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Pokémon Goods
Some of the many Pokémon items I have
Pokémon X and Y Soundtrack
Jakks jumbo Zoroark figure, $14.99 from Kmart. It's about 9 inches tall. 3DS for size comparison.
Cute Zorua plush and shirt
Jumbo Zoroark card and normal Zoroark card
Pokémon White English
Nintendo DS Pokémon Black and White Super Music Collection
Zoroark pumpkin at night 
Here is a nighttime picture of the same pumpkin.
Zoroark pumpkin 
I etched this out in about two hours.
The unpackaged version of the Zoroark Pose Figure.
Pokémon Pose Figure and two more Pokémon Metal Emblems. The figure is Zoroark and the two emblems are Zorua and Zoroark.
Another Pokémon Cyclone DP dice game, Shinx figure, weird Jolteon figure, Infernape figure, stickers, gum, and keychains. The keychains are called...
Lift Glider, a Pokémon foam airplane. There are six different designs. Pictured is the Raikou and Pikachu one and one that is not opened.
Banpresto Shaymin plush
Pokémon Black and Nintendo DS
I was very bored. Yes, it's exactly what you think.
All of my video game strategy guides 
From left to right: 
New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo) 
Donkey Kong 64 (Prima) 
Super Mario Advance 4: Super...
A German Tornupto (Typhlosion) card
Eevee plush
Large Charmander plush, with Zorua for size comparison
Shaymin-esque lawn decoration
More Korean goods. Pencils on the left, Buizel eraser on the bottom right, and an Ultra Ball on the top right. The Ultra Ball contains a figure and a...
Korean stickers for Pokémon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life.
Figures, stamps, magnets, and candy.
Pokémon Cyclone DP. From the outside, it appears as a die. Inside the box is grape-flavored candy tablets, which you put into ramune (soda) and they...
Miscellaneous toys. The first one is Pokémon Items; included in the box is the red Pokédex. The items contain ramune candy. The second is Gen'ei no...

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