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Default ASB Beginner's Guide

Welcome, one and all, to VictoryRoad's own Anime Style Battling league. Here, you can find everything you'll ever need to know about ASB.

The Basics

What is ASB...
ASB is short for Anime Style Battling. This is a roleplaying based forum game where you raise your own Pokemon and try to become ASB Master. It is different from other Pokemon games due to it having such strong roleplaying and tabletop game elements.
ASB strongly closely follows the Pokemon anime series, thus it is more detailed and creative.

How do I start?
Starting is simple. Just post in the Registration Thread, claiming your starter Pokemon.

How do I manage my money?
The Bank is your main hub for anything currency-related. You can gain money from battling, running a shop, or maintaining a job.

How do I share my trainer statistics?
Here at ASB, we require you to post your ASB stats in the Trainer Stats thread. Your stats contain everything from your Pokemon to your Money.

How do I engage in a battle?
You should first learn how to battle. Then you must accept or post a challenge.

How do I obtain Pokemon?
You start off with 4 starting Pokemon, but after that, you may purchase Pokemon from the Pokemon Adoption Center.

How do I post my suggestions, or ask a question?
The Questions and Suggestions thread is open to any and all input my members.

How do I contact the ASB Staff?
At the time, SyracuvatTenlii and Cat333Pokemon are ASB Staff. Please present all questions or concerns to them in a Visitor Message or Private Message.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which generations are implemented?
Currently, every generation from I to V is implemented. This includes all attacks, abilities, and Pokemon.

Is anything banned in ASB?
The following attacks and abilities are banned in ASB:
Abilities: Honey Gather, Pickup, Unburden, Klutz, wicked trick, Unnerve, Harvest, and Frisk
Moves: Trick, Recycle, Natural Gift, Embargo, Switcheroo, magic room, gift pass, Fling, and the Shadow moves from Pokémon XD/Pokémon Colosseum.

Are nicknames mandatory in ASB?
No, they are not. It is fully up to the user whether or not they want to nickname their Pokemon.

What special abilities or features do I take into account during a battle?
Due to ASB being such related to the Anime, anything environmentally or what the Pokemon does can have a consequence. For example, a Pokemon like Magnemite is naturally floating. Therefore, it is unable to be hurt by a move like Earthquake. Although it is floating, it does not have the ability Levitate, and can therefore be hit by a Ground type move such as Mud Shot.

Do arenas effect the battle?
Arenas are a major component in an ASB battle. They can often be a major cause on a user's victory or failure.

Are Dream World and hidden abilities permitted?
Yes. You can also change your Pokemon's ability at any time at the Ability Center. For a small fee, of course.

Am I able to use the same Pokemon in multiple battles?
Of course.

Can I combine two attacks to create a stronger move?
Yes! Of course! This is often rewarded by ASB Refs as well.

How do I become a Referee?
You must first pass the ASB Ref test and be an active part of ASB.

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How To

So you aspire to become VictoryRoad's ASB champion? Well, then, champ in the making. Someone's going to have to teach you how to battle...

ASB is different than other Pokemon battles. It may be hard to grasp at first, but this guide will be sure to get you used to it.
First off, if you're going to have a battle, you'll have to post a request in the Battle Request board, or ask a member of ASB through any other form of communication.

The Basics
Battling in the ASB League is a way to show your skills in using your trustworthy Pokemon in a battle. Below you will find the basic fundamentals of Anime Style Battling.

Health and Energy
The basic point of an ASB battle is to cause your opponent to run out of Health or Energy. At the start of each battle, each Pokemon has 100 points in both Energy and Health.

Health is removed through the basic use of damaging attacks, be them Physical or Special. It can also be removed through the more complex use of status inducing moves, or arena effects, which will be covered soon.
Energy is removed every time your Pokemon uses an attack. The way Health and Energy are decreased is calculated entirely by the Referee of your battle. The Ref will be following a calculator for ASB that uses many factors such as whether the move is STAB, changes in a Pokemon's stats, and what stage they are on, to determine how much Health and Energy a Pokemon loses.

Of course, you are able to recover Energy and Health through different ways. Health is recovered through the use of basic recovering moves such as Moonlight.
Energy is recovered by a special ASB-only move entitled Chill. A Chill takes up one turn and recovers 6 points of Energy.

Battle Format
ASb uses a special format in commanding a Pokemon to attack. Challenger A would send out his first Pokemon, using a format that contains the Pokemon's ability, species, gender, and, if applicable, Stat Changes. This form is the same used in the Registration Center.
Come on out, Cyndaquil!
Ember - Male
Ability: Blaze
Stat Changes: N/A
Challenger B will then send out his first Pokemon using the same format; he will also issue his attacks for the first round, too. Each battler is able to choose two attacks for two turns during each round. These attacks are all separated by a "~" symbol or "-" symbol.
You are able to order one regular attack per action, or be creative and order two or more attacks to create a conditional. A conditional is when two or more attacks are issued in one turn, which are separated by a "/". The conditional tells the Ref and opponent when and where to use the specific conditional.
An example of a player ordering a conditional is show below:
Alright, Haunter!
Start off with a Shadow Ball. If he uses a special attack, use Crunch, but if he uses a Physical one, use Confuse Ray.
Shadow Ball~Crunch/Confuse Ray
Challenger A will then issue his attacks in the same format as B. The Ref will then post the outcome of the round, using whichever format they find the best. The Ref will post a detailed explanation on how the round went, how much Health was lost, how much Energy was lost, and, if applicable, any arena effects.

A will then post his attacks first, and B will do the same soon after. Who attacks first is switched each round, giving each player the chance to issue their attacks first at least once.

Double Battles
Double Battles are a more complex form of battling. Each trainer has 2 Pokemon on heir team at a time, instead of the traditional 1 vs 1.
Like always, Trainer A sends out their Pokemon, then Trainer B sends out their Pokemon and moves. Instead of just directing moves, the trainer must direct their moves to a certain Pokemon.
Like follows:
Pikachu, use Thundershock on Magikarp! Then use Vine Whip on Rattatta, Bulbasaur
Thundershock@Magikarp~Vine Whip@Rattatta.
Triple Battles
Triple Battles are a lot like Double Battles as well, but they use a 3 vs 3 instead of 2 vs 2.
When you send out your 3 Pokemon, you must also state which positions they will be taking: Left, Right, or Center.

Pokemon in a certain position may have restrictions on who they can attack. For example, A Tepig in the Left position can only attack the opponent's Pokemon that are in the Center or Left position.
Pokemon in the Right can only attack those in the Center and the Left.
And Pokemon in the Center can attack any Pokemon in any position, be it Center, Left, or Right.

Rotation Battles
Rotation Battles may seem complex at first, but they are a lot like Triple Battles, with only slight differences.

Rotation battles are always in the 3 vs 3 format, much like a Triple Battle. But instead of the Pokemon staying in their positions, they will be changed once every round.

At the beginning of the battle, the challenger, being the one who issued the challenge, must state whether the rotation will be going clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Some basic things to remember are:
- You are not allowed to edit your attacks after your opponent has posted theirs. Doing so will result in disqualification.
- A round consists of two turns, each turn consisting of one move by each player.
- A Pokemon can use any attack it has access to in the video games. No Pokemon are restricted to only using four moves per battle.
- You don't need to issue an attack for every action. Be creative and use creative actions such as dodging, jumping, or climbing. ASB encourages creativity.
- If you post a Conditional, you must specify the conditions in which the move is used. Failure to do so will result in the Ref ignoring your actions.
- A special ASB-only move called Chill will allow you to regain 6 energy once a turn.
- When posting a conditional, you may only have up to FOUR attacks. i.e. Move/Move~Move/Move
- You may switch out a Pokemon as your action for that turn.

And be sure to keep in mind the arena where the battle is being held. Certain moves may not work in such arenas.
i.e. Earthquake in the ocean, as there is no earth to "quake".

At the end of each round, the Ref will post the outcome of that round, the Pokemon's remaining Health and Energy as well as their Status, and any other things of importance.

Winning a battle
A battle is won when:
All of your opponent's Pokemon have ran out of either Health or Energy.
Your opponent forfeits.
Your opponent is disqualified either due to A)breaking rules or B)failure to post their actions before the DQ time period is up.

Prize Money
If you win a battle you will receive $10, plus an additional $5 for every Pokemon you defeated.
If you lose a battle, you will receive $5, plus an additional $3 for every Pokemon you defeated.
If you participated in a Double, Triple, or Rotation Battle, you will receive an extra $2 to your prize money.
If you were disqualified during a battle, you will receive no prize money.

For every round reffed, the Referee will receive $5 at the end of the battle.
For every Double, Triple, or Rotation battle reffed, the Referee will receive an extra $3.

Once the battle has ended, post in the Bank to receive your prize money for the battle, with a link to the Ref's last post, revealing the full outcome of the battle.

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How To (Cont.)

Often times, Conditionals are what is known through ASB as, wait-and-see conditionals. An example of this is:
Use Grass Knot, but if he uses Fire Blast, use Scald!
This results in the faster Pokemon slowing down, in order to complete the wait-and-see. It doesn't matter if the Pokemon was faster, the wait-and-see conditional was ordered, which will cause the faster Pokemon to wait and see which attack the opposing Pokemon uses.

Combination Attacks

At times, it may be the best bet to combine two attacks together, resulting in confusing the opponent. This is a Combination Attack. To order a Combination Attack, you will have to describe how you want your two attacks to work together, as show below:
Blaziken, Staravia is flying up real high. I want you to use Sky Uppercut to gain some height, then turn that uppercut into Thunderpunch!
Sky Uppercut+Thunderpunch
It is up to the Ref to calculate the power of the attack, what type the move is, and if it will result in failure or not. In this case, the move is classified as an Electric type move, with only Thunderpunch's attack power, but with the effect of reaching the out of reach Staravia.
If the combination makes no sense at all, then the Ref has the right to fail the attack if needed.

Also, combined attacks take up both actions for each round, and have the combined Energy of each attack.

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