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Default A Poem Written By a Friend of Mine

Dear lady, it matters not who,
For it was you, who decided to woo.
What right do I have to ask, what right do I have to stand?
Oh lord, please just take my left hand.

A fool I have been, these past twenty years,
And yet it all has ended, just as have my fears.

Oh lady, please do not be cruel, and do not be a dove,
But please hold on, to your confession of love.
Such words are worst, than a thousand cursed, so please hold off.

Every time you love me, I end up alone, while you go away, to a new home.
So please do not say you love me, and please do not misunderstood, but with this curse, I should so knock on wood.

My Princess is in another castle, my place usurped it seems, my place in the hearts of you, emptiness it gleams.

So please do not say you love me, what use is a husband or wife with out their other,
Oh dear where is that knife?

The pain it keeps on growing, do not misunderstand, it is why I think at times, that I should remove this cursed left hand.
Without that hand, there is no ring, Marriage is but a thing.

If only things were as good, in this whole day of strife,
Then maybe I would not care, if I had a Wife,
Oh lord please take my life.

So please do not say you love me, it only makes this bad,
When you find that better someone, and leave me oh so sad.
Please do not say you love me, the end results the same,
It makes this worse, oh please be cursed be thy name.

I live not by my own will, but by other's wishes it seems,
Without one to love me too, I cannot live my own dreams.

So please do not say you love me, this is my plea,
For when you do, it makes me glad, until it is stolen from me.

So please do not say you love me, and bring up those fears,
Stay by my side, for seven months, and then please marry me.

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