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Default Pokémon TCG General

I know everyone here is more into the video game part of all of Pokémon, but for the past two years or so I've been playing the TCG competitively, and I'd like to talk about that here, and possibly help anyone that's interested in learning and/or playing too. This can also serve as a place to talk about upcoming new TCG sets and cards.

This season coming, I'm looking at running a Giratina/Xerneas BREAK deck. Xerneas BREAK has an attack that does 20 damage for each energy attached to your Pokémon, so you can utilize things like Double Colorless Energy and Double Dragon Energy. Giratina EX has a pretty good attack too. I can go into detail a bit later if anyone is actually interested.

Also, I feel that a lot of people here will like the upcoming set, XY Evolutions. It features mainly cards from the original Base Set, with reworked attacks and HP, along with a few new EX and BREAK cards. I'm hoping they bring back the galaxy holo pattern on these that they got rid of in normal sets in Black/White. They've been used in promos, but they've always looked the best in my opinion.
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I don't really have anyone to play with around where I am, and I don't have a great selection of cards on the TCG Online. Every time I do get a chance to play against someone, another few sets have been rotated out and I have to look through my newer stuff.

I'm a collector at heart, though, so most of my good cards wind up in sleeves and stuffed away in boxes. I buy some packs here and there, but I do wish they were cheaper.

Here's how I store my collection right now, which consists of all the unique cards across all sets. Every card in each set is in order, too. My duplicates, energies, damage counters, coins, dice, and other goodies are stored in those collector's tins.
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A good intro the the card game in its current form is the Keldeo/Latios battle decks that just came out. The titular Pokémon are only usable in the Expanded format right now, which is Black/White base set and onward, but it's a common format. It gets you used to EX Pokemon, alone with essential trainers. They're still a bit off from meta decks, but these are variations on previously popular decks, and gets you used to combinations and synergies between cards. It's only $30, and if you're interested in the game, it comes with VS Seekers, which are a staple in every deck. Each deck comes with one, and the market price on them is about $10 apiece right now. It's possible this deck might actually drive the price down on them, but it's doubtful.

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I played it on the virtual console game but I cant afford to buy the cards, I have a few favorite pokemon I got from a friend.
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