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Random Pictures
Random pictures for fun and other general purposes?
3ds vita mh34tmef2
VR ForumDesc
SEL55210, AA battery, and ZoruaTurtwig
Sony Alpha NEX-5R, black, with 16-50 mm power zoom lens, collapsed in sleep mode.
Sony Alpha NEX-5R, black, with 16-50 mm power zoom lens, extended while in use.
LG Super Multi DVD Rewriter, manufactured at September 3, 2008 (it's on the back label). I wonder where I can stick this in, seeing as my laptop...
Western Digital 500 GB Caviar Blue, 16 MB cache, SATA. I'm going to get an enclosure for this and get stuff out of it.
Gigabyte GeForce 9800 GTX+, 1 GB VRAM. It's caked in. I'm going to take this out for cleaning. (Note the oddball design with the cooling and amount...
A pair of Kingston DDR2-667 memory sticks, both 2 GB, 4 GB in total. Still looks like new, if a bit dusty.
Usable parts from my old desktop, not including cables. From the left to the right: 
- Western Digital 500 GB Caviar Blue, 16 MB cache, SATA 
Electronic contact and the print head of the PG-88 cartridge.
Front and electronic contact side of the PG-88 cartridge.
Dust obliterated. Mission successful. 
An actual sensor cleaning kit, complete with swabs and special liquid works wonders.
Blow away the dust! Most of them are now gone. Some of them still resides, but it's no longer a real problem. Some dust is expected from an exposed...
Holy moly, the amount of sensor dust is...
The new 3DMark results for my laptop. It was going pretty well... until Fire Strike. Then, slideshow mode!
This is the average Singaporean price sheet for computer components! Yes, that's my hand. Yes, that's A4 paper. 
Needless to say, it's unreadable...
The box that my Seagate Backup Plus came in.
Seagate Backup Plus, 1 TB, CrystalDiskMark benchmark results. Is this fast for a 5400 RPM drive? Whatever it is, it's faster than my laptop's disk...
Wait, I don't recall getting a disc.
This is going to come in handy...
Identity crisis?
How important is Pokémon, anyway?
OtterBox Defender for Nokia Lumia 900. Also, shiny black Haxorus are awesome. Also, tablet photography is horrible. (That's the only camera that I...
I see eBay is now selling null.

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