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Default Wonders of the Lost Region

This is my first offical Pokemon FanFic

It was long, long ago. Far to the South. An untouched region lay hidden from the world. This is the Aesira region. Only its native people and Pokemon live on its lands and in its seas.
There was no foreign influence in the land. Legend says that the seas themselves decide who comes to Aesira. Because of this Legend, no sailor dares voyage to the land. Even if they did, the edge of the seas were cloaked by vicious storms that would sink any ship that dare come too close.
The land is governed by an evil Mage. The Darkness lives within all, except the Pokemon. They rebelled against the Mage and his Forces by calling to power the Legends of Aesira. Though the Mage had drained away the lives of five, the others forged their powers togather and defeated the Mage. The land slowly began to return to its once proud state. People held elections to choose who would best lead their land. All schools of magic had been either destroyed in the war or torn down for safety purposes. But, the Lives of the people of Aesira would never be the same. Trainers began to pop up as the remaining Legends taught humans how raise and train pokemon. This set Aesira into the Great Pushthrough. But, even now the Curse the Mage left behind still lingers, and the River of Time has forgotten Aesira. The Legends believe that there is still a glimmer of hope for a new future and the Curse will finally pass away.
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