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Default Pokedex Filling

Who here has filled their Pokedex and has gotten the charms? If so, how did you do this? This could be used for people who are trying to do so!
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I have completed my Pokédex in both X and Omega Ruby. I've also been working off and on with a Living Pokédex that I discussed some years ago with Pokémon White 2. In essence, Pokémon Bank helped a lot with both goals, as (for instance) I didn't want to bother catching the Kanto Pokémon for the tenth time when I had already caught nearly all of them in LeafGreen, and I already caught most of the Sinnoh Pokémon in Pearl.

The best thing about a Living Pokédex however, is it makes completing the Pokédex no longer a chore in all future titles. Simply transfer the entire collection to the game then back to Bank and the first six generations will be complete.

For those who don't have Bank or don't have older games, the GTS is now more helpful in that you can specify Pokémon you don't have in the Pokédex. It's still trashy with what people want, but if you only post even trades, you should get what you want. Asking for the first stage of an evolutionary line may work best.

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I completed mine in Black 1 ages ago (save for Mew and a few other events), but I just can't be bothered to do it again (I only have the end evolutions of most of them in B1 so I can't just Pokémon Bank them over, and in any case my 3DS does not like staying connected to the Internet for more than minutes at a time anymore).

Advice: breed an army of Dratini/Bagon/Larvesta/some other commodity, offer them in exchange for Surskit or whatever you need, instant success.

As for the shiny charms, I find most shiny forms hideous (green Dragonite looks decayed) so nah.

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Johto and Unova starters seem to go pretty well on the GTS too.

While I didn't do this because I was busy and occupied with other things at the time, I remember it being possible to complete your Pokédex if you were able to get your hands on a Johto starter right after Bank was briefly released in Japan. One way to do that was stick Xerneas/Yveltal on there and ask for one. If you mass-bred it, you could get all the other non-XY Pokémon on the GTS and also get the other version exclusives (plus both Xerneas and Yveltal). Once you traded up to a legendary Pokémon from past generations, you could trade around until you eventually got all of them, with Rayquaza being one of the last you'd get, excluding event Pokémon.
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