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My drawings
This album contains my Tradional Artwork
Astier the Coral Wyvern
The Levithan of the Frozen Apocalypse
The Amphitere of the Shining Apocalypse
The Drake of the Shaking Apocalypse from my Enchanted Arms FanFic
The Light and Darkness is strong in me
I felt random so I drew a random wolf image
one of the few background images
one of the few colored WITH background images
a tiger stripe/cheetah spot wyvern
A Diamond dragon named Hyozon
A Heartless wolf named Lupus for my KH FanFic Rise of the Revolution Organization
One of my few colored images
Yet another dragon image. Please ignore any hands or head portions as I am using a build in web cam
Spirit Lugia OC. Her name is Celestine
Soul Lion OC from a planned story
Fiery Apocalypse Dragon from a fan fiction of a game called Enchanted Arms
I started drawing the Organization as Pokemon D: 
Sorry for the bad quality, I used the web camera in my computer
I sorta messed up on the wings
An OC for a story I might write

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