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Default Pokemon: Experimentation

Ghetsis sat in a small, poorly lit room. He fiddled around with some papers on the table. His mind was focused on his lifelong goal: Pokémon Liberation. He knew that he needed someone with a similar mind. Someone who had great ambitions, someone like the leader of the disbanded Team Galactic.
“I need to know the last known location of Cyrus,” he said “and the whereabouts of the best genetic scientist out there.”
He sighed discouragingly at his work. One of the Shadow Triad came into the room. In his hands was a file taped shut. The Shadow placed it on the table and vanished. Ghetsis grinned devilishly and rasped the tape like a bird.
“So, he’s still in Sinnoh. Interesting, I might need to find send my invitation,” he snickered
Ghetsis exited his little room and ordered that there be a full scale search for Team Galactic in Sinnoh. Ghetsis himself went into the castle’s Library to do a little more research. His senses told him that his books and encyclopedias have what he needs to push forward for his dream.
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Chapter I: In the Forest
A sleek and graceful Serperior was slipping his way through the forest. He seemed to be determined to find something. An object or a person? The Serperior looked lost. Suddenly, loud crashing noises echoed. Flames rushed through the trees. His mouth gaped for a moment before he chose to flee. Looking behind him, a bulky, bipedal figure was slowly working its way towards him. His heart raced like a stampede of Rapidash across a flat plain.
Flames surged from between the trees. The Serperior frantically dodged the pillar of hot flames. The trees around him were scorched. His mind flooded with thoughts of pain, injury and maybe worse. The figure drew closer to him. There was a small glistening flame on the figure’s tail. He could see light being reflected off bright orange scales. A pair of gleaming blue eyes pierced him. The figure was a Pokemon and it was a Charizard.
The mighty dragon unleashed a vicious roar and breathed a heavy stream of flames at the Serperior. The Serperior cried defiantly and slithered quickly up the nearest tree. The flames below him rushed like a river. The heat was almost unbearable. His stomach twisted with the intensity. The Charizard was furious with him. Grappling the tree, it began to shake it vigorously. The Serperior was bounced back and forth between the branches.
He was then launched into another tree, hitting the trunk at a decent speed. He flopped onto one of the branches. The Serperior was still conscious, but very dazed. He felt this tree shake as well. Looking down, the Charizard was slamming the tree like an angry Tauros, trying to shake him out of it. The tree began to split violently. His blood began to race like the wind. He felt no hope now. The Charizard had him cornered, outgunned and overpowered. He mumbled something in Pokemon before the tree fell.
A flash flood of water swept through the woods. The Charizard quickly took to the air and flew high, trying to avoid the flood waters. The Serperior was taken away from the area by the water. Looking up, the Serperior saw a familiar Pokemon. It was a Samurott, better, it was WaveBreak, his friend and close training partner. The Samurott quickly lifted him from the waters onto her back.
“Excalibur,” she said sternly “what did Mistress Blair say about going off on one’s own?”
“Never go alone, always bring a partner,” he said dimly.
“Exactly” she said.
Excalibur gave her a sharp glare with his amber eyes. The Samurott was unfazed by it. She leaped from the waves onto a large boulder. Excalibur slid off her back and plopped onto the rock. He was drenched from head to tail in leafy forest muck. He tried to shake the rubbish off, but it stuck to his scales like glue.
“You might need to be scrubbed when we get back,” WaveBreak snickered.
He gave her another sharp glare. WaveBreak calmed waters below and made it safe to walk, or slither in Excalibur’s case. Both leaped down from the trees. The Charizard flew away when it realized it could not beat the Serperior and his friend. With that beast gone, Excalibur could finally relax.
“Why exactly was that monster after you?” WaveBreak asked.
“I truthfully have no idea why it was attacking me,” he said, “I was just trying to find something and it just starting coming at me with hateful intent.”
“Unprovoked attacks are such rude ways of greeting people,” she sneered.
Excalibur agreed with WaveBreak very much, an unexpected attack was never really a good way to start an event. They decided to trek deeper into the forest to find the way out. The sounds of the forest were eerie and echoed as though they were actually speaking to them. The forest floor was speckled with splashes of sunlight. The sunlight began to fade as the treetops grew thicker with every few feet. Excalibur and WaveBreak felt very unsettled with this change in the mood. The eeries noises began to sound even more like actually speech, which made them cringe when they heard a variety of voices speaking at once.
“This forest is giving me a bad feeling,” WaveBreak said
“I know how you feel,” Excalibur quivered.
Suddenly, flickering shadows danced in the trees. It sounded as if they were laughing while hopping among the branches. Their quick, jerky movements made them seem like it was not some ordinary Pokemon. They acted like a completely different creature. It seemed like they were more sleek and slim, sort of humanoid in body shape, but still animal like. Its swift movements were blurred in their vision.
“The natives don’t seem to like confrontation,” WaveBreak breathed.
“Agreed,” Excalibur’s voice quivered again.
Quick, whip like motions snapped at them. Long, furry whips shot from the trees around them. Excalibur yelped when a whip struck his back. WaveBreak growled and deflected several attacks. She whipped her head about, launching blades of water into the trees. A shadow was slashed at the legs and fell far from the trees.
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Chapter II: Meinshao of Team Plasma
WaveBreak’s mouth gaped widely when she realized that the Pokémon they were quarreling with were Mienshao. She howled fiercely as a wave surged into the trees canopies. A group of Mienshao were dropped from the branches onto the forest floor. They landed squarely with a loud chorus of yips. Excalibur made a futile attempt at holding back a burst of laughter.
“Stop yer laughing, snake!” one snapped.
“Make me, ermine!” Excalibur snickered.
The insulted Meinshao growled angrily at him. Excalibur continued with his witty ermine insults. The Meinshao stood, she sounded a vicious snarl at him and began to charge an Aura Sphere. WaveBreak slowly walked to the Mienshao.
“What’s your business in Team Plasma’s territory?” the Mienshao questioned.
“Well, I truthfully have no idea. I woke up and found myself here,” Excalibur said honestly.
“I came here searching for this sneaky serpent,” WaveBreak said mildly.
The Mienshao inspected them throughly. She made her Aura Sphere vanish and waved her paw to tell the others to gather around her. They communicated through whispers, small squeaks and yips. The Lead Mienshao looked over to them.
“Well, your explanations seem legitimate. The exit is to the west of this area,” she said.
The muscles all over Excalibur’s body began to relax knowing that the Mienshao weren’t going to whip him into snake sushi. WaveBreak was unfazed as usual, but she simply shrugged and grabbed his tail. She needed to get a move on and get out of the forest. She dragged him, despite his angry protests, towards the western part of the forest. The Mienshao quietly followed them through the trees, making sure that they made it out without damaging anything. Excalibur began complaining about he kept running into rocks, over holes and more rocks. WaveBreak tossed him into a tree then dragged him again.

The Mienshao quietly snickered in the trees. Excalibur was tempted to slice down the trees with his Leaf Blade, but then again, they’d beat him to a bloody pulp and WaveBreak had his tail at the moment. He still wondered how he managed to put up with his abusive training partner. WaveBreak wriggled through some thorns and Excalibur ended up with thorns all over him. As he was forcefully being dragged, he slammed into a tree, a boulder and some other objects.
“WaveBreak! Watch where you are going!” he snapped.
“Why should I?” she smiled.
“Because being dragged across a forest is not the way I intended on getting out of here.”
“Deal with it.”
Excalibur puffed up at the Samurott’s arrogant behavior. Again, how did he always end up getting stuck with her?! He would’ve bitten her for dragging him through the thorns, but then she would’ve whacked him with her head sword. He puffed up in anger and just tossed evil glares at her. The Mienshao ,on the other hand, were long behind them. They were laughing until their fur fell out.
Excalibur dreaded the next few hours of rocks to his head. He felt like WaveBreak’s attitude needs a good fixing, and it does. WaveBreak managed to avoid the thorns and even more rocks. They were now on a cleared pathway. A small twinkle of sunlight peeked just down the road.
“Finally, we’re almost out of here,” WaveBreak said.
As she and the worn out Excalibur marched out of the forest, a hefty boar like pokemon was leaning against a large tree. WaveBreak didn’t look very happy at the sight. He looked at her, then to Excalibur.
“What did you do this time?” he sighed.
“Escape a pack of Team Plasma’s Pokemon, Ignitus” she said plainly
“Why is Excalibur bruised and covered in thorns?”
“I dragged him.”
“Give me the snake.”
WaveBreak reluctantly put Excalibur’s tail into Ignitus’ beefy, open palm. The boar tossed Excalibur over his shoulder. Excalibur felt relieved that he was not on the ground again. WaveBreak gave short snort when Ignitus gave her a sharp glare.
“You should really respect him more. After all, he was Madam Blair’s first,” Ignitus said.
“Psh, you need to lighten up a little, Ig,” she said.
“Don’t call me that.”
The trio worked their way from the outskirts of Nimbasa City on Route 5 to Route 16 and Lostlorn Forest. Excalibur looked around as he slowly recovered from his rough journey with WaveBreak.
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