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Default Newly Edited Tournament Start-Up Guide


As you may or may not know, we here at Victory Road like to try to host monthly tournaments where our members can compete online with each other. If you would like to host your own tournament, PLEASE read the following first:

1. YOU MUST BE WILLING TO DEVOTE TIME TO THIS. Running a tournament does take time. You must be willing to spend time working on arranging the tournament, setting it up, and making sure it runs smoothly. You must also be punctual and willing to have things up in time. If you would like you can have a partner work on the tournament with you (you obviously have to find someone willing to help). This would actually be ideal since all the work isn't being relied on just one person and two minds (usually) are better then one.

2. YOU MUST HAVE PATIENCE AND WILLING TO WORK WITH OTHERS.. As you set up your tournament, people will be making suggestions on how it should run. Don't just toss them aside, you must be willing to be flexible. In addition you must be willing to help others. It's no surprise that the internet is full of noobs who can't take time to bother reading a few posts where their question has already been answered. You are going to be attacked with endless questions from people who can't seem to use the internet. You must be able to keep your cool, we don't want to drive people away. Just help them, they are interested in playing so take the few seconds to help them (because they can't obviously help themselves).

3. CHOOSE A GOOD GAME. Since we are a Pokémon-based board we would prefer Wi-Fi games available on the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. However, it isn't just limited to those games. Provided the game is popular amongst the forum and many would be willing to play it, it is fair game. We've had Pokémon, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Mario Kart Wii in the past, but you can ask for another game. Try and make it mainstream enough that you will get a good turnout. We're not all hipsters here.
Addendum: Variants on normal games are allowed, such as a certain type of team on a Pokémon game, or a tag team Brawl. Don't make it too outrageous, or I will ask you to change it.

4. PLEASE PRIVATE MESSAGE ME BEFORE YOU BEGIN. We don't want a bunch of threads clogging up the Tournament board of people who want to host a tournament. If you would like to host one please shoot me a PM saying you want to host a tournament (and if someone will be working with you be sure to mention them as well) and that you would be willing to work on it. Also try to give him some ideas that you have in mind for your tournament. When I tell you that you can, you may post a DISCUSSION THREAD WITH RULES FOR YOUR TOURNAMENT. This will normally happen the week before the month of the tournament.


Once your tournament has been approved by me and your tournament month arrives, please do the following:

1. Open a new topic here on the Tournament board titled "*Month* *game title here* Tournament - Discussion". Use this discussion to start gathering ideas on what you want for the tournament rules. Be sure to state things like the types of matches/battles, what is/isn't allowed, no hacking, etc. It is also good to remind people that it is not a sign up thread. There is always at least one person that tries to sign up during discussion. Reminding them in the opening post may help in the long run. Other members will comment on any additional rules/changes to the rules. Please look them over and make any adjustments. If you see that people seem to be split on any rules then proceed to step 1a. If it seems everyone is on the same page with the rules then move onto step 2.

1a. If people are split on rules then you need to open a poll. On the tournament board create a new topic titled "*Month* *game name* Tournament - Rule Poll(s)". In here state the rules that people are split on and the choices that are available. I recommend doing this the week after you have started the previous discussion you did in step 1.

2. Please have the type of tournament timetable plan chosen. There are three ways to do this.
A) Plan it for the last Saturday of your month.
B) Plan it to span the four weekends of the month.
C) Plan it to span the entire month.
Consider all of these options carefully before choosing. On the last Saturday of the month, people are out of school/work so they will be able to actually play. Also have a time set for when the tournament starts. We have been starting them at 12:00 PM Pacific Time as that gives us time to make any last minute changes and get everything ready to go. (Besides, who wants to wake up early on a Saturday anyway?). Please try to get online at least two hours before the tournament starts.
If you're planning on spanning it for the weekends, try to make the discussion brief. 3-5 days would be your target, allowing at least two days for sign ups (explained in 3.). We do not know if incoming traffic will flood up VRIM yet, so this is also a viable option. We have tried spanning the month before, and it did not go so well, so if you are going to span it, span it during the weekends.

3. With all the rules set to go, start a new topic (again here under the Tournament board) titled "*Month* *game name* Tournament - Sign ups!". In here please restate all the final rules, and any other important information (such as when sign-ups close, when tournament will take place, etc). I also advice you put something like "Even if you aren't sure you will be in the tournament, sign up anyway so we have a place for you". It's easier just to drop someone from the bracket then having to find room to add them later. People will then reply stating they are in the tournament. In addition, feel free to inform me that you are starting sign-ups so that I can contact Cat to put up an advertisement on YouTube. For an example here is the one used for the Mario Kart Wii tournament.

4. Stop allowing sign-ups and lock the sign-up thread after the designated time given.. (if you don't have this power just PM a global moderator or higher and we will take care of it). Now with your list of participants, start working on your tournament brackets. Please try to have them done ASAP.

5. If the tournament will be taking place on a Saturday, the Wednesday/Thursday before please remind me to remind Cat (or remind him yourself if you see it) to set up another YouTube ad video to remind anyone who isn't a regular forum member. This step isn't required, and Cat said he doesn't really upload videos for tourneys much anymore, but you can still ask him.

6. If you have a Saturday tournament, the day of the tournament, please be online at least two hours before it starts. Start up a new topic on the Tournament board titled "*Month* *game name* TOURNAMENT TODAY - EVERYBODY PLEASE READ" (Yes, use all caps to get attention, this will be your most important topic on tournament day). Use this topic to re-state rules, what opponents should do when they see who they are battling with, etc. In here also upload the tournament brackets you have created. From here you can do one of two things. When people win the round they can post in that thread, or you can have them do so in another thread. I would recommend setting up another thread for the results (that way they are all in one place and you still have your bracket thread open for any last minute questions). Remember that if your results are in another thread be sure to link to them.
For an example here is the one used for the Mario Kart Wii tournament .

7. As people start posting the results of their individual battles, make sure you are updating the brackets. I recommend updating the brackets as results start coming in and only uploading them once an entire round is complete.

8. Once the tournament is over be sure you announce who the winners were. Please let me know who the top four winners were (in order) so that we may give them their prizes. Consult me for what you want your prizes to be, and I'll see what I can do.

Also, please use good grammar. If you don't in your opening posts, the tournaments really don't look professional. It shouldn't be my job, or the other moderators', to fix many grammatical mistakes because you're too lazy to type it out. If this is exhibited, you may be blacklisted from hosting a tournament, unless you prove to me that you can actually type a post grammatically correct.

At this point your tournament is now over. Good luck!

If you have any questions about this process, please PM me about it, and I'll try to resolve it.

(Original Draft credited to Yoshi648 )

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