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Is Rockruff version exclusive? I can't make out the furigana.
IrfanView Settings 3
IrfanView Settings 2
IrfanView Settings 1
How to optimize Leafy Lake in RollerCoaster Tycoon: 
1. Borrow all $50,000, and leave the entrance free 
2. Set (max) research to roller coasters...
An image taken from Serebii and used in Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. The image on the left is an edit of his Pokéarth map with captions thrown...
Potty Island in RollerCoaster Tycoon. Are 114 restrooms and an award for the best restroom facilities enough?
I have five queens.
I don't think this is how you play AlphaJax (a Scrabble clone).
Spring 2014 Schedule
A "Mistake" item from Paper Mario, made by cooking invalid ingredients. 
I do believe this is why I cannot be trusted with home economics.
Autumn 2013 schedule
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I swear they get weirder every time I look.
I'd like to know how I got that last one in 0 seconds but didn't receive any points.
Have you ever seen a disc this bad? 
(FYI, it's Kiss Box Set: Disc 1)
This is a decently optimized Micro Park (with an area of 18,260 sq. ft.). There are three layers of rides here, including two roller coasters. Rides...
This is how you sweep at the Trading Card Game Online. This Typhlosion's Fire Spin deals a whopping 120 damage but costs two Fire Energies per use....
ls (the thing that lists the files in a directory) crashed
An application has crashed (Kubuntu)
Time for an updated version of this: 
Bronies, furries, and Twitter?
I probably shouldn't be trusted with iPhone app development.
A blank error?
I managed to play the word "letching" for 176 points in Scrabble, crossing two TWS tiles.
I recently obtained this old Nokia 3595. It's one of the first phones to have a color screen, and among the first to support MIDI ringtones. Price:...
The exabytes have returned!

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