hadn't been wealthy, they'd had enough to get by without too many worries. About five years before Nicole got her letter, her Father, Justin, lost his job and was sent back into the Arena; Justin, who had been a computer programmer and hadn't exactly been an active person, was killed within following week. Nicolette and her family were devastated when they'd heard the news. Her Mother, Penny, worked as a news anchor, and so she was usually gone for most of the day, leaving Nicole to take care of Mckayla, who was 12 at that time, after school. Even though she still had a few years before she would have to go into the arena herself, her Father's death had shaken Nicolette rather badly, and she wanted to be sure that she could stay alive long enough to get a job. She began training, jogging all over town, climbing from tree to tree, and even practicing some basic hand-to-hand combat with her sister. By the time Nicolette finished high school and started college, she could climb just about anything, and was surprisingly quick and agile for her height. Her college friends gave her the nickname "The fairy assassin" for the way she could move and climb just about anywhere without being detected, and the name stuck with her even after she'd graduated college.
Personality: She's a bit reluctant to get too close to anyone, for fear of being literally stabbed in the back by a friend, or worse, losing them in the Arena the same way she lost her Dad, so she tries to keep to herself, sometimes even acting a bit rudely in order to keep anyone else from getting too friendly. In reality, though, she's a kind, fun-loving person who loves to joke around, and doesn't mind going a bit out of her way to help someone out. She also loves to draw, and has a keen eye for detail, something with helps her in the Arena quite a bit.
Preferred Job(s): None
First time in the arena: Yes

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Name: Evan Green
Age: 21
Weapon of choice: Katana, Longsword or firearm; But good at hand-to-hand.
Appearance: 5' 6", On the slimmer side; Curly Brown hair, parted on the right side of his head; His outfit at the safe house is almost always a graphic tee with blue jeans; His eyes are a dark-ish green.
Backstory: Evan lived in a small apartment, he used to work at a computer factory until he got fired for changing all the desktop images to cat photos. He had one too many concussions fighting in the arena, he has no memory of his family.
Personality: A bit of an introvert; obsessed with video gaming; He has learned not to grow attached to things, because he does not want to feel the pain of losing them.
Preferred Job(s): Anything that involves computers.
First time in the arena: No

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