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Default The Dragon's Bane

The little girl stared into the massive beast's amber eyes.

"I am not afraid of you!" she shouted, the dragon's emotionless face betraying no reaction to her courage.

"You should be, little one," the dragon said. "Your family is no more. They dared to stand against me, the dragon, king of all beasts, and now they have paid the price. They met their end without honor nor dignity. The same fate awaits you, little one." The dragon's eyes laughed at her, the power in them chilling her very soul to silence.

The girl said nothing at first. She cocked her head, as if listening to some far-off sound. The dragon's eyes darted around the clearing, watching for some unforeseen threat.

"I am not afraid of you," she repeated softly, the calmness of her tone making the dragon feel something he never had before: worry. "I'm not afraid because I know what you are afraid of."

The dragon's haughty laugh drowned out his growing anxiety. "And what is that, child? I am the king of all beasts; the lord of the earth. What have I to fear?"

The girl did not flinch as the dragon continued his mocking laughter.

"I know the dragon's bane," she said simply, and the dragon quieted.

"The dragons have no bane," the beast before her growled. "Our one enemy disappeared at the dawn of time."

"That is what you were led to believe. I know otherwise." The girl's head suddenly snapped upwards, her eyes gazing upon the forest's canopy. "Behold, the bane of the dragons, and the divine powers of nature! Behold, the returning lights! Behold the fairies!"

At her words, the dragon shrunk back in fear. Swarms of small, winged beings flew from the edges of the forest, flitting around the dragon's powerful body, and dodging his fiery breath. They slowly began to coat his scales, muttering spells invested with ancient powers. The dragon took his last breath, and his mighty head came crashing down on the forest floor.

"The fairies have returned."

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Did you draw this? Did you write this? I like it.
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I didn't draw it, I'm afraid I'm a lousy artist. I found it while searching for a profile pic, and it inspired me to write of the little girl summoning fairies to fight the dragon, an analogy to the Dragon-type's dominion over pokémon until the release of Fairy-types. I did write it in a burst of inspiration.

Thank you!
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