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Post Custom YuGiOh card REQUESTS

If anyone wants me to make a YuGiOh card for them, leave a suggestion down below. Here are the conditions:

--I don't draw the pictures, but I do give credit to those who did.
--You could make a picture or just send me a PM of it.
--If you aren't specific with the details, I will surprise you! :3
--It can be ANY card type.
--I've never tried a Pokemon card maker, but I could try.

**DO NOT tell me any personal information.**
**Can not and will not be anything offensive or explicit.**

I go by normal trading card picture standards

Every card I make for someone is saved in my album for the cards.
If you want a card taken down just ask.
Also do not send me a link in a PM.
If you want a specific picture just tell me what to search for on Google Images, just remember, I'm not stupid.

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