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U a Kakashi fan? Well this is a group for you.
2 0
We are the members who wear glasses! Yes, feel free to bow to our 4 eyed awesomeness! >:3
45 0
To find your number, go to your profile and you'll see "/member.php?u=#" This is the number in which you joined. i.e., Cat333Pokémon is "/member.php?u=1"
16 0
A group for the swellest members.
3 1
Join this group if you like to see Sunny's posts.
4 0
A club for the myriad fanatics of our resident Gabite and remixer extraordinaire, PokeRemixStudio.
30 1
Not like the other one, this one is ones only follow these requirements Likes zorark Thats all!~
5 0
Are you a fan of the crazy Lugia fanatic girl? Well whatever your just her friend or perhaps a fan, you are welcome to join the insanity here and chat amongst yourselves about random Lugia musical things! :D
15 0
red vs blue is a popilare tv series made by rooster teeh(i think) The cast Grif ,Simmons ,Donut ,Sarge ,Tucker ,Caboose , Church , an artificially intelligent tank named Sheila, Captain Butch Flowers , Tex , O'Malley , Doc ,Lopez and many others to
3 0
Join this group if you think GreenMan is the coolest dude on VR! (And cutest ;D)
16 0
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