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Default The Gates (Sign-ups)

At the beginning of our world, there were five beasts, the Vermillion Bird, who protected the South part of our world, the Azure Dragon, who protected the East, the White Tiger, who protected the West, the Black Tortoise, who protected the North, and the Golden Dragon, who was master of the center of our world.

One day, the four directional beasts, the Bird, Azure Dragon, Tortoise and Tiger gathered armies of humans who lived in their areas, and went to take over the other beasts' areas. The Golden Dragon then rose up from the center, and defeated and sealed the beasts away, at the cost of its life, sealing itself as well.

Each beast was sealed inside a gate, Xuanwumen Gate, which hasn't been named by modern man, located in the North Pole, housed the Black Tortoise of the North, Kitora Gate, which is believed to be Stonehenge, is located in England, and houses the Golden Dragon, Kazemiyu Gate, which remains unnamed to those living near it, located in South Africa, houses the Vermillion Bird of the South, Shinshi Gate, located in Korea, houses the Azure Dragon of the East, Rengui Gate, also known as Iceflow Gate, is located in America, and houses the White Tiger of the West.

Slowly, the gates were forgotten, and the legend of the beasts was only remembered in areas around China..

..Until now.

The year's 2010, and the four beasts sealed by the Golden Dragon are about to burst out of the gates, and fight for the world again. Five children have been born with birthmarks of each animal. The child with the mark of the animal corresponding to the gate must be present at the gate to unlock it..

..A evil company, known as the Rising Sun corperation, wants to capture the five children, and use them to free the beasts.. Well, the four of the four directional beasts, anyway. They want to kill the one bearing the mark of the Golden Dragon.

So. Are you one of the Five, or are you one of the henchmen of Rising Sun? Or are you just a random person along for the ride?

Sign-up Sheet    

Side: (Neutral, the Five, or Rising Sun?)
Mark/Rank: (Obviously the Mark you have if you're one of the Five, or the rank you hold in Rising Sun.)
Personality: (Optional. Could be revealed during the RP.)
History: (Optional. See above.)

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Name: Vienna Nightingale
Age: 17
Side: the Five
Mark/Rank: The White Tiger of the West
Gender: Female
Appearence: She is 5' 8" wears plain white short sleeves with a black leather vest and flare bottom jeans. She has surfer blonde hair, ocean blue eyes and wears rimless glasses.
Personality: She's a loner with very few friends. She is very cautious of new people and is only comfortable when alone or with her friends. Vienna has a habit of not talking when put in the spotlight.
History: She was born somewhere in Virginia, noting knowing she was one of the Five. She led a normal life until her parents vanished one day without a trace. She ran away when she found out that an evil organization had actually killed them. She is currently somewhere in the wilderness of northern Virginia.
Other: She knows how to hunt, fish, and other skills needed for survival.
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Name: Luke Adams
Age: 17
Side: The Five
Mark/Rank: Golden Dragon of the Center
Gender: Male
Appearence: 5"9, with messy brown hair and brown eyes. Usually wears an outfit resembling the RED Scout's, except without the earpiece and hat, and with a gold shirt.
Personality: Revealed later.
History: See above.
Other: N/A
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