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Default Things you'd like to see in future Pokémon games?

Some friends and I were talking about this, thought I'd bring it here.

1. Following Pokémon. This was the best part of HG/SS. I can sort of see why these didn't return in B/W/2 because of the number of extra sprites it would have required but you're on the 3DS now, Game Freak, get with it.

2. Open world. It's a thing with Zelda now, why not with Pokémon? Ya want to deal with Team Rocket before dealing with the Gyms? Ya want to never deal with Team Rocket and just let them be someone else's problem? Ya want to take on the Gyms in any order? Ya want opponent levels to scale with yours so you don't ever have to worry about level grinding or being overleveled? Ya want HM01 Cut to never exist ever again? It's called "open world." Make it a thing.
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