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Default Shadowland.

People have been living on peaceful Earth for a very long time, until that day came. The sky rained meteors without showing up on charts, they came so fast that people the people of Afton, Minnesota couldn't react to what was going on. Some people stayed in their places while most people tried to find shelter and survive. Everyone was doomed and they all knew that they couldn't survive. When you wake up, 3 years have passed by since the great wave of meteors hit earth. The land is barren, mostly flat, and in ruins. You are one of few around America (or what used to be America) that somehow survived. And now we call what we live one the Shadowland. But here is the thing... ...some werent meteors, some were space ships from a far away planet called "Soobacoblis". They are 7" human-like creatures that barely speak english, they are called the Weebs. Will you be caught be the Weebs? Will you survive alone, or will you find others? If they do catch you they will experiment on you and you will never be the same human.

The only rule that isnt standard is you may only have 2 characters.

Fill it out.:

-name: Ryan ---
-age: 19
-gender: M
This isn't my photo. But this is my appearence.    

[source:] Sodahead

-bio: Ryan is a quite guy, but likes be with people. He woke up with a small knife in his pocket. He can't remember if he has family, or why there was a key around his neck. He lived in Afton, Minnesota, but is that where he was now? He cant remember...

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