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Smile The Ataka Region: Chronicles of Heroism

What is this roleplay about?
This roleplay is based on an imaginary region that I designed called the 'Ataka' region. A moderately isolated small continent that only recently began connections with other regions through a ferry system. Though isolated, it was never undiscovered, even in older times some people were lucky enough to stumble upon this land, discovering the secret it held of Aura. People themselves were gifted with the abilities of Aura through the ritualistic training passed through culture, not to mention the sacred gem atop Mountain Tatakai. Back to the present, since connections were being established, to combat the idea of a potential loss of culture, only trainers who have bested one league and two areas of the Battle Frontier fully were allowed to take upon themselves the journey to become an Aura Trainer. This roleplay occurs during a key time in the Ataka region's history. Whether or not your character will be a part of it is up to you.

What are Aura Trainers?
Aura Trainers are trainers that have been gifted upon them trust and earned themselves the strength to be empowered with Aura relating to their inner selves. Aura Trainers have a much stronger connection with their pokemon on the field, as they use their Aura to link to them and empower them with different means. Until Aura Trainers fully go through the Journey of Aura though, they will have minimal control over their Aura, some may even find their Aura change in flow and color as they learn on their journey.

Can you give some examples of Aura?
Well sure! Aura forms differently from a person, we have Emanating Aura, which is a type of Aura Flow, Flow really just matches how a person behaves, Emanating Aura represents a person who makes their own step in the world. But you can be creative about how your aura flows.
What matters is Aura Color, Color indicates what your aura's intent is and what it does. Green will give pokemon the extra will to endure what comes at them. Pink will give pokemon the knowledge that their bonds to you are strong, and push them for longer periods in the battle. Most trainers have two stages of Aura: A passive stage, where they emanate it through being used to Aura, and an aggressive stage, where they emanate it through more distressed or provoked times.

What pokemon may we have for this roleplay?
You may have any pokemon from any region except for Legendaries, though some lesser legendaries are allowed (Trios, etc.) but you must give a good backstory as to how your trainer came across these. Since this story occurs after a league victory and some Battle Frontier time, your pokemon will not be limited in movesets. Be aware that this will be using anime logic in a sense!

How will battles take place?
As stated before, anime logic will be utilized, this helps emphasize creativity and also even more entertaining to read stories. Battles will occur in a turn-based fashion, so the opposing party may not move again until their target moves. Please avoid unfair actions, losing isn't fun all the time, but be aware of situations that are too powerful at the time! Continuous unfair actions may result in a character being dropped from the roleplay.

This is great! What do we need to sign up?
Sign-Ups are closed for the time being, try again later in the story!
Character Name:
Character Age:
Physical Description (Picture link optional):
Pokemon Team(Names and movesets please, movesets will be monitored and edited only upon storyline request):
Aura Type:
I will be using my character as an example for the above character input.

Character Description    
Character Name: Rurok Mainyu
Character Age: 18
Physical Description (Picture link optional): Brown, spiky hair, glasses, a pokedex, and an endless amount of notes by his side, Rurok was portrayed as your average nerd, but his adventure has given him an adamant will, and despite number crunching the odds, he believes that life gives more than what math allows. (Height: 5' 7" Weight: 140)

Team Description    
Pokemon Team(Names and movesets please, movesets will be monitored and edited only upon storyline request):
Typhlosion (Male) / Kerdex
-Heat Wave
-Focus Blast
-Solar Beam
Cincinno (Female) / Phoibe
-After You
-Bullet Seed
-Tail Slap
-Rock Blast
Leafeon (Male) / Hyacinthus
-Leaf Blade
-Aerial Ace
-Swords Dance
Persian (Male) / Hermes
-Fake Out
-Power Gem
Manectric (Female) / Peruna
-Flame Burst
-Magnet Rise
Igglybuff (Female)

Aura Description    
Aura Type:
Passive: Green Fog - Fog Aura fades downwards instead of upwards, with Green Fog, Rurok attempts to give his pokemon the push to endure blows.
Aggressive: Orange Steam - As Rurok gets into the battle, you can actually see a transition of change from flowing aura downwards to flowing aura upwards, this means it has become Steam Aura; Steam Aura fades upwards instead of downwards, with Orange Steam, Rurok's heart goes into pressing his pokemon to deal the hardest hits.

Character Backstory    
Backstory: Rurok Mainyu started his adventure from Johto, and spread to the other five regions of Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and partially Unova. Only ever winning in the region of Johto however, he continued training, studying, and learning from close friends before parting ways of how to believe in pokemon more than numbers. Soon he tackled the Battle Frontier, only winning the Battle Factory and Battle Tower. A consistent habit of his is that he leaves all his pokemon back home, separate from a storage facility, but still linked to the PC system (Rurok is known for his technologic tendencies), to let them roam and do as they desire. Each pokemon he has tells their own story, but that would be for another time. For this time, he boards the Johto ferry to the Ataka region, as he wishes to learn more of life's secret numbers.
Johto Backstory: Rurok teamed up with two other trainers who had come in from Kanto, learning from them he sought to understand the mathematically best way to battle. However, by the fourth gym he had learned something quick, it's about spirit, not numbers, that brings in the victory. From that point on, even towards the Elite Four, Rurok followed that mentality.
Kanto Backstory: His friends urged him to try the Kanto region to see if he could win there, too. Through this storyline, Rurok encountered an unusual person who followed him and his friends throughout their journey here, in the end when Rurok & Co. were in danger, this mysterious stranger came in to save the day, her identity revealed as a pokemorph from an illicit Team Rocket experiment. Rurok swore to take down any injustice he saw in her name from that day forward.
Hoenn Backstory: Adventuring alone, Rurok was curious about the lands of Hoenn, there he learned about how teamwork was key to overcoming the impossible, and trained his pokemon to work together rather than to become the best of their own.
Sinnoh Backstory: Soon, Rurok was reunited with the mysterious pokemorph girl, she mentioned something about a new plot she had discovered and chased down into this region. Together they pushed back an effort from Team Galactic as they attempted to assault a ship bringing in spare parts to the Hoenn Launch Site.
Unova Backstory: Rurok's Unova adventure was not as long as he had hoped, as he had gotten a mysterious call, it was an old, familiar, and hated voice that informed him of the pokemorph girl's demise. He quickly u-turned to Johto to stop the plot and foil the dastard. On his way back though, a strange, yet familiar psychic handed him an egg, saying that it would be a sad turn for him to go off without it. Confused, Rurok accepted it anyway and sped off.
(Totally cutting down a roleplay that lasted several years into several sentences.)

What are the rules for roleplaying certain events such as battles?
When it comes to battles, the common rule is one action per turn with the exception of counters. Your pokemon can rush and do an approaching attack, endure or dodge a move and prepare a counter, or fire a projectile move. There are several other things you can do in battles, but it will be all about how you approach that. Just be sure to be fair to your opponent, if you're roleplaying a Donphan fighting, unless there's some special training or thing going on, it's most likely not going to be able to jump super high and commit to several aerial acrobatics.
The counter exception rule goes as such: the action of dodging or enduring a move happens, then the counter kicks in. Counters usually are hard to avoid if they're endure counters, but at the cost of the enduring pokemon with some unspoken stamina. Dodge counters help continue the chain of battle, but usually do not have any tactical advantage.

Late Start Character List
Idno's Character
Description and Backstory    

Character Name: Louis Eastman
Character Age: 16
Physical Description (Picture link optional): Somewhat short and skinny, with curly, peach-colored hair and average skin tone. He wears expensive running shoes and is a very fast runner. His usual clothing is a Golf Shirt with cargo pants, a shoulder bag, and he always has a camera on a strap around his neck.
Backstory: He is the son of a great photographer and prodigy of his father's business, called "Eastman Enterprises." Since he was ten years old, he traveled the world to get pictures for EE, and did not disappoint his superiors, or his father. He travels to the Ataka region to photograph the affects of Aura on various pokemon.
Personality: He is very hasty and has quick reflexes. He's almost always smiling and talking, but when a photo op arises, he gets into position and stands perfectly still. He tends to spend more money than he should, and he has to call his dad for extra cash at times.

Pokemon Team    

Ampharos (Photo)
Nature: Quirky
Jender: Male
Backstory: Louis got an assignment to take pictures of Dunsparce in Dark Cave. However, he found himself troubled because there wasn't enough light to find any Dunsparce, let alone shoot them. So, he caught a Mareep in the wild South of Violet City and named it 'Photo.' The two have been inseparable ever since.
Fire Punch
Signal Beam

Froslass (No Nickname)
Nature: Lax
Gender: Female
Backstory: On his travels to Snowpoint City, Louis needed to take pictures of the emotions of Glalie. He found a Glalie living in an Icy cave, but he couldn't find a happy emotion. So, Louis caught a snorunt and evolved it via dawn stone. He made the Glalie happy, but ended up also making it furious when he left. He never went to Snowpoint again.
Icy Wind
Confuse Ray
Ominous Wind

Wailmer (No Nickname)
Nature: Jolly
Gender: Male
Backstory: Louis got an assignment to take pictures of breaching Wailmer at Mossdeep city. This Wailmer liked being captured on film that it followed Louis wherever he went. Louis eventually caught him, and the Wailmer happily obliged.
Heavy Smash
Water Spout

Meganium (Sunny)
Gender: Female
Nature: Bashful
Backstory: Sunny was Louis' first pokemon given to him by Prof. Elm. She doesn't go into battle much, but likes to tend to her friends' wounds. If she gets angry, you can expect a Solarbeam in your face.
Sunny Day

Hariyama (Honda)
Gender: Male
Nature: Adamant
Backstory: Honda was strictly trained by Louis' superiors to block the sun and create shade. He was given to Louis as a reward for his prodigy status. As a Hariyama, Honda has extreme strength and can move the earth itself.
Brick Break
Rock Slide
Rock Tomb

Magmar (No Nickname)
Gender: Male
Nature: Relaxed
Backstory: Louis caught magmar to deal with all the magnemite in the Fuego Ironworks that were messing with his camera equipment. After Magmar was done, Louis could finally get habitat pictures of the Ironworks for EE.
Fire Punch
Faint Attack


Passive: Ivy Chartreuse: Louis cannot control his Aura, but when he gets scared, nervous, or desperate, this Aura kicks in. His own body gets very shaky and fidgety, and his Pokemon's evasiveness and speed increase twofold. His pokemon's first priority during this Aura is evading enemy attacks, with an occasional projectile attack. The effect lasts until Louis regains his confidence.

Aggressive: Cinnamon Rush: When Louis gets excited or angry, his body movements become fluid and very coordinated, like a dancer. His eyes brighten up, and he and his pokemon become extremely agile and dexterous. This doubles his pokemon's accuracy and power. The increased agility also lets the pokemon attack twice as fast. The effect stops when Louis calms down, but augments when his excitement and anger mix.

Alakazamaster's character


Character: Pisclin Anania
Age: 19
Hair: Medium-length brown
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Pale
Weight: 140 lbs
Height: 6'

I don't think shoe size should matter at all, honestly.

Pokemon Team    

Tentacruel - Male
Obtained: Sunyshore City Market
Nature: Sassy
Characteristic: Alert to sounds
Tentacruel has been with Pisclin since he bought him as a Tentacool at Sunyshore's vast market as a child, and has been with Pisclin ever since. The two make a great team, and have a closer bond than Pisclin has with any other of his Pokemon. Tentacruel has always been quick to get Pisclin in action or voice his opinion with the jab of one of his tentacles, but also proves to be invaluable during battles.
~Poison Jab
~Hydro Pump
~Ice Beam
~Sludge Bomb

Jellicent - Female
Obtained: Captured in Unova during adventures
Nature: Calm
Characteristic: Capable of taking hits
Jellicent is the only Pokemon caught by Pisclin during his adventures in Unova. After being impressed by its ability as a Frillish, Pisclin decided to add her to his party. She and Tentacruel made a fantastic duo fighting, and as such Pisclin did not consider catching any more Pokemon during his travels in Unova. Jellicent is caring, loving, and very well-behaved as a Pokemon. She is still quite capable of battling, though.
~Shadow Ball
~Confuse Ray

Alakazam - Male
Obtained: Captured during adventures in Kanto
Nature: Serious
Characteristic: Often lost in thought
Alakazam is arguably Pisclin's most powerful Pokemon. Pisclin met him as an Abra, but was surprised that as an Abra he did not Teleport away at the sight of Pisclin approaching. Alakazam has proven to be Pisclin's most serious battler, and the most focused during Pisclin's period of serious training in Snowpoint City. Having been the only Pokemon that Pisclin caught in Kanto, Alakazam received a large amount of attention from Pisclin which helped its abilities as a battler. Alakazam has been able to push itself extremely hard under strenuous conditions.
~Focus Blast
~Signal Beam
~Calm Mind

Togekiss - Female
Obtained: Trophy Garden
Nature: Rash
Characteristic: Hates to lose
Togekiss remains Pisclin's most flashy Pokemon, and is not afraid to show off during battles. Pisclin caught Togepi when he made a detour to the Trophy Garden of Sinnoh, and found it among a large group of other Togepi. Togekiss was trained especially hard as a Togepi so that it could reach the power levels of its fellow Pokemon, and has since grown quite well. Togekiss is a positive Pokemon that battles and celebrates hard. Quite different than Alakazam serious focus during battles, Togekiss goes all out battling intent on winning at all costs: no matter how rashly it may act.

~Air Slash
~Fire Blast
~Shadow Ball
~Grass Knot

Jynx - Female
Obtained: Snowpoint Temple
Nature: Timid
Characteristic: Quick to flee
Jynx was obtained as a Smoochum when Pisclin snuck into Snowpoint Temple, keen on adding her to his party. Jynx is Pisclin's more skittish Pokemon, and lacks the focus of Tentacruel and Alakazam. She often requires encouragement from Pisclin to battle, but once she gets into battles she is a force to be reckoned with. Jynx fights strategically, using stranger strategies compared to more direct battlers such as Pisclin's Togekiss.
~Lovely Kiss
~Dream Eater

Froslass - Female
Obtained: Outside of Snowpoint City
Nature: Naughty
Characteristic: Mischievous
Froslass was the final Pokemon that Pisclin caught, and is his most deceptive. Froslass uses more sinister techniques in battles, often taking advantage of its more innocent-looking appearance. She was caught right outside of Snowpoint City as a Snorunt and evolved right after being caught thanks to a Dawn Stone Pisclin owned. Froslass is always able to take down at least one foe in battle, thanks to how well she battles.
~Ominous Wind
~Double Team
~Destiny Bond


Passive Aura: Chilling Stream - A bright violet wave of cold aura washes over friends and partners, numbing them and putting them in a calm and logical state of mind. While the numbing effect does not give immunity to damage, it is still quite useful since it gives those affected the ability to go without feeling pain. The fact that it relaxes those it affects also helps in dire situations where logical-thinking and calmed nerves are key, which happens on occasion. The ability reflects Pisclin's own relaxed and logical nature that he has most displays. The ability was perfected in the freezing area outside of Snowpoint City.

Aggresive Aura: Volcanic Charge - A blindingly bright light shines as Pisclin connects to those around him, and he and his partners experience extreme boosts in energy. This results in a temporary high where those affected act with extreme energy, but do not think about how their actions may affect themselves and others in the future. While Gold Charge is especially useful when things are direly important, those affected by it face and extreme lack of energy once the high runs out, and may even suffer personal injury. This ability has been used very rarely by Pisclin, due to the side affects. The ability showcases Pisclin's more irrational side, that he has faced many times in his past. The ability was perfected near the scorching volcano that destroyed Cinnabar Island.


Pisclin's parents lived in Saffron City when Team Rocket took over the city, and fearing for their newborn child, fled to Sunyshore City where Pisclin's grandparents lived. Baby Pisclin and his parents lived in Sunyshore even after Team Rocket was booted out of the city, because the lifestyle of the city had grown on them. Pisclin proved to be a smart child from an early age, if not a bit anxious and nervous. Living by the sea gave Pisclin was always a bit nervous around the large ocean that bordered the city, but this anxiety eventually blossomed into a sort of respect and interest in the ocean. Pisclin received his first Pokemon during a Fishing Festival, where he bought a Tentacool from the ocean using all of his allowance. While initially tentative to raise his own Pokemon, especially one from the ocean, Pisclin and Tentacool bonded as they spent more time together, which made Pisclin more interested in the Pokemon of the world. Wanting to travel the world, he left home at age 16 to Canalave City where he would be catching a boat to a foreign land, Unova.

It was there that Pisclin truly began to blossom as a trainer, interacting with many other trainers that traveled similar paths as he. Pisclin originally intended on taking the Gym League challenge and defeating the Elite 4, but upon challenging Brycen and being steam-rolled by his team learned the merits of extreme personal training. Pisclin then abandoned his challenge and returned back to Nuvema Town where he boarded a ship to the Kanto region: the region where he was originally born. After landing at Vermillion City, Pisclin battled his way looking for additions to his team.

Being extremely selective in the Pokemon he chose, Pisclin was only able to add an Abra to his team, as everything else he saw did not impress him. His trip through Kanto was mostly personal, and mostly involved bulking up the strength of his Pokemon. However, after exploring the wreckage that used to be Cinnabar Island, Pisclin discovered that training near the volcano powerful enough to destroy the island could have extremely beneficial affects. It was here that he first started training his aura that he had learned about far off in Lavender Town, focused on developing an aggressive power. After experiencing first-hand the exhausting side-affects of it, Pisclin decided to shift his attention to training a more passive aura.

Pisclin then took a ship back to Canalave City, where he hurried up north to Snowpoint City. He took a detour to the Trophy Garden where he had learned rare Pokemon reside, and captured a Togepi that he trained. Upon arriving in Snowpoint City, Pisclin captured both a Smoochum and a Snorunt and evolved them quickly. It was here that his Pokemon party reached its peak power level and his passive aura ability, Chilling Stream, was perfected. After hearing about the Ataka Region while eavesdropping on some scholars at Snowpoint City, Pisclin knew that going there would be a wise idea, especially after all of his training. Thankfully, a ship from Snowpoint City was headed there...

NPC Characters
Spoiler Alert:    

Controlled by KrayzeeGuy
Trainer: Daisy Lee
Shroomish (Male)
-Leech Seed
-Seed Bomb
-Fake Tears

Kangaskhan (Female)
-Aqua Tail
-Double Edge
-Fake Out

Tangrowth (Female)
-Power Whip
-Wring Out
-Rock Slide

Mightyena (Female)
-Iron Tail
-Ice Fang

Donphan (Female)
-Rock Polish
-Rapid Spin
-Heavy Slam

Flaaffy (Female)
-Cotton Guard
-Cotton Spore
-Echoed Voice

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I want to see if this one lasts longer than Tales of Unova. It's got legs and it might run.

Lite Kyler
Hair: Silver. Long and spikes up in places, as though it were a porcupine's quills
Eyes: Electric blue
Skin tone: Fair, white skin
Weight: 200 lbs
Height: 6 ft 4 in
Shoe: 14

Nature: Serious
Characteristic: Sturdy body
Obtained: Starter Pokemon. Given to Lite by Steven Stone as a gift and is his first partner. Evolved twice in Unova. Parented by Steven's Metagross.
Other personality quotes: The strongest and most intelligent of Lite's Pokemon, although Mandy comes a few spaces close of strength and Metroid a few spaces close of intelligence. Forever loyal to Lite, determined to see its human friend's dreams through to the end. Very logical and calculating. Very wise as well as knowledgable, and is Lite's voice of reason during times where the heat of passion can fog Lite's mind. Much to its amusement, it is paired with the more sassy and rebellious Mandy during Doubles Battles.

Hammer Arm
Meteor Mash
Zen Headbutt

Emboar/Gurren - Male
Obtained: Given to Tina by Professor Juniper when Tina first arrived in Unova. Went to travel with Lite's party during the rest of his adventure. Obtained as a Pignite. Evolved again in Unova under Lite's care.
Nature: Jolly
Characteristic: Quick tempered
Other personality notes: Relaxed, but is capable of being serious. Will not give up in spite of overwhelming odds, and is often teamed up with Lagann during Doubles Battles because of this. Very foolish and will often make wrong moves in battle despite Lite's commands, but is quick to learn by his mistakes. Otherwise, not very bright.

Hammer Arm
Heat Crash
Wild Charge

Reuniclus/Metroid - Female
Obtained: Caught by Lite during his Unova travels. Evolved twice in Unova.
Nature: Quiet
Characteristic: Highly curious
Other personality notes: Hardly interacts with her teammates, and is shy around other Pokemon. Very inquisitive, curious, and investigative, but easily frightened by things she discovers. Possesses a great deal of mental energy and resides with Warmachine as one of the most intelligent team members. Not very wise with the world, but is very smart and learns fast. Partnered with Grapearl in Doubles combat- where Grapearl takes all the hits for her, Metroid can then return the blows ten-fold with her special attacks.

Focus Blast
Shadow Ball
Trick Room

Tyranitar/Mandy - Female
Obtained: Hatched from an Egg obtained in Johto. Evolved once in Johto and again in Kanto. Parented by the Pokemon of a Trainer Lite encountered from New Bark Town.
Nature: Naughty
Characteristic: Proud of her power
Other personality notes: Very defiant. Will often compete with Warmachine in tests of strength. Sassy and thinks of herself as the best of Lite's Pokemon team, in spite of the fact that Warmachine outclasses her by several levels. Much to her annoyance, she is often paired with it in Double Battles. Not very sensible.

Dark Pulse
Stone Edge
Shadow Claw

Excadrill/Lagann - Male
Obtained: First Pokemon caught in Unova by Lite. Evolved in Unova.
Nature: Adamant
Characteristic: Good perserverance
Other personality notes: Not the strongest of Lite's Pokemon, but the fastest. Is often put up against larger and stronger opponents, and refuses to give up despite the seemingly stacked odds. Partnered in Doubles Battles with Gurren due to their similar personalities. Quick to follow Lite's orders. Not very knowledgable, but is able to think logically and reasonably.

Drill Run
Metal Claw
Rock Slide

Obtained: Caught during the Dragonspiral Tower siege by Lite, and fought alongside Warmachine against Team Plasma. Evolved in Unova.
Nature: Docile
Characteristic: Capable of taking hits
Other personality notes: Very mechanical and silent. Does not speak, even to its fellow partner Pokemon. Loyal. Can take a huge beating and come out without so much as a scratch, and as such is a reliable wall. Typically paired with Metroid if the situation demands. Not even Lite knows much about Grapearl, but Warmachine is able to quickly deduce that Grapearl possesses intelligence, wisdoms, and experience acquired from hundreds of years of existing in the Dragonspiral Tower, and as such may be thousands of times more intelligent than even Warmachine.

Shadow Punch
Hammer Arm


Passive Aura (planning on adding this as the story progresses): Cyan Spark - Lite earns this ability while perfecting his Aura technique in Ataka. At rest, Lite emanates small cyan sparks of electricity from his body. Those near him experience slight, quick jolts and feel a bit more energized. At will, Lite can generate more energetic sparks and focus them into such things as projectile blasts and concentrated electric power for machines, as well as EMPs which can disrupt devices. He can also utilize this ability to interact with the electromagnetic field around the Earth's surface and use it to levitate. In battle, Lite can use this to allow his Pokemon to use Magnet Rise for an indefinite period of time without knowing the move beforehand or even being able to learn it.

Aggresive Aura: Magenta Flame - Lite discovered this technique while bettering himself in Unova, but until his arrival in Ataka he had no idea what his newfound power was classified as. His and his Pokemon's immense fighting spirits allows him to create a mental bond with his Pokemon, giving them the ability to speak (through themselves or through Lite), higher levels of intellect, stamina and endurance sustained by Lite's own sheer willpower and determination, and attacking without being commanded by Lite. This allows for an extra boost in both strength and strategic power. Lite attempted to improve control over this technique in the three years that passed since his time in Unova, but it appears this is only triggered by a psychic connection between him and his Metagross, Warmachine, for the time being, and can only be called upon in stressful situations. Due to the tremendous pressure and strain put on by his mind converting willpower into energy and transferring it into another mind, this leaves Lite very exhausted soon after he "cancels" his power out. Lite also feels the blows given and dealt by and to his Pokemon, so the strain on him is not just in the mind but in his physical form. Lite seeks to perfect the technique and overcome these drawbacks.


Lite Kyler was born and raised in the city of Mossdeep, an island in the Hoenn region. He was interested in the exploration of space his father had been working on for as long as he could remember. Lite also grew up with a superior level of intellect (although in his wild demeanor he hardly if ever exhibits such intelligence) and became attached to the sciences; in particular he loved physics, and even developed the Mossdeep Gym's technologies by the age of 7.

Lite's mother died due to a terminal illness when he was at a very young age. His father raised him and his brother, Darc, lovingly as he felt that he had to fulfill both parental roles. The two brothers were quite different, almost opposites in appearance and personality. Lite and Darc were both bright youngsters, but where Lite was loud, inquisitive, fascinated, and boisterous, Darc- who was 4 years Lite's elder- was cool, calm, quiet, uninterested, and calculating.

Darc went traveling Hoenn at the age of 12, using a ferocious Pokemon he caught while fishing. He nearly conquered the Pokemon League before being defeated in four devastating battles: once with the former League Champion, Steven Stone, once with a sickly boy from Verdanturf Town, once by the daughter of Professor Birch, and once by the current Champion, Wallace. After his losses, Lite had last heard that Darc sought out Wallace's tutelage. He never saw his brother again until his journey in Unova.

Two years passed. On the day that Darc had set out two years prior, a well dressed man with gray hair who lived next door approached Lite and gave him a PokeBall, with his first Pokemon, a Beldum. He found out this man was Steven Stone, and during the remainder of his life at Mossdeep, was taught by him in the ways of Pokemon. Lite learned the following mantra from Stone:

"The iron bond between humans, Pokemon, and their partners is formed by the eternal-burning flames cast off by their collective fighting spirit."

Eventually, a year passed and his training was completed. Stone eventually vanished after an incident at Sootopolis City nearly destroyed Hoenn. All Lite had heard from him after that was that "I'm searching various foreign lands for powerful Trainers and precious stones. Maybe we'll meet up again someday." Lite vowed from that point forward that he, like his father and his mentor, would explore every known area on the Earth; by beating every Pokemon League in the world, he would accomplish this. Eventually, when he was done seeing every part of the world, the only place left to conquer and explore would be space itself, starting with the moon!

Lite was sent to school in Rustboro at the age of 12. There, he met a female Trainer much like himself named Tina, and her siblings Matt and Chris. Lite and Tina were both hardworking, smart students with an affinity for Pokemon battles, and over time they developed a mutual attraction for each other. Eventually, her family had to move for business reasons, as their parents were entrepreneurs who were hired by the Devon Corporation. Lite still kept contact with her throughout the years, however. Their love for each other (and for Pokemon) hadn't diminished, despite the distance between them.

On his 16th birthday, his father surprised him with an S.S. Tidal ticket to a recently un-isolated region known as Unova. Lite and his Beldum, now nicknamed Warmachine, set off to Unova to begin his exploration with parts unknown.

While at Unova, Lite and several other Trainers encountered a group of dastardly villains named Team Plasma. Their figurehead, N Harmonia, and their true leader, his father Ghetsis, wished to "free" Pokemon from the captivity of Trainers. In reality, Ghetsis used this and his son as a ploy in order to obtain the world's Pokemon for himself. Lite, with the help of his newfound friends and a young boy whom he tutored in Stone's teachings, thwarted Plasma's intentions. Lite would then defeat the Unova League's Champion some weeks after Team Plasma's deprecation.

Also during his time in Unova, Lite re-encountered his old flame, Tina (now living with her brothers in Castelia) and his brother-turned-rival Darc. Lite convinced Tina to become his traveling companion and she left Castelia with Lite. Darc did battle several times with his younger brother, only to find that they were equally matched. Eventually, however, Lite and his partner Pokemon overcame Darc's abilities, delivering the fifth crushing blow to Darc's philosophies; thus proving that Steven's and Lite's "iron bond" mantra was a superior match-up to Wallace's and Darc's "pounding wave" belief.

During Lite's training in Unova, he discovered that he could generate a mental "bond" with his Pokemon. Thinking at the time that this was the physical manifestation of Stone's "iron bond", he used this new skill to his advantage in taking on Team Plasma and the Unova League.

As soon as Lite conquered Unova, he left his student, a timid Grass Trainer named Kashiwa, in place as the region's Champion. He then retired back to Hoenn. From there, he would spread a sphere of influence over Hoenn, the Indigo League, and Sinnoh, which involved him venturing to each one, defeating their Leagues (and also dominating Sinnoh-Johto's Battle Frontier, Hoenn's newly opened Battle Frontier, and Unova's Battle Facilities) and then leaving for elsewhere.

Three years have passed since then...

Lite Kyler returns to Hoenn after finally doing battle and winning against Red, one of the world's strongest Trainers. He and his fiance Tina are living a life of peace and relaxation before Lite ventures off into the world again, when he catches wind of a new region called Ataka which has recently begun trading with Hoenn by means of ocean transport. Lite hears of a powerful type of Trainer in this region, a newfound culture, and new areas to explore. Lite looks at Tina for approval. He recieves a nod, and an energetic smile. Pumping his fist into the air, Lite prepares his partner Pokemon and his bags for a new journey into the world...!

Other Personal Information    
Other Personal Information:
-Lite comes across as very vulgar, outspoken, loud, and rude to most people. He skips most if not all formalities, and although he does respect other cultures, ethnicities, philosophies, and ideas, he typically doesn't bother adhering to their etiquette in their presence- he hardly practices his own culture's etiquette.

Lite is very arrogant, and will often charge into a situation without bothering to comprehend the consequences. He justifies this by stating that "I'm usin' the scientific method to plan usin' trial and error."

-Lite is infinitely determined. His firm belief in Stone's mantra allow for both him and his Pokemon to push themselves beyond their possible limits, often snatching victory from the crushing jaws of defeat and even creating or eviscerating their previous limits of strength.

-Despite his boisterous and cocky behavior, Lite is unfathomably kind. He has a sweet spot for younger children, and will often try to pass on good-natured advice to them and motivate them. He is also never unwilling to assist a stranger in need.

-Lite has an undying respect for women. He will always adhere to formalities and etiquette when in the presence of women, in spite of his attitude around most others. Lite claims this is because "Pops told me that the only reason he ever got married to Mom was 'cuz Mom liked how Pops treated 'er all the time. So I had to treat all women the same way Pops treated my Mom; with love an' respect an' care an' all that." He refers to all women as "Ma'am", and addresses women he especially grows affectionate towards with the diminutive "sis". The only woman whom he doesn't give these formalities to is Tina, because "she gets all mad and stuff whenever I'm polite to her- it's like she doesn't want me to be formal an' all. It's weird. But I like that 'bout her. 'S cool."

-Lite hates having his beliefs or philosophies questioned. This is typically because his philosophies involve the partnership between his friends (which includes his partner Pokemon and other humans) and will fight to the bitter end to prove himself right.

-Lite hardly, if ever, seems like an intelligent fellow at first glance. He uses a lot of slang, has a tendency to call young boys or men even a few years older than him "kid" or "guy", and never demonstrates his intellect to others. When the situation calls for it, however, Lite can prove to be a very calculating and knowledgable man, and in battle Lite orders his Pokemon logically and precisely.

-Lite possesses a good deal of physical strength. He believes that "if my friends (his Pokemon) are workin' their asses off to improve themselves, I should too!" He can hold his own in hand-to-hand combat should he ever partake in a fistfight, and he is also very useful when performing strenuous manual labor.

-Lite has always been physically and developmentally large, even at a young age. He has a good six inches of height over his elder brother, Darc, and weighs 50 pounds more.

-Lite has gained a reputation as an international superstar and hero (especially in Unova and Hoenn) for the crushing defeat of Team Plasma, for defeating four League Champions (Alder, Cynthia, Lance, Wallace) and Red. His humble, though rash personality keeps his fame from going to his head, but at the same time he acknowledges the fact that he is a well-known Trainer with an outstanding reputation. He has been known to remark "I'm s'prised people know me better for kicking ass than they do the fact that I'm a genius physicist."

"Major Events during each of Lite's journeys:    

-Defeats Team Plasma
-Befriends Zekrom, nicknaming it Lazengann
-Tutors Kashiwa and leaves him as Champion
-Discovers Aura
-Reunites with Tina
-Defeats Darc
-Conquers Unova League

-Befriends Cynthia and explores Sinnoh with her, learning about the history of the region
-Ventures into the Distortion World with Cynthia, encounters Giratina
-Also encounters Cyrus in the Distortion World
-Conquers Sinnoh League
-Conquers Sinnoh-Johto Battle Frontier

-Proposes to Tina
-Encounters Brendan, son of Norman
-Encounters May, daughter of Prof. Birch
-Dives deep-sea, and explores the caves of Kyogre and Groudon's former resting grounds
-Explores Sky Tower
-Conquers Hoenn League, replacing Wallace as the region Champion
-Conquers Hoenn Battle Frontier

-Meets Lyra, who gives him an Egg with Mandy inside
-Encounters Silver
-Helps in the reconstruction of the Burned Tower
-Researches Pokemon with Oak and Elm
-Assists the reconstruction of Cinnabar
-Conquers Indigo League
-Defeats Red

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I think I'll give this one a shot. Sounds quite awesome.

Character Name: Sean "Ditto" Masters
Character Age: 21
Physical Description:
Hair- Medium length brown hair
Eyes- Emerald Green
Skin Tone- Lightly tanned
Weight- 180 lbs
Height- 6'1"
Shoe- 12

Starting Pokémon Team    
Lucario (Male) / Heimdal
Nature: Quirky
Characteristic: Often Dozes Off
Obtained: Starter Pokémon. Heimdal was received as an egg from Riley when Ditto was still living in Canalave City.
Other personality traits: He has many habits that give him his nature. The most notable is liking to sleep in Ditto's backpack when not doing anything. This became considerably harder once he evolved, so he added a harness to add some extra support so he could hold the backpack up while keeping Heimdal happy. Heimdal gets along with all of Ditto's other Pokémon, since he's seen them all when they've been caught.
-Aura Sphere
-Close Combat
-Bullet Punch
-Dark Pulse

Gengar (Male) / Loki
Nature: Naughty
Characteristic: Mischeivous
Obtained: In the Kanto region in Lavender Town as a Gastly. After the Pokémon Tower was converted to a Radio Tower, the ghost Pokémon sometimes come back to Lavender Town to haunt them for about a week. Ditto showed up during this and took care of the problem, and caught one of the Gastlys.
Other personality traits: Loki loves to play practical jokes, so his name suits him very well. He sometimes gets out of his Pokéball without anybody noticing to pull his pranks. He never tries to intentionally hurt anyone in his playing, but he feels really guilty if something happens to someone.
-Shadow Ball
-Double Team
-Dream Eater

Quilava (Male) / Apollo
Nature: Jolly
Characteristic: Likes to fight
Other personality traits: With his nature, he's the optimist of the 6. Whenever something seems impossible to do, he's the one that gets the morale of the group up. He looks up to Heimdal for guidence. He's seen as almost second in command next to Heimdal.
Obtained: From Professor Elm, after cataloging Pokédex entries of the Legendary Pokémon found in the Johto region. He was a gift from Elm as Ditto was leaving for home in the Sinnoh region.
-Flame Wheel
-Quick Attack

Simisage (Male) / Goku
Nature: Adamant
Characteristic: Impetuous and Silly
Obtained: from a dear friend while journeying in the Unova region as a Pansage as a gift. He was Ditto's second Pokémon ever. Evolved later in the region.
Other personality traits: When he first joined the party, Heimdal got a little jealous, thus starting a rivalry between the two. Since then, jealousy evolved into friendship, even if Ditto forced it to happen at first. They're now best friends, and are almost always with Ditto at all times, unless otherwise needed to be separated.
-Seed Bomb
-Hone Claws
-Low Sweep

Milotic (Female) / Kallia
Characteristic: Somewhat Vain
Obtained: In Hoenn, while searching for Latias, the Eon Pokémon. While waiting, Ditto pulled out his fishing rod and tossed it into the water. On his first try, he pulled a Feebas. Noting the rare occasion, he decided to catch it.
Other personality traits: Kallia doesn't really care to battle, but more contests and musicals. Sometimes, she gets on the other Pokémon's nerves with her bragging about her beauty, but it's something they've gotten used to. If Ditto wants her to battle, she will, trying to deftly dodge as many hits as possible, but takes attacks like a beast, due to the naturally bulky nature of Milotic.
-Mirror Coat
-Aqua Ring
-Ice Beam

Haxorus (Male) / Tartarus
Nature: Gentle
Characteristic: Proud of his Power
Obtained: As an egg from the Day-Care Man in Unova. Was hatched shortly before the second gym in the Unova region.
Other personality traits: A gentle giant. Likes to use its power to help people in need. Though not usually with his nature, Tartarus will decimate any opponent in battle due to his immense strength.
-Swords Dance
-Rock Slide

Aura Type
Passive: Ice Blue Flow-
Think of this like a classic form of Aura manipulation that's introduced by Lucario but expanded upon. Not only can you sense auras, but you can connect them via "streams" increasing the speed, power, by connecting with one who shares a deep bond, but also a sort of calmness. In the past three years, Ditto has gotten a little bit less visually fervent with his battle style, keeping a cool head about him. This has transferred to his aura. Ice blue is the cool and calculating part of battle that he now tries to be at during all times.

Aggressive: Flame Red Star-
A total opposite to the normal aura, this is only used in dire situations or when provoked, and it takes a lot to provoke Ditto. Usually used when a partner is on the brink of death, this harnesses rage and willpower to extend the stamina and strength of a Pokémon to levels not normally possible even with Ice Blue Flow. This stems from pent up emotions in not wanting to lose a friend, partner, or anything very important to Ditto. Obviously, this causes extreme physical and mental exertion on both the Pokémon and Ditto, even moreso than Lite's Magenta Flame. There's probably not going to be a way to overcome the negative effects of it. It's a risk trump card that's almost never played.

Sean, or Ditto, as his friends have dubbed him, has lived in Canalave City his whole life. He's gone to a normal school, not one that specialized in Pokémon education, though all of his electives, sans band, were Pokémon related, as most kids would have it. In his spare time, he was always found at the Library, studying the myths and legends of all the regions, even the far away Unova region, and just Pokémon in general. His closest friends joked around with him saying that with all the time he spends studying, he would have the DNA of every Pokémon memorized, hence the nickname "Ditto." He liked it, so it stuck.

One day, a man named Riley came into the library, after training on Iron Island. He gave Ditto an egg, seeing the potential in him. The egg hatched soon after he graduated. It's at this time he decided that going abroad would be a good experience to learn about Unova's Pokémon, culture, and more importantly to him, legends. The journey in Unova brought him all the knowledge he wanted, and new friends to boot. One crucial part of his Unova adventure is the start of development of his inherent powers with Aura. Heimdal and Ditto learned to control it together. A simple understanding was attained at the end of the Unova journey.

After his journey in Unova, he went back to Sinnoh to rest from his journey. He was only home two weeks before he realized that he needed to go back out. Books weren't enough. Legends were made by actions, so they should be experienced by actions. He went to Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn and actually got to see the Legendaries of each region after meeting with people of influence in each. He eventually returned to Sinnoh after a year to speak with Cynthia. She was perhaps the one that knew the legends the best. With her help, Ditto saw the rest of the legends he had always read about, even meeting the almighty Arceus.

After the legends were all seen, Ditto was happy. He had all the time in the world to work with his Aura now, something that he had been developing over his journeys. Remembering the man who gave him Heimdal's egg, he returned to his hometown of Canalave and started to train at Iron Island with all of the Pokémon he had caught in the five main regions. Eventually, he found the man again, and with his help, was able to use Ice Blue Flow. During one of the training sessions with Riley, they were attacked by a rogue Steelix, leaving Riley, his Lucario, and Heimdal seriously injured. This was the first time Ditto used Flame Red Star aura. Heimdal's strength increased exponentially, defeating the Steelix with ease. Both were drained after the experience, though they had enough energy to bring both Riley and his Lucario to the dock before collapsing.

After this, Riley told Ditto to go to the Ataka region. It was there where they offer special trainers to harness the power of Aura. Ditto accepted the offer, as the call of adventure and myth always has Ditto by the collar. The next week, he disembarked on a cruise ship to the new and distant land.

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Tales of Unova connection, interesting. Guess I'll have to resist the urge to copy+paste, though -_-

Character Name:Raines (Nickname-Aura)
Character Age:19
Physical Description: Black hair, on the longer side, but not quite shoulder-length. Gold and flame orange watch on left wrist. Black and red fingerless gloves, black jacket similar to a bomber jacket. Jacket has a red emblem on the back (picture to be posted here later). Wears black jeans, and gray and blue sneakers. Also has a red and white "bracelet" of sorts around left wrist, below watch, and always wears a chain around his neck. Also has a sheathed saber on his waist, which is built very similarly to a katana, except that it isn't sharp enough to cut.

Pokemon Team
Sceptile (No nickname)
Leaf Storm
Leaf Blade
Dragon Pulse
Item:Usually a White Herb
Backstory:Raines' first Pokemon, it evolved into a Grovyle away from him, after having it's Poke Ball stolen by Team Plasma in the Unova region, there by escaping on it's own. Shortly after meeting up with it's trainer once again, it evolved into Sceptile. During it's time spent in the Unova region, it became aware of how to activate the Hidden Ability available to it's species, Unburden. After learning Leaf Storm in a battle against the Hoenn Elite Four, Raines began having his parents grow the White Herb at their home, in order to best make use of both Leaf Storm and Unburden, as well as Acrobatics. Sceptile learned Dragon Pulse in a battle against Ghetsis' Hydreigon, using it to counter the attacks of the powerful Dragon-type.
Personality:Very independent, in the event he is separated from his trainer, he will take action on his own (as what occured in the Unova region 3 years prior). He and Raines completely trust each other, having spent so much time together, which also resulted in it becoming very analytical and resourceful, often using complex strategies in battle, especially those involving team work. As the only Pokemon Raines never rotates out of his team, Sceptile is also well-acquainted with all of his other Pokemon, and as such is able to work with any of them, occasionally serving as a medium between them in the event that some have difficulty together.

Salamence (No Nickname)
Draco Meteor
Hydro Pump
Item:Usually either a White Herb or a Lum Berry
Backstory:Being given to Raines as an Egg from Elite Four Drake, in his hometown of Evergrande City, Raines met Salamence before even becoming a Pokemon trainer. Salamence quickly evolved under the guidance of both Raines and his parents, after which it became incredibly proficient at Flying. It learned to use Flamethrower quite early, though had to practice in order to properly use Outrage when it later learned it. Raines managed to teach it Draco Meteor under the guidance of Drake, and it learned Hydro Pump after in a battle against Wallace. During Raines' trip to the Unova region, it briefly accompanied him at the start, before returning to Raines' home, to make occasional returns throughout Raines' journey.
Personality:Similar to Sceptile, Salamence can be quite independent if the situation calls for it. It enjoys battling strong opponents, as well as helping other Pokemon to grow stronger. In particular, it is well acquainted with Sceptile, Dusknoir, Aggron, Absol, and Walrein, as Raines also received the latter four shortly after Salamence, and Sceptile before Salamence. Since many of Raines' newer Pokemon don't meet it right away, they tend to be surprised of it's presence among Raines' Pokemon later on. Due to rigorous training, Salamence is both highly resistant to damage, and able to use all of it's moves to deal incredibly high damage. It's stamina is also accordingly quite high. It usually bombards it's opponent with a barrage of powerful attacks to quickly KO them, but in the event that the opponent is evasive or resistant enough to withstand them, it is able to make use of more complex strategies. In addition to this, he makes use of Raines' "Mode" battle style, initially through Dragon Rush, and currently through use of Outrage, to strengthen his other attacks, as well as increase his already excellent Speed.

Night Slash
Iron Head
Iron Defense
Backstory:Bisharp was met late in Raines' journey through Unova, having been exiled from it's pack, due to "conflicting interests". Having encountered Raines and battled together with him against Team Plasma briefly, he decided to join his team.
Personality:Bisharp is somewhat antisocial, not interacting with Raines' other Pokemon, much, except for his Golurk. He also has a very strong resolve, and trains constantly, his determination fitting his resolve. In battle, particularly Double Battles, he shows a more protective side, focusing on defending his comrades before dealing damage. When battling against opponents one-on-one, he takes damage from their attacks, before counterattacking with his own, often sustaining minimal damage to himself. In the event that his outstanding resilience isn't enough, he can also use Iron Defense to reduce damage even further. As per Raines' "Mode" training, he often uses Iron Head as a "Mode" in battle to speed up his own attacks, and avoid those of his opponent. Due to his time spent with his pack, he is also very adept at stealth, as well as "hunting" techniques, making him very efficient in battle. To this end, he often uses Guillotine when able, in order to end battles quickly.

Gender Unknown (Genderless?)
Ice Beam
Hammer Arm
Hyper Beam
Zap Cannon
Backstory:Shortly after returning to Hoenn following his journey to Unova, Raines learned from Elite Four Glacia of an Ice-type Pokemon in Hoenn even she had never encountered. After requesting assistance from his mother (an archaeologist), Raines eventually found his way to the Island Cave. Solving the puzzle of the Cave, which tested one's patience, he managed to gain entry to the chamber where Regice was. After a long battle against Raines' Aggron, he was finally able to catch Regice, who allowed itself to be caught, eventually, as opposed to being beaten into submission and then captured against its will.
Personality:Regice is very loyal to Raines, and always remains calm and calculating. It cooperates very well with Regirock and Registeel, though can work well with Raines' other Pokemon. Despite having a somewhat "robotic" outwardly demeanor, Raines and it are able to understand each other's feelings well. In battle, it often freezes the field in order to speed up it's movements, while decreasing the speed of the opponent. It may also attempt to freeze the opponent, in place, and then follow up with a point-blank attack using another one of it's moves.

Gender Unknown (Genderless?)
Stone Edge
Hammer Arm
Charge Beam
(Names and movesets please, movesets will be monitored and edited only upon storyline request):After further research into the history behind Regice, and investigation into the inscriptions on the walls of the Sealed Chamber, Raines discovered that there were actually other Pokemon similar to Regice. In order to better understand, as well as uncover the truth of Regice's origins, Raines ventured into the Desert of the Hoenn region, managing to come across the Desert Ruins in the process. Seeing Raines as an intruder, Regirock quickly attacked him, leveling the Ruins in it's wake. After being caught under some rubble from the ensuing crumbling of the structure, and being helped by Raines, Regirock realized he was not a threat, and willingly entered one of his Poke Balls.
Personality:Unlike Regice, who carefully observes before watching, Regirock is more quick to rush into battle, and uses a fighting style reminiscent of rampaging. While it lacks a true "Mode" move, it has an improvised one in the form of Explosion and Stone Edge. As it can telepathically control rocks with Stone Edge, after using Explosion, it uses nearby rocks to reassemble in different positions on the battle field. It's original rock pieces will remain intact and must be re-incorporated after the battle, however, this allows for a rudimentary form of high-speed movement across the battlefield. The only problem is that the Explosions used during this "Mode" are much less powerful than when the Attack would be used offensively.

Gender: Unknown (Genderless?)
Flash Cannon
Iron Head
Zap Cannon
After leaving the Desert Ruins, Raines returned home, to Evergrande City. Steven Stone stopped by briefly to visit, and alluded to a third Pokemon similar to Regirock and Regice, known as the "Ultimate" Steel-type Pokemon. Raines managed to persuade Steven to go with him to the supposed location of Registeel's chamber-the Ancient Tomb. Only after managing to illuminate all the torches within the cavernous catacombs did a door appear. However, unlike Regirock, who attacked on site, and Regice, who had to be chased after before battling, Registeel disappeared into one of the numerous holes lining the chamber. During pursuit of Registeel, a rockslide resulted in Raines being knocked unconscious, with one of his Poke Balls rolling out of his bag in the process. Upon reclaiming the Poke Ball and deciding to return at a later time, he soon discovered that Registeel was already inside it. (Probably more to be added here later).
Personality:Almost totally unknown. Registeel doesn't interact with any of Raines' other Pokemon, though seems to be familiar with both Regice and Regirock. The reason for this is currently unknown. It also will only battle when it chooses to, and cannot be made to. In all instances of such battling, it was only when a large-scale threat appeared, never just a threat towards Registeel itself. From this it can be inferred that it at the very least is against conflict in general, though whether it is actually pacifistic isn't clear. During battle, it uses Iron Head as a "Mode", mysteriously doing so without Raines having to introduce the concept to it already. It takes opponent's attacks and retaliates with it's own, showing no signs of damage whatsoever.

Passive:Turquoise Stream-Aura/Raines uncovered this ability as a child, after an encounter with an Aura Guardian, though hadn't found any way to harness it until going to Ataka.  With it, he is able to sense the life force of anything around him, giving him an idea of their remaining stamina, etc.  In addition, it essentially acts as an indefinite Endure stasis, whereby his Pokemon are unable to be completely knocked out unless they are too far out of his proximity, or he is unconscious, due to resonance between the two.  However, this has some drawbacks, as being unable to be knocked unconscious also means that there is no way to evade sensations of extreme pain.  Due to this, prolonged battles may end up causing his Pokemon to suffer from the sheer pain, and the after-effects result in a coma-like state, the severity of which is dependent on the amount of damage taken before Raines slips into unconsciousness (note that sleeping counts towards this-should he fall asleep,  his Pokemon will suffer the comatose-like state.  The pain is also collectively transferred to Raines, should he knocked unconscious forcibly.)
On the more positive side, it also gives Raines enhanced physical abilities, particularly strength and stamina, which he frequently makes use of to fight in his Pokemon's stead, if possible. He can also infuse his aura into his saber, allowing it to cut through things as dense as rock. When used against a Pokemon, any offensive techniques using the saber take on the Fighting-type.

Aggressive:Crimson Flare-A type of Aura only released during moments of extreme danger, similar to the Fight-or-Flight response of adrenalin. It puts Raines in immense pain, but during it's activation, manifests as a more physical form around his body, similar to a shroud or armor of sorts. External impacts have their effect greatly reduced, and he becomes capable of great feats of strength, similar to that of some Pokemon. Due to resonance, he gains the ability to perform Aura-based equivalents of moves his Pokemon have access to, though he lacks control over what moves they are. Should he reach such a stage, he becomes more feral and bestial, gradually losing his self-control and the distinction between ally and enemy. Finally, should this stage progress too far, the resonance effect of his Passive Aura reverses-within the presence of his Pokemon, he is unable to be knocked unconscious. This can prove to be fatal, as his Aura eventually reaches a "corrosive" stages, damaging his cells, and ultimately shortening his lifespan, as per the Hayflick limit. Whether such damage can be reversed in unknown. Should this stage revert back to the Passive stage, Raines will collapse from exhaustion. Should this aura be infused into his saber, the blade becomes enveloped in red "flames", giving it the appearance of a zanbato.

Backstory:To be added later because I'm tired.

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Default And So the Adventure Begins

Today's a big day as the first commercial set of ferries to the famed Unova region set off, with only the top quality trainers invited aboard.
Rurok grabs his things and boards the Johto liner, he eyes the ship with curiosity, ice drills, a large motor system, and possibly even more beneath the waves, he wondered what was in store as he rubbed his egg and brought himself aboard, being directed by the ticketmaster to his room. Rurok acknowledged it, and walked towards his room to set his things down. Looking around the main deck to see earlier trainers chatting and showing off their pokemon, Rurok's attention was especially taken by a shiny Porygon-2.

I wonder how I'll match up against these people, he thought internally, They all passed the same things I have, if not more.

He continued into his room and set down his things, opening up his laptop to check some work.
The Sinnoh and Hoenn Ferries look exactly alike, all prepared for one heck of a distance and fight against the sea.

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"All passengers departing on the S.S. Assai ferry from Lilycove Bay to the Ataka region, please board now. We will be departing within 10 minutes."

Lite stepped forward, setting his sharp sunglasses on the bridge of his nose, and letting loose a huge grin. "Alright, then! We're settin' sail!" He turned around to look at his beautiful fiance, Tina, and his Pokemon partner, a Metagross nicknamed Warmachine. He gripped Tina's hand in his palm.

"Thank you for lettin' me head out, Tina. It really means a lot to me. I'll call you every day an' I'll let you know about all the cool stuff I see in this new region!"

Tina smiled. "Lite, I've known you since we were kids. If there's one thing I know about you it's that nothing can stop you from doing something you've set your mind to; if there's another thing I know, it's that you're a man of your word. Just come home safe." She leaned in, gave him a peck on the lips, and hugged him. Breaking from Lite, she then turned to Warmachine. "And you'd better keep him safe."

Warmachine slowly nodded. "I do not think your dear lover requires protection from anything other than his own impulsiveness. All the same I will do as you ask, for he is my partner as well."

Lite laughed and slapped Warmachine on the side. "Don't sweat it, pally! We've been through loads! What's one more daring ass-kicking adventure on our resume? 'Sides, 'snot like I'm gonna go out and get myself killed." He looked back at Tina. "Don't worry, sweetheart. I'll be fine."

"S.S. Assai ferry leaving for the Ataka region in 5 minutes."

"Wooah! That's our cue! See ya, Tina." He returned Tina's kiss and then pulled away to the ship. "C'mon, War! Let's head out on our next adventure!"

"Aha! As energetic as you were 3 years ago. Yes, sir!" Warmachine tucked in its legs and flew off in Lite's direction. As they boarded the ferry and it prepared to depart from the docks, Lite saw Tina (along with several other people from Mossdeep) waving goodbye. He then raised his hand, returning their wave and shouted:

"So long, Trainers of Hoenn! Lite Kyler, the Super Champion of Mossdeep City, is going off into the unknown again!"


"Greetings, Mr. Kyler. Enjoying your morning so far? Would you like a drink? VIP travelers have free access to private rooms and refreshments aboard the S.S. Assail." The waitress approached Lite on his beach chair on the deck of the ferry, and offered Lite a platter resting on her palm, with various refreshments standing on top of it.

"Oh, thank you, ma'am. I'll take a Soda Pop." Lite reached into his bag and pulled out a wallet. He counted out a few PokeDollars and handed them to the waitress. "It's hot out. Here's a tip; I'd feel awful if you didn't earn anything for this."

The waitress's eyes beamed in delight. "Thank you, Mr. Kyler! You're very kind. Here's your Soda Pop. Enjoy!" She handed him a tall, transparent glass of Soda Pop. The cool, brown liquid gleamed inside, and Lite took a heavy swig of the delicious beverage..

"If I didn't know better, sir, I'd say you had a drinking problem."

"Bah. Are ya mad because I didn't ask for one for you?"

"I need not require sustenance."

"Whatever. So I'm a VIP?" The waitress was still standing beside Lite's chair.

"Yes. The Champion of Hoenn is considered a VIP, Mr. Kyler. Were you not aware?"

Lite frowned, put his hands behind his head, and tilted his neck to the side. "Ehh. Call me humble, ma'am, but I don't feel as though I should receive special priv'leges just cuz I've fought against Trainers with a reputation. That honor belongs to my partners who fought with me." He beckoned to Warmachine, and then to his belt, where five Poke Balls were hooked on the left-hand side. "Speakin' of, can Warmachine have a Soda Pop too?"

"Yes, Mr. Kyler. And the tip really isn't necessary," she added as Lite reached for his wallet again. She offered Warmachine a glass, who gratefully nodded and telekinetically picked it up and then put the tip to its mouth, drinking it down.

"Thank you very much, madam." Warmachine bowed its mouth-body in respect. The waitress likewise tipped her knees and dismissed herself, continuing to walk along the deck, offering the other passengers beverages.

Lite's thoughts turned back to the battles he waged in the past 3 years that led him to this point. The war between him, his allies, and Team Plasma, almost exactly 3 years ago... his journey to the secluded island of Sinnoh and his battle against Cynthia and the Battle Frontier...his return to Hoenn and the defeat of Wallace...and, most recently, the Indigo Challenge and the climatic battle between Red, the most powerful Trainer in the world. He won all of those battles. No, not him. His partners did. His Pokemon fought for him. Why? Because...

"The iron bond between humans, Pokemon, and their partners is formed by the eternal-burning flames cast off by their collective fighting spirit."

Warmachine looked at him curiously. It had been reading Lite's mind for some time now. "Sir. It's only natural for you to have earned a large reputation. In a sense, you have literally conquered Hoenn and its surrounding regions. You are one of the most powerful Trainers on the face of this planet. And it may have been because you rode on our shoulders, but your Pokemon- myself included- only became stronger because we had a powerful Trainer guiding us. You've earned your status among Trainers." Lite looked down, toying with the glass bottle of Soda Pop. He had heard this advice from Warmachine before; it's just that he wasn't -used- to being a celebrity, in a sense. He sighed, took another gulp of cola, and said, "Oh well. The important thing is that I'm pushin' onward with my dream, and you guys have been a big help along the way. Thanks, War."

"I aim to please. And I'm glad your usual recklessness still leaves you with a sense of humility- although I'm fairly certain such humility is illogical to possess, considering you're the Champion of five different regions."

"Ehh. I had these glasses made because I thought they'd look cool, War."

"That's true."

Lite grinned. "Anyways. Enough chit-chat! This ferry's off to the Ataka region! One more step for Lite Kyler to go before he conquers Earth! And Earth is one more step before he conquers space itself!" He pointed upward at the sun, burning bright in the clear morning sky.

Warmachine let out a bellowing metallic laugh. "Bwahaha! That's the spirit my Trainer is known for! Very well. First Ataka, then the world, then the sun and the moon!"

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Ditto breathed in the air of the port. Even though Canalave City is a city on the sea, the aroma of the sea was stronger here compared to the rest of the city. The boat to the Ataka region was loading. Trainers with suitcases and Pokémon file onto the vessel in a single file type of manner. Ditto and his partner Lucario, named Heimdal get in line to wait their turn as to get on the luxury liner.

"It's hard to believe we're going on another journey, huh? It's been what, a year?"

"Yeah," Heimdal replied. "And now we're off again to actually hone skills, instead of chase after silly legends..."

"Hey!" Ditto snapped. "They're not silly legends! You saw them all with your own eyes too. Besides, being able to battle them yourself must've strengthened you a lot. They're legends for a reason." Ditto continued on. "Besides, it's quite the feat to actually be partnered up with some of the legends I've read about."

"I suppose you're right, but with me by your side, you could have been champion!" Heimdal stated.

"So?" Ditto questioned. "I didn't feel a need to be champion. The gym battles were fun enough. I didn't feel like competing in a tournament to just earn the right to even ATTEMPT at going for champion. Too much time."

"Pfft." Heimdal scoffed "Whatever."

This argument happened all the way to their room, a first class suite that Ditto bought the ticket for. It was more of a nostalgia thing, as it was the same type of suite he had taken for his first journey, the one to Unova. The room was decorated with golds and reds. It had a personal elevator to any passenger accessible deck. It also had a large tank of water for any Water type Pokémon to swim around in. The only thing it probably couldn't fit was a

"Kallia, c'mon!" Ditto tossed a Lure Ball up into the air, and in a flash of brilliant light, a Milotic appeared in the tank. "I thought I'd let you swim around for a bit in fresh water. I know how you like it better than the sea."

"Why thank you! It's been quite some time since I've gotten out of that dingy water you call an ocean." There was almost a sarcastic tone to her voice. Ditto mumbled something under his breath about how sometimes didn't like the telepathy aura granted him.

"Heimdal, come on, let's go see the ship. We can try some new battle discs later."

"Sounds good to me. See you later Kal."

The trainer and Pokémon walked out to see the rest of the ship.

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Louis boarded the ferry via snowpoint city. Although, he swore to never go to the place again, and he could still hear the Glalie's roars in his nightmares, he couldn't miss an opportunity like this. He walked on to the ship as quickly as he could and went straight to his cabin. At that moment, his phone rang, startling his Ampharos, Photo.

"Hello?" Louis answered.

"Hey, Bud. Did you get to the port yet?" His father asked.

"I'm already in my cabin, dad. I got on the ship as-"

"Hold on, son; I know you don't want to stay outside, but make sure you get some pictures of Snowpoint as you're leaving, y'hear? I want all of us back in Jubilife to see how you're doing."

"Does that mean I have to use my-"

"Yes, it means you have to use your camera phone. Remember it's-"

"-'not the camera, it's the photographer,' I know, Dad.

His father laughed. "Now make us proud, son! Oh, and Louis?"


"Don't forget to have fun, kid."

"I always do! Bye, dad." and he hung up.

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Aura looked over his research notes, making sure it had all been backed up on his computer. The last three years had proven very interesting, and only made him more eager to uncover the mysteries lying in wait. More importantly, though, they had given him the strength to do so.

"Ataka, huh? I had heard of it when I was younger, so it should be interesting to see what it's like. Not to mention, if the stories are true, it could be there.....", he thought to himself. Aura hadn't kept in touch with anyone he met during his travels in the Unova region, though he was aware of how some of them had progressed. Lining his wall were newspaper clippings, filled with stories of their journeys, from besting the Champion League, to making new discoveries of Legendary Pokemon.

" has to wonder what kind of burden it comes with.", Aura said under his breath, as he glanced at one of the pictures.

"Now, then. All that remains is to select which Pokemon I'll be going with.", he begun, as he searched through the sea of Poke Balls in his possession.

"Well, this may be a good opportunity to get some experience with those three......and Salamence would be accustomed to the mountainous terrain Ataka has, so he would be a good choice. As for the last two.....", he pondered, running numerous scenarios in his mind.

Perhaps another Steel-type would be helpful.", Aura decided, picking up the Poke Ball belonging to his Bisharp.

"And finally, if I need a lot of Speed, then.....Sceptile.|, he concluded, having chosen his team of six. After packing his bags, he went downstairs, where his family said goodbye as he recalled his Pokemon to their Poke Balls. Promising to keep in touch, he promptly released Salamence upon exiting the house.

"Well this will be a decently long trip. We have to be in Lilycove City by morning, and we can't cause any collateral damage, or it'll draw too much attention.", he said to Salamence, who responded with a nod.

"Alright, try to stay high enough that we won't run into any airplanes along the way.", Aura finished, as Salamence ascended quickly. With his family waving goodbye, and he waving back, the two took off into the setting Sun towards Slateport City.

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Leaving the Pokemon center, Pisclin was garbed in a parka as large as his bulging suitcase. No matter where he went he would be forever used to the tropical temperatures of Sunyshore City, a fact that made itself especially clear in the freezing region of Snowpoint City. Pisclin shuffled over to the docks, where he quickly boarded the modest ferry that would take him to the mysterious Ataka region.

Walking aboard the ship, Pisclin spotted someone scurrying into their cabin with a professional-looking camera by their side. Squinting a bit, Pisclin immediately recognized it as a camera used by employees of Eastman Enterprises! How very exciting to be on the same ship as someone who works for such a renowned company! Pisclin had seen a great amount of their work while traveling through Jubilife City, and knowing how long the ferry ride would be, decided he would have to pass the time by engaging this interesting individual in conversation.

"Hmmm... simply barging into his room and striking up conversation wouldn't be the greatest way to go about doing this..." Pisclin thought to himself. He continued to think until genius struck him!

"No self-respecting photographer could resist snapping a shot of an uncommon Pokemon!" Pisclin exclaimed as he released his Jynx from her Pokeball. Jynx was happy to be out in the cold, and viewed Snowpoint City with great intrigue, especially Snowpoint Temple, where she had been caught.

"Jynx, you have far more uses than your battling skills, it would appear!" Pisclin laughed as he himself viewed the city that he would be soon departing from. The fact that Jynx was from an area so very limited to people would certainly entice the mysterious photographer, and all Pisclin has to do at this point was play the waiting game...

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(To clear confusion, the Sinnoh ferry goes from Canalave to Snowpoint before leaving, so Idno, Ditto and Kaz are all on the same boat.)

Rurok left his door open as he fiddled with his laptop, "All data is backed up, and the AnalySphere is ready." He messed with a few tools before closing his laptop, "And done!"

"Well you're a pretty technologically enthralled trainer for getting this far." A feminine, country voice said aloud. Rurok turned to see a young woman, about the same height as him, leaning against the doorway to his room, "You sure you don't belong in a laboratory somewhere?"

Rurok gave out a small "Hah!" before replying, "I might not be the best around, but my pokemon are truly who represent me."

"Well I don't think that's the right attitude to take about your partners, little man," she smirked, "I think you just earned yourself a battle."

~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~ <== For future reference, this represents a change in area of interaction.

"Well, this is certainly not an entertaining vessel, that's for sure." The short maiden lifted her nose up at the roaring battles, "What riff-raff, nothing compared to my darlings."

The girl leaned over the edge of the boat as she awaited for its departure, a ring of laughter caught her attention, it came from a Metagross, "Hmm, hmm, hmm, I think that one will do just fine." The girl chuckled to herself, walking across the dock with the largest air of self-righteousness (or "swag" as the youth call it).

"Young man," she began, crossing her arms, her thick, furred, purple scarf caught between them, "I couldn't help but notice your pokemon, such a lovely species it is, higher quality than the rest of these tokens. Would you care for a battle?"

The ferries all sounded their horns, a common practice, as each one respectively departed from the docks of each region.

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"Hmm?" Lite looked up at the short woman hovering over his chair. He inspected her over his sunglasses- based on her manner of dress and her demeanor, she was obviously either well-bred or very full of herself. Lite was inclined to think the latter.

Sir, a moment? Warmachine was capable of opening a telepathic communication channel between his and Lite's mind.


I believe it would be ill-advised to engage in combat with a random stranger without some sort of proper introduction?

Well, why don't you tell me a bit about her, then.

You know I'm not going to do that; I have a moral obligation to not intrude on people's minds without consent. I do agree with you on some things, however. She is... maybe I'm using the word out of context... very "snooty"? She seems smug and superior.

Yeah yeah. She's not my type, War. But I may as well be nice and all that stuff. I'll oblige her; maybe I can gauge her abilities as well.

Sir, I don't believe it would be in your favor to accept her challenge at this time. She seems to keep an arrogant air about her- much like you've done in the past. You may have met your match. There was a tone of worry in Warmachine's thoughts.

Lite mentally waved him away. Don't worry about it. I'll be careful. And you will be, too. If it looks like something I shouldn't be getting into then I'll keep out of it, 'k? Lite sipped from his glass of Soda Pop before setting it down onto the table beside him, got up, and then bowed forward at his new guest. "I would care for a battle, ma'am. Might I introduce myself? I am Lite Kyler of Mossdeep. This is my faithful companion, Warmachine. You might be...who am I talking to, exactly?"
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"To think we actually ended up being late for the boat...yet another reason why getting distracted is counter-productive.", Aura said to Salamence as the flew across the ocean, following the trail left behind by the missed vessel. Within moments, a faint glimmer became visible on the horizon, growing larger and larger as the duo approached it.

"Wait a that...? On this ship of all places? It looks like that girl's challenging him to a battle, it could endanger other passengers if he ends up getting into it. Salamence, just land on the deck nearby so you don't alarm any of the guests., Aura said, leaping off of Salamence's back and into freefall towards the ship. Landing beside the two trainers, Aura promptly addressed one of them.

You should know well that your battling style isn't safe for areas like this. There'll be far too much collateral damage if you decide to accept challenges here. Not that your current status helps with keeping a low profile..., Aura notified the towering figure, after which he smiled at the Metagross next to him.

"I'm sure you probably warned him ahead of time, too. Unfortunately, he's always seemed to have been the type to shrug things off.", Aura reminisced, as he briefly glanced at the challenger, a girl who was utterly dwarfed in comparison to the one Aura had addressed, even more so than most people.
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After the boat left the port, Louis decided to take a stroll around the boat. It was then when he saw a Jynx. Although it wasn't very sightly, it was a rare pokemon. So he decided to take some pictures of it anyway. He walked up to its trainer.

"Hey, do you mind if I take some pictures of your pokemon?" he asked.

After the trainer happily obliged, Louis and Photo went into position and took some photos of the Jynx, who was jubilantly hamming up to the camera.

"So, where did you find this Jynx?" Louis asked.
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It was then that Pisclin's mind drew a complete blank. He hadn't even considered the fact that Louis would ask where he got his Jynx, and the fact that it was not obtained in the most... legal way would make things all the more difficult. Noticing a lack of barrels to hide in, Pisclin knew that he had only one choice: to make up a story!

"Well you see, during my travels here in the Sinnosh region I biked through a small town known as Solaceon. The town is well-known for its Daycare and Pokemon Breeding programs, and while passing through the town, I started watching the Pokemon in the Daycare playing. The man who runs the daycare went inside and grabbed a glass cylinder, and wouldn't you know it he brought it to me! I remember just what he said:

"I would like you to have this. This is a Pokémon egg. The trainer whose Pokémon this came from did not want the egg, and my wife and I are not trainers. I think it would be better off with you."

"Yep. And that's how I got a Smoochum egg. That is just how it happened."

Although there were many holes in his story, such as the bicycle that Pisclin did not own, or the Day Care Man's speech that Pisclin had taken from an old friend's experience, he had felt that this tale would do just fine to please the photographer.

As Pisclin's story and the photographer's picture-taking ended, the ferry finally announced that it would be departing soon.

"Well it was certainly a pleasure meeting you Mr... Guy, but I should be heading to my room now, especially due to how cold it is out here."

And with that Pisclin returned Jynx to her Pokeball, and scurried over to his cabin, large suitcase being dragged along with him.

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Ditto and Heimdal walked into the warm, humid hallway, closing and locking the door behind them. The boat had taken off from Snowpoint, and was now away from the cold air, which wasn't too far from port, surprisingly.

"Kallia really pisses me off sometimes. I don't think I'll ever get used to her ego, no matter how long we actually travel together." Ditto's words were filled with annoyance. "I don't see how anyone, human or Pokémon could be that stuck up!"

"Hey there, you're the one that's supposed to be calm. You don't wanna let that temper flare up. It's not good for you." Heimdal replied telepathically. Now that there were more people on the boat, it's probably best for a Pokémon not to talk, since it's something not normally seen. "C'mon now. There's gotta be some stuff to do on this ship other than your battle discs. Maybe real battles. I'm itchin' for some action."

"Yeah, yeah. I suppose you're right Heim. Why not look around deck a bit. This is a luxury liner after all. There has to be some fun things to do, and I'm sure that they have a field somewhere. Maybe even a tournament or colosseum. If we're gonna go to a new region, I definitely need to brush up on my battle skills a bit, not just simulations."

Ditto scouted the area for a map or employee that could help them. While finding neither resource they stumbled upon the battle field themselves. It was a standard dirt battlefield confined within the hull of the ship. It could probably seat all of the ship's passengers and then some. There was a board where you could request a battle. "Ah, I think this is what we're looking for Heim." Ditto entered his name and Xtranceiver number on the board.

"Let's wait here."
Heimdal said. "There's bound to be someone that shows up sooner or later, and it's not like we have much else to do. Plus, we can watch other battles while we wait for a challenger."

"Sounds okay to me." Ditto pulled out a black and gold mesh baseball cap with a emblem resembling a Moltres and put it on. The two sat up against the wall, with Ditto's hat over his eyes, as they waited for their first challenger to appear.

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"Err... what?"
"Err... what?"

Lite and Warmachine stood dumbfounded at the intruding Trainer. Of all the people in the world to run into, they had re-encountered Aura, a young man whom they had partnered with during the battle against Team Plasma. Lite knew him as a well-mannered but reserved man who looked down on Lite's flamboyant personality and tactics. Yet...

War... did he just-

-graciously jump off of a dragon in mid-air onto the deck? Yes.

He did. And I'm the flashy one, I thought. Oh well.

I'm unaware if he was even invited onto this ship. Or if that's the proper way to land. Or if that's the proper way to make an entrance.

Whatever. We've gotta deal with this now I guess. Lite looked down and addressed Aura.

"Aura kid, for your information, people have Pokemon battles on these giant cruisers all the time. And as the Champion of Hoenn, I have an obligation to accept or decline any challenge, friendly or otherwise, etcetera, and this lovely lady has asked me for a challenge; therefore, I have decided to oblige her. No big deal, right, Warmachine?" He then turned to his partner.

Warmachine nodded in agreement. "No, of course not. And he did confer with me before accepting the challenge. It will be a fair, clean match, and no harm will be done in participating."

Lite crossed his arms. "That's right. So don't worry, Aura guy, I've got this perfectly under control. You, on the other hand, should probably address the billions of pour souls you've scared the living hell out of by jumping off your Salamence and having it land on the frickin' deck."

Couldn't have said it better myself, sir.

Lite snickered in amusement. He loved it when people who considered him very outlandish, rude, and reckless, did things that he himself considered flashy and boisterous as well (with a smug atmosphere about them to boot). He then looked back at the short woman, speaking to her again. "Anyways. Sorry about this all, ma'am. Now, we were discussing introductions? What were you saying your name was again...?"

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"Challenge accepted, but I don't think these parts are the best for a match, let's go out where there's a bit more fresh air?" Rurok suggested.

"Well certainly!" She led the way.

(To save time, battles will be posted in one fell swoop, meaning chats should be utilized for battles. Any spectators in the RP that are available to make intermittent comments in the battle may be in the chat as well. Chats will need to be neatened obviously to fit quality standards. PM if any questions are needed.)


"Well darling, I don't think we're on a first-name basis yet. If you are so inclined, you may call me Dalia." She stated, fluffing her scarf and giving Lite a curtsy and addressing the interruption, "And no worries young man, these ferries are much higher caliber than your run-of-the-mill brands Hoenn has to offer. Not a single Pokemon has yet to breach our hulls." She flipped her hair, revealing a bow that had a pokeball in its center, "So shall we begin?

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After a short catnap in his cabin aboard the ship, Pisclin was ready to explore. He was going to be on this sea vessel for a while, and he had no interest in staying in his cramped room all day. After bonking his head on the cabin's low ceiling, Pisclin stepped out, dazed, heading straight down the hallway.

Spotting a multitude of interesting rooms, Pisclin began wondering if he should stop in one of them and spend his time meeting some of the trainers he spotted wandering about the ship. Thinking back to his experience with the photographer, Pisclin then decided against this idea, and stepped inside a massive iron door, curious of what could be inside the large stadium-like room, blatantly unaware to the sign outside of the room reading, "Pokemon Battle Arena."

The arena was truly massive! Pisclin had seen more well-kept stadiums, but the fact that such a titanic stadium could be kept in the ship was impressive nonetheless. Wandering around, still somewhat dazed, Pisclin found himself in front of a board for trainer to request battles. Trainer put in all of his information, even the bizarre and seemingly useless request for shoe size, and immediately after the screen lit up and a loud announcement rang through the arena:


Pisclin jumped at the sudden blaring announcement, that quite possible could have sounded throughout the entire ship! He turned behind him and against the wall saw, to his surprise, an equally startled Ditto! Unaware that he was even on the ship, Pisclin dashed over to him.

"Ditto! It is you! And on the very same ship as myself, no less. What a coincidence! It has been so long since Unova! I...this... you...hey that's a nice hat... I mean, er, battle? Yes?"

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It wasn't long before Ditto conked out waiting for his opponent. In his little snooze, he dreamed of Ataka and what secrets it holds. He dreamed of controlling the powerful aura. Then he dreamed he met Leonardo DiCaprio for some reason.

Soon he woke up to the loud blaring of an announcement on the ship. He didn't quite catch what it had said, but he rose up off of the ground slowly and wobbly. He caught a glimpse of a person at the board running over to him. The person said "Ditto! It is you! And on the very same ship as myself, no less. What a coincidence! It has been so long since Unova! I...this... you...hey that's a nice hat... I mean, er, battle? Yes?"

Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, Ditto took a moment to analyze the voice and the appearance of the person standing in front of him. The pallor of the person's skin was unmistakable. "It sure has been awhile, hasn't it Pisclin? It seems you still have a way with words." Ditto chuckled a little at the stumbling words of his old friend. "So you're my challenger, huh? What better way for to trainers to catch up than to battle, right?"

He started to walk toward the door that led into the field, with Heimdal close behind, looking back and waiting for his old friend to follow.

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As he signed up for the tournament that he just learned about, Louis noticed the pale guy who had the Jynx was confronting another smartish-looking guy. They took out their pokeballs after a few moments of awkward conversation and sent out some powerful-looking pokemon. He asked the receptionist if he could get on the floor with the referee so he could photograph the battle, and then showed her his company I.D.

As he walked onto the arena floor, showing the staff his I.D. numerous times, Louis and Photo took position a few feet to the side of the referee. Photo let out some light and Louis started shooting. After a few minutes, the stadium was nearly full, and Louis felt glad that he got front-row privileges. There was one problem, though; even without Photo's light, the sun shone directly onto the stadium, and it was to bright to take clear photos.

"Hey, sir?" Louis asked the referee. "Do you mind if I could shade the area a little so I could get clear shots?"

"Sorry, no can do," The ref said. "I can't let anyone interfere with any aspect of the battle. It's in the rules."

Louis just sighed and said "Oh, okay..." and continued to take pictures.

Too bad, he thought. I bet the big guy's getting cramped in there. Well, it'll be my time soon...
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Aura was somewhat surprised by Lite's abrupt, yet amusingly familiar response. The girl's relatively subtle criticism of Hoenn didn't please him, yet at least somewhat mild arrogance was nothing new to him after meeting Lite, so he ignored it. "Fair enough. I recall reading that this ship had rooms for trainers to conduct battles. Not sure how well they'll hold up with your kind of battling, but I suppose any collateral damage would be your responsibility anyway.", Aura said, as the two seemed so sure of themselves. Despite not knowing the female, she seemed like a decent match for Lite, at least in terms of personality. The prospect of seeing how Lite's battle style had developed in the past three years also intrigued him, and was likely the actual reason why he complied so easily. "Well then, I won't stay in your way. I need to check into my room, anyway. I might stop by to watch, though.", and with that, Aura departed, Salamence following closely behind, with many passengers glancing in their direction, no doubt due to their apparently "flashy" entrance.

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Dalia huffed and tossed back her hair which had slightly been pushed in front of her eyes due to the wind, ”Come along now, I have a battle room privately sanctioned just for me.” She ushered Lite, motioning for him to follow, her dress daintily trailing behind her.

”Ah, very well then,” said Lite hesitantly. Lite looked behind him at Warmachine. Privately sanctioned? Does she, like, own the ship or something? I haven't the slightest idea, sir. The last name Dalia doesn't remind me of any private boating companies. Shrugging, Lite walked off, following Dalia wherever she was planning on going, with Warmachine floating slowly behind.
Dalia walked down a flight of opulent stairs, ”So I've been wondering, what would you prefer in terms of battle?” She asked, turning about a corner with the clack of her heels, ”Singles of three, or doubles of four?”

Lite thought for a moment, and then “spoke” to Warmachine: Singles or Doubles, War? Warmachine, too, mentally idled before deciding, Doubles. It's been some time since we've had a battle that required more strategy than a simple one on one bout.
Nodding, Lite then spoke aloud to Dalia, ”We'll have a go in Doubles, ma'am.”

Dalia walked down the lavish halls, ”But that's the trouble, I don't think you deserve to see our finest.” As they walked down the halls, loud bangs could be heard coming from behind several doors, other sounds highly muffled behind them.

Lite peered at Dalia over his sunglasses. ”Your finest?” He chuckled. ”Ma'am, with all due respect, I am the Champion of Hoenn. Whether I deserve to see your finest or not does not mean that I can't handle it. Isn't that right, Warmachine?” It eagerly nodded. ”Most certainly, sir.”

”Very well.” She said, turning about and stepping backwards into the room of her choosing, spreading her arms, doing so chandeliers lit up at the sides of the room, ”But I only show my finest to those who deserve it. You should thank your graceful Metagross.” Turning about again and heading to the far end of the battlefield.

Lite frowned and looked back on his partner. Warmachine was chuckling silently to itself. The hell's so funny? Nothing, sir. It's just that... She truly is one self-centered individual, isn't she? I'm very interested in seeing how this battle will play out. Facing forward again and entering the room with Dalia, he replied to her, ”Well, Warmachine deserves my thanks for more than you know. If you show us to a good time here it'll be another favor I owe it.”

Aura slowly walked through the door, into a noticeably elegant and well-lit battle room. ”What a quaint place for a battle. And the bleachers even have cushions.” , he said, taking a seat in preparation for what would no doubt be a good battle. To Lite's noticeable astonishment, Salamence walked through the door as well, lying down next to the bleachers to watch the battle. ”He hasn't seen Lite battle in a while, so I'm sure he'll enjoy it too. Besides, no reason he has to go back into his Poke Ball just yet.” , Aura said in response to the perplexed look on his old friend's face.

Again, in-time, Lite and Warmachine both expressed their astonishment: ”Err...what?” ”Err...what?” Lite stared up at Aura, in the bleachers. ”Have you been following us down here this whole time?”

“I didn't have to. I left a tracking device on you before I left, since mine are automated now. After all, it'd be a huge waste of time to search the ship with all the different battle rooms, and I prefer watching battle in person, as opposed to those glorified televisions.” , Aura replied, hoping that would be the last question before what would no doubt be an interesting battle.

Dalia shrugged, ”Many trainers find their pokemon are quite comfortable outside, that's why my father aimed these massive ships to house all kinds of successful trainers.”
She stretched, and in doing so, two pokeballs slid from both her sleeves into her hands, ”Enough chatter, I grow bored of your company with every passing second without proper entertainment.”

”...!” Lite swung his arms around in a fit. ”What? What? War, did he leave something on me? What is this? What the hell? When did he get that close to me to leave a DEVICE ON ME?” Warmachine craned its body to the right. ”On your neck, sir.” He telekinetically removed a small metal device from Lite's neck, before pausing. Hold on. Lite, did you hear her? Her father owns these cruisers. Lite shook himself off before responding. Wait, what? So that explains her... uhm... Your slang term is “prissiness.” Yeah! Her prissiness! People like her bug me, War. People like her bug me a lot. We'll have to teach her a bit of a lesson in subtlety, won't we? Addressing Dalia again, he smirked and said, ”Sure, fine then. Let's begin the battle, then, shall we?”

”Of course.” She said, ”Darling Gardevoir, Graceful Glaceon, I ask of you to partake in this battle for me!”

Tossing her pokeballs into the air, it became more apparent that they were both Luxury Balls as they opened up with a flash of light to reveal a Gardevoir with a white scarf wrapped around its neck, and a Glaceon with a blue scarf tied around its own.

“Hmm! Two worthy opponents. Lite, might I request that you send in the 'second-in-command' as well?” Lite smiled at his partner. ”Ohoho. I like that idea.” He pulled a Poke Ball off his belt and tossed it down, bouncing it on the ground. ”Alright! Here goes! Mandy, let's show this kid who's boss!” Out from the Poke Ball, a Tyranitar materialized herself from the red light, and introduced herself to the battlefield with a great roar. She then looked down at the two opponent Pokemon, then at Warmachine, and let loose another roar, which Lite understood to be dialogue directed at her Doubles partner. Seemingly annoyed, Warmachine replied, ”Amanda, we haven't time for your showy banter. A good clean fight, remember?” She rolled her eyes, then turned back around to her opponents, and smiled with another grunt. Lite pumped his fist into the air. ”Alright, Ms. Dalia. We're ready when you are...!”

”Very well, darlings, prepare to give them a spectacle that will leave them bedazzled for ages! Gardevoir, hold true, Glaceon, show them your adroitness, Double Team!”
At her orders, Gardevoir closed her eyes, standing still, and Glaceon, eager to show them what she's made of, sped about the room, copies circling the ring.

Lite carefully scanned the battlefield with Warmachine. He had absolutely no idea what Dalia's Pokemon were up to (nor the definition of adroitness) but he knew that the Glaceon would become troublesome later on if he couldn't hit her, and that Gardevoir was plotting something fierce. Warmachine telepathically notified Lite of his plan. Sir, I'll strike the Glaceon first. I've conferred with Amanda already- her job is to take the Gardevoir out before she can attack, or at the very least understand what she's up to. Lite mentally confirmed Warmachine's tactic. Alright, sounds like a plan. Get to it! He pointed his left index finger in Dalia's direction, and Warmachine let out a loud metallic bellow and used its steel arms to bring down several steel meteors upon the Glaceon- Meteor Mash! At the same time, Mandy stomped down with another great roar and charged forward at the Gardevoir, highlighting her claws in a black glow; her favored move, Shadow Claw. Let's hope these two know what they're doing, Lite thought to himself.

Meteor Mash fell upon the stage with a crash, marring the carpet, but the floor unscratched, the illusions of Glaceon fading from view as dust started clouding the field. ”Dance, Gardevoir!” Gardevoir's eyes opened, seeing Mandy dashing towards her, she teleported away at the instant she clawed, swiping at thin air.

”Glaceon, remember, grace before glory, show yourself and show your dazzle!” Glaceon emerged from one of the remaining illusions and leapt, trails of diamond dust from the meteors flowing from her tail, leaving behind a shimmer of ice, she bounded onto the head of Metagross and into the air, “Now as we practiced darling, shine with your best!”

Instantly, Glaceon in a twirl dissipated into a ring of illusions again, but this time something else came into play as well, each illusion began glowing intensely.

“And Gardevoir, let’s introduce them into the fun of frivolous power, Energy Ball!”

Gardevoir hovered in the air after reappearing from the teleport, firing a green ball of energy at Mandy, “And prepare a follow-up flow! I’m thinking purple would go well with this scene!~” Gardevoir began charging up a Shadow Ball.

Lite jumped backward. What the hell was this? Warmachine, too, was visibly shocked, but undeterred. It yelled out again, firing more Meteor Mashes at Glaceon. Mandy, however, was in a much more serious predicament. Lumbering backward slowly to avoid the Energy Ball, she countered the grass move with several rocky projectiles, trying to cut Gardevoir with Stone Edge... but Lite observed his Pokemon's moves more closely. No, they weren't attacking their opponents directly! They were... Warmachine mentally cried out to Lite. Sir! These appear to be choreographed dance moves. Amanda and I will attempt to predict where the enemy will move next while attacking them at the same time!! Lite's eyes widened. Now it made sense! The acrobatic performance put on by the Glaceon and the Gardevoir were well-calibrated, rehearsed dance moves! Lite smiled at his partner. Okay, gotcha! Send 'em packing!

Meteor Mash slowly but surely started crushing each illusion of Glaceon, leaving behind nothing.

However, Mandy's attempts were much more intense, the Stone Edge deflected the Energy Ball and pelted Gardevoir before she could release the Shadow Ball. But an issue arose. The Energy Ball hit one of Glaceon's illusions, rebounding off it with the power of Mirror Coat, firing back towards Mandy with greater strength.

“Lite, Mandy's taking more damage than she needs to. I don't see why you haven't had her activate Sand Stream yet, it's not like Warmachine would take damage from it.” , Aura pointed out to Lite.

Lite heard Aura's disclaimer, and this made him wonder. Why -hasn't- she whipped up a sandstorm? This isn't like her... Then he looked back at Warmachine, who winked at him and then beckoned up at its partner. ”Now! Do it!!” Mandy nodded, and with a swing of her arms, let loose a giant wave of sand, filling the arena with clouds of dust. Lite smiled. ”Oh, War. I can always count on you to think of tactics that would never cross my mind!” ”I aim to please, sir!” Warmachine yelled over the sudden roaring tide of the storm. Lite pushed his sunglasses back up the bridge of his nose to deflect the sandstorm, then commanded: ”Let's do it, you two! Time to begin our counter-offensive! Sandstorm go!” Warmachine tore forward again at Glaceon, with a third Meteor Mash glowing within its fists. Mandy took the reflected Energy Ball shot and stumbled backward, yet she had enough energy left within her to fire back more Stone Edge shots back at Gardevoir.

Dalia covered her mouth with her arm, keeping her eyes squinted in the oncoming sand, ”Gardevoir, follow through!” She yelled, Gardevoir teleporting behind Mandy, an Energy Ball pointed point blank. The sandstorm buffetting her greatly, but seeing her target with her inner eye.

Dalia however, was unable to tell the specifics on Glaceons' location, ”Glaceon, fall back with sparkle!” In an instant, all illusions of Glaceon faded to one, flying past the again wrong Metagross, firing ice shards from her mouth as she bounded beneath it.

Mandy took the second unavoidable Energy Ball, let out a sharp groan and collapsed. She had done all she could and needed to do- Gardevoir had been whittled down greatly and a sandstorm had been produced. Lite procured her Poke Ball and called her to return. ”You did good, kid. That's all I asked for.” He then reached for another Poke Ball on his belt. ”Hmm! I think this one will do just fine. Lagann! It's all on you!! Go for it!” He tossed the Poke Ball down, and out burst a small Pokemon dwarfed by Warmachine- an Excadrill. He let out a sharp battle cry and quickly assessed the situation. Lite yelled his command to the mole Pokemon. ”Lagann! You know the drill!” Lagann nodded and shaped himself into a giant drill, boring down at the Glaceon jumping past Warmachine with the added momentum from the sandstorm. It was Lagann's signature move, Drill Run! Likewise, Warmachine floated past Glaceon, deftly avoiding her ice attacks, and charged at Gardevoir, with a psychic attack of its own- Zen Headbutt!

Gardevoir was weakening in the sandstorm, having downed Mandy she got the ground, kneeling. ”Hold on Gardevoir dearest!” Dalia called before hearing the cry of Glaceon after being smashed by Lagann, getting sent flying towards Gardevoir, knocking them both back towards Dalia, critically injured. Dalia was astonished by the sudden situation. And Gardevoir could tell, so she took matters into her own hands. A white light formed at her hands as Metagross approached, forming into a sphere, she pressed it into Glaceon and shoved her away as hard as she could. The light bursting and recovering Glaceon's lost health. At a cost of wasting so much time, Gardevoir took the Zen Headbutt straight on, knocked out.

Dalia was bewildered by the turn of events, but Glaceon called out to her, snapping back into it, ”Right, well. Return dear Gardevoir!” She yelled. Gardevoir fading into the Luxury Ball, ”You did great my sweet. ” She looked back to Glaceon, ”Hold them at bay Glaceon, Ice Beam!” Glaceon acknowledged, a solid thick, chill beam cutting the stage in two, leaving a wall of ice inbetween the combatants.

”Now Primeape, my soulful guardian, show them your strength!” She yelled, tossing a pokeball into the sand, a Primeape with a red bandana wrapped on its left arm popping out, unsurprisingly very angry. ”They hurt Gardevoir, make them pay!” At these ushered words Primeape already showed an increase in impatience, pounding himself in anger.

Lite and Warmachine (floating back to its side of the stage) grinned. ”We've got 'em even, 3-3. War, do you mind sittin' this bit out? I've got it under control from here.” Warmachine nodded. ”Planning the new doubles technique, are we? I'd like to see how it goes as well. Very well then!” It floated back behind Lite, who detached a third Poke Ball from his belt. ”Mighty Gurren! Show off what'cha got!” Tossing the Poke Ball down, a large Emboar burst forth from the red light. He grunted, billowing flame and embers from his fiery beard. Looking down at his partner, the diminutive but powerful Lagann, he flashed a wide grin. Lite, too, was beaming. ”Okay, guys! Are you ready for this! Combining Gurren-Lagann battle formation!” Gurren nodded, and hoisted Lagann into the air, resting him on top of his shoulders. Now it was time for the dual-combo attacks they'd perfected. Lite pointed his right index finger at Dalia's Pokemon, and Gurren charged forward, with Lagann on top of him. Lagann formed himself into another Drill Run attack, and Gurren coated himself in flame, preparing a Heat Crash. The combined attacks plowed through the wall of ice with ease. Gurren then tossed Lagann at the Glaceon, who broke out of his drill and quickly lashed his Metal Claws forward at her. Not missing a beat, Gurren bounded off with momentum and aimed another Heat Crash at the Primeape.

”Glaceon, not a step out of tune, let Gardevoir's efforts not go to waste, Ice Shard the cad back!” Glaceon opened its mouth and fired shards at Lagann quicker than its claws could reach her.

”Primeape, we will stand strong! Show them their strength is no match for ours, Protect!” Primeape brought its arms in front of it, creating a barrier around itself to endure the Heat Crash.

Lite gnashed his teeth together. ”Remember, guys! It's about the momentum!” Gurren bounced off of the Protective barrier and rolled in mid-air, preparing a third Heat Crash attack for the Glaceon. Likewise, Lagann cut through the Ice Shards, and although missing his target, hit the ground and then Drill Ran back into the air, using Gurren's body as a platform to leap off of, and then drilled down towards the Primeape. Lite pumped his arms in anticipation- the technique was meant for the Pokemon to never lose forward momentum. As long as they could maintain a continuous pounding attack, the match was in the bag...!

“Enough games, show them who has style Primeape, show them who is the bigger man! Revenge!” Primeape took the Drill Run, letting Lagann spin at him, but he endured the hit and pulled back one arm that began to glow ferociously with the constant movement of Lagann's attack. Primeape was being pushed back slowly to a halt, and then let Revenge loose at full power.

Glaceon however, was not so fortunate, after evading Excadrill she found herself about to be crushed by an incoming Heat Crash. Dalia had to think fast, ”Ice Beam!” She yelled, the bright blue beam hitting Gurren, but not stopping the attack as Glaceon took it head on, steam clearing and revealing she was KO'd. Dalia sighed and returned her, saluting her for her agility and bravery.

While Gurren bounded off of the fainted Glaceon and back up, preparing yet another Heat Crash, Lagann was not so lucky. The wounded Primeape's Revenge technique had plowed Lagann off far, and he had lost his momentum due to such a shocking blow. Lagann's body was tossed back along the ground, rolling back at Lite's feet. Worried for his partner's safety, Lite shouted down at him, ”Lagann, hit the bricks. You're done-” But Lagann barked back at Lite furiously. Despite his grave injuries, it was clear that Lagann was far from done in the fight. Lite smirked. ”Alright, fine. But don't push yourself too hard, you hear me?! Now go back out there and raise more hell!” Lagann smiled and barked at Lite in the affirmative, plowing back forward with Drill Run and leaping deftly into the air, rejoining Gurren atop his shoulders. Warmachine, too, was pleased. ”We designed the Gurren-Lagann formation based off of their immense vitality and their unwillingness to relent in the face of defeat. These two are definitely going to put on a good show.”

Dalia sighed, ”Maybe they do deserve my best, very well! Latias, let's show them how we do this darling!” She tossed out a Quick Ball, and out with it came a Latias in prime perfection, donning a red scarf.
Primeape realized the conditions had changed, and even Glaceon had been knocked out, and pumped itself up further, angered beyond description.

”Okay guys, let's show them style and speed in one perfect form!”
The two both nodded and prepared themselves for what's to come.

Lite stood in awe at the beautiful red Dragon-type Pokemon that had appeared before him. Warmachine, too, was shocked at the change in tides. ”Impressive. Your opponent is truly one to be reckoned with.” Gurren and Lagann, however, were not as impressed, and it was clear the battle continued on for them. Noticing this, Lite yelled out a command. ”Change of plans! We don't want to set the world on fire!” Emboar nodded, and burned out the flames surrounding him. Instead, he set off a spark and covered himself in electricity, plowing down toward the ground with blinding speed and targeting the Latias. Lagann, too, aimed an attack at Latias, creating several mounds of rock and hurling them at Latias. Very well-planned, sir! The combined strength of Wild Charge and Rock Slide should cause significant damage to Latias. Yeah, but let's hope that damn ape doesn't screw us over.

”Primeape! They're going to hurt Latias! Show them your Strength!” Dalia pleaded.
At the tone of voice something in Primeape snapped, his eyes turned red and it snarled in anger rushing towards the onslaught to defend Latias, It raised its arms and a white energy coated its body, the rocks began slamming into him, but he didn't move. His feet tense, the rocks piled as suddenly Gurren slammed into the formed rock pile, Primeape contending with now the electric force of Wild Charge.

”Latias! Cease this madness with Psychic!” Latias obeyed hovering behind Primeape she halted Gurren, and with a wave of her arms, sent him flying back. Primeape gravely hurt though, kneeled as the rock pile broke apart.

”Primeape, brave soul, are you okay?!” She asked, Primeape nodded back in acknowledgment, but broke down and fainted.

Lite held his head high. Gurren skidded back along the floor, reeling due to the sheer force of the Psychic attack and his own recoil. ”Gurren, you okay there, pally?” He nodded furiously, and ignited his beard. ”As I expected. Alright then. One last blow, and you're both done. Show her the famous fighting spirit that's brought us to this point!” Gurren barrelled back into the fray, preparing his final Wild Charge. Lagann, too, bolted back onto Gurren's shoulders and readied one last Rock Slide. Lite and Warmachine gritted their teeth. It all came down to this final attack...

”Latias! Let's end this now! Special Technique: Rock Lancer!” Latias nodded, beauty has taken its course, now is the time for action. Glowing blue, Latias collected the shards of rock from the previous onslaught, channeling and forming it tightly into a large lance head in front of her. Latias, with the most serious of faces, tucked her arms into her body and at mythic speeds, blasted towards her targets.

Not to be deterred, Lite planned his own final trick. ”Now! Gurren-Lagann! Combine! Giga Drill Wild Charge!” Gurren's bolts of electricity ran down Lagann's drill tips, electrifiying him. Lagann then spun into a Drill Run and ran down to Gurren's arms, his continuous spinning turning Gurren into an extension of the drill. Gurren and Lagann were now a dangerous electricity-tipped missile drill of death, and their target? Latias. Bolting down straight at her at insane breakneck speeds. Do or die time, guys.

“This won't end well, Latias! We need to act fast! Leave them in the dust with your unmatched speed! Mist Ball!” Dalia begged, Latias immediately turning tail 180 degrees after launching a small white ball into the core of the now-projectile rock, turning it into Rock/Psychic bomb, ready to impact on the thunder drill team.

Lite's glasses dropped from his face. An intense, fiery look of excitement in his eyes cut through the battleground. ”HEAR ME NOW, GURREN-LAGANN! COMBINATION BREAK!!” Gurren immediately broke away from the missile drill, and threw Lagann into the psychic projectile. Lagann bore through the bomb with a clean and precise electric drill charge, and cut through the sandstorm with rocks of his own aimed at Latias. Gurren, now, rebounding off his own momentum in mid-air, tore down like a rocket at Latias. In two different directions, the legendary Dragon-type was cornered- a power drill from the bottom, and an electrified meteor from above. ”That's it, Gurren-Lagann! Show them our iron bond!!”

Latias was cornered, turning about she saw the two raring towards her, Latias was starting to get scared, Dalia caught onto this, ”Hold on little dearest, use your Psychic and try to make them collide early!”
Latias wouldn't listen though, she turned away and braced for the impact of the attack, both pokemon crushing her against the wall, the wall surprisingly not giving into the power of the attacks as the KO'd Latias.
Dalia put her hands away from her face from worry, and quickly returned Latias, ”There there dear, it's okay, I know you're not used to it.” She sighed.

Lite dropped to his knees in both exhaustion and relief, and searched the floor for his sharp sunglasses. Upon finding them, he put them both back to his face and let loose a huge, toothy grin, spanning from one ear to the next. Warmachine, too, smiled, and as the beaten and worn down Gurren and Lagann walked back over to Lite, it congratulated them, saying ”It was a very daring battle for you both. It was the first time you two had been put together in our tried Doubles formation, and up against one of the mythical legendary Pokemon of the world, no less!” It laughed loudly and metallically. ”Even so, you two pulled through and snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. We could expect no less from our two bravest allies. Thank you.” Gurren and Lagann both bowed to Warmachine. Lite now turned to them, hugging them both. ”Thanks a lot, you guys. You put on a good fight. I haven't felt so tense in months. But you're tired, and now you gotta rest.” He pulled out their Poke Balls and returned them back. Lite then looked straight onward towards his fierce opponent, Dalia. ”I just wanted to say thanks. I haven't been that excited in a long time. I will never forget our first battle together. It's some very impressive stuff. I bet Warmachine feels the same way.” He pushed his sunglasses up his nose before bowing to his opponent, and waited for a response.

Dalia turned her slight frown of disappointment into a smile, ”Well I'm glad it was enjoyable for someone.” She thought about her ideas and how now they were all in the trash since she lost, ”Well, enjoy your stay at the ship, I think I fancy myself some fresh air while I tend to my pokemon.” She waved and headed out of a door on the opposite side of the room, a cold exit perhaps, but she did feel very disappointed.

”Well....that was the quite the...ostentatious battle. To think that even as a Champion you could have a Pokemon
knocked shows there's still room for improvement, which is no doubt a good thing. Not to mention you seem to have worked on your Pokemon's team work a lot since the last time I saw you battle.”
, Aura said to Lite, who had a huge grin on his face, an indication of how much he enjoyed the fight.

Lite paused in the middle of beckoning to Dalia, but it was too late anyway. Turning to Aura, he replied, ”Aura kid, there's always someone better than you and always someone worse. 'Course there's room for improvement. Anyways, I dunno about you, but I'mma explore the rest of this place. Maybe I'll bring that Dalia girl some drinks to put out the fire that is her bad mood later on. For now, I'll stick to my free Soda Pops. C'mon War.” As he and Warmachine exited the room, he stopped and pointed straight at Aura. ”Oh! And one more thing!! It's totally not socially awkward for someone to stick things in or on other people without them knowing. I'm pretty sure that is, in fact, illegal. And wrong. And stop doing that. Now I'm out.” Lite completed his exit through the doorway, with Warmachine pausing to make another quip at Aura before he left: ”Mr. Kyler's right, you know.”

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Looking at this RP in this format, the lack of constantly bolded text is much less annoying to read through, let me know your thoughts in our private chat.

The suave and smooth looks of the room lit up, the room the challenge was assigned to was the Big Screen room, small LEDs of varying colors lined the arena as a loud and proud voice echoed in the room, "Our challengers are approaching! A battle to start this cruise off with a bang is about to begin!"

Cheering echoed from the small rows of stands at the side of the dark blue room.
Pisclin looked around the stadium at the eager and excited faces in the crowds of people, growing a bit nervous. He rarely battled in front of groups of people this large, and although anxious he didn't lose confidence.
"Well then Ditto, I suppose I am ready to battle if you are!" Pisclin yelled, grabbing at a Dusk Ball on his belt. "I'm sure Ditto would like to see Tentacruel all grown up, but Alakazam really should perform better in a one-on-one battle..." Pisclin thought as he tossed the Dusk Ball into the arena. His reliable Alakazam materialized, looking in awe at tbe enthralled crowd. As Alakazam closed his eyes to collect himself, Ditto himself prepared for the battle.
"Oh, an Alakazam! Such an intense pokemon! But what will the second trainer send out in return?"
Ditto scanned the crowd himself. "Quite a turnout, eh Heim?"
(It shall be noted, that unless it is pokemon to pokemon speech, all pokemon-human speech shall be italicized.)
"Eh, I suppose so," Heimdal replied. "Just send me out and let's get this over wi--"
"No." Ditto cut him off as he pulled a polished red Cherish Ball from his belt. "Apollo, you're up!" Ditto called out as he tossed the ball into the air. In a flash of rainbow, the Quilava appeared onto the battlefield, ready to rumble.
"Oh! And a Quilava is sent out in offense! For you pokeball fans out there, that was a Cherish Ball! A once in a lifetime battle is about to begin!"
Pisclin admired the rare Cherish Ball as it was tossed, wondering how Ditto managed to obtain such an item. No matter, though, as Alakazam as a powerful Pokemon that could muscle his way through a Quilava with ease.
"All righty Alakazam, since this is a short battle let's get things moving quickly. Hmmm, try out your Focus Blast, I wonder how successful that would be..." Pisclin drifted off as Alakazam prepared the devastating attack, gathering his mental strength in one point that would be shot at Quilava full-power.
It was apparent that Pisclin's Alakazam was charging up for something big, though it wasn't quite as obvious what attack it was. "Alright Apollo, use a Smokescreen, then in the confusion, use a Dig and get underground!" Apollo nodded in understanding and started to cover the field in a dark smoke.
"Oh! The field is being covered in a dense smog! This might turn the tables!"
Pisclin coughed loudly, while simultaneously trying to squint through the dense smoke. No matter how hard he looked, though, he couldn't spot Apollo. "Well, it seems to have already made its escape..." Pisclin thought to himself. Alakazam couldn't contain himself anymore, though, and had to release the ferocious Focus Blast. Aimed at nothing in particular, the intense blast went entirely to waste.
Not knowing if Apollo could hear him over the roar of the crowd, Ditto tapped into the Aura telepathy. "Alright Apollo, listen up. I want you use Quick Attack and get high up into the air, then follow up with a Flame Wheel using gravity to power it up." Ditto's plan seemed like it would work like a charm. "Roger that," replied the Quilava. "I'll do my best."
"What could be happening? Sounds are all the hints we'll get as the smog refuses to let up!"
Pisclin thought of an idea quickly, well aware that he would not have much time to give his command to Alakazam. "There is no time to prepare another Focus Blast, Alakazam! It may not be as strong, but ready a Signal Beam to greet Apollo as he heads towards you! Only shoot when you can truly see him. We can't afford to miss again." Pisclin was proud of his command, and as Alakazam nodded to acknowledge him he became more confident in his strategy.
Apollo burst out of the ground with a beam of white light behind him. In the air, he quickly turned around and curled up into a ball. He began to rapidly spin as the flames on his neck and tail enveloped his body. He began his firey decent to his opponent with a streak of flames behind him.
Alakazam's multi-colored beam, though damaging to Quilava, was completely unable to halt its fervid attack. As Alakazam slid across the dusty floor, Apollo regained his footing and reared up, eager to keep the battle going. Pisclin, not entirely crestfallen by the events, praised Alakazam for the damage that he was able to deal.
"Now, then, get back up and try preparing a Calm Mind! This battle is far from over, I should think." As Alakazam got off the ground and closed his eyes, he entered a serene state of being, completely unlike the wild and smoky scence around him.
"Apollo, are you alright?"
"Do ya really think that a Signal Beam will take me down that easily? It was a flick at best. Tickled a bit even."
"Good, good..." Ditto hesitated a bit. Apollo had taken a bigger hit than he was letting on. He always liked to ignore the pain he was feeling. He also knew the way Pisclin battled. He wouldn't fall for the same trick twice. "Alright," Ditto started in telepathy. "I want you to Dig again, but this time, go for a direct attack. Memorize Alakazam's position, since it's mostly special based, it won't be moving too much." Apollo responded by burrowing his way back underground.
The smog parted from the field, "The field clears! Uh oh, Alakazam has already taken damage! But where's Quilava?"
Pisclin and Alakazam had rehearsed this strategy ages ago on wild Sandshrew, and Pisclin was confident that the two of them could deceive Apollo.
"Keep on using that Calm Mind of yours, please. Just keep focusing and growing in power, now." Pisclin was spewing false commands, and Alakazam was more than aware of it. As Apollo approached the surface, Alakazam could use its heightened senses to not only detect the attack but also escape! "A perfect plan, if one ever existed," thought Pisclin to himself.
"Alright Apollo, here's what I want you to do. Burrow a tunnel system using Quick Attack. I feel as if you're moving quick enough, he won't be able to keep track of you." The thoughts raced between Pokémon and trainer. "I just hope that I'm right on this call..." He thought to himself. "Bide your time and strike when they're unsuspecting. There's one thing I want you to do though; If he snares you in a Psychic, put a plume of smoke in his face. Break his concentration. Feel free to improvise as needed."
"I gotcha." Apollo sped around under the ground. "This'll be a piece of cake."
"The battle is in an ominous pause, which side will make the next move?"
Pisclin's heartbeat slowly began to quicken as he grew more nervous, unlike the very much relaxed Alakazam. "Yes, keep your cool Alakazam, we must be prepared to attack once Apollo resurfaces..." Pisclin commanded, and Alakazam obeyed. As Apollo dug through the stadium, Alakazam was able to vaguely track the Volcano Pokemon, ready to evade once Apollo made its presense under Alakazam extremely clear.
Apollo burst out of the ground with a geyser of flames. That was his improvising. He was named after the Greek God of the sun, after all. He loves to use his fire moves. The column of flames was right between Ditto and the target, so he couldn't see how close he had gotten to hitting the Alakazam.
With Ninjask-like reflexes and Speed, Alakazam slid away from the eager Quilava and eruption of flames in the nick of time, readying his spoons for a counter-attack. Molten lava spread across the arena's floor and collected near Alakazam's feet, but he was able to brush off most of the pain. "Quick! Another Signal Beam!" demanded an excited Pisclin, and Alakazam shot another rainbow beam at Apollo, who had only just landed.
With the Signal Beam a direct hit, Apollo was sent skidding across the dirt of the stadium, kicking up a small cloud of dust.
"What an amazingly beautiful counter!"
"Apollo! Are you alright?"
"Yeah... just a little... dizzy... ugh.."
"Oh jeez, not confusion... and you without a Lum Berry... Alright, try an assault of Quick Attacks," Ditto crossed his fingers that the attack would work. Luckily, Apollo took off with that teltale streak of white light behind him, aimed at the opponent.
Alakazam was ready for more, as the successful counter-attack served as a successful boost to morale. "Hmm, how about... Psychic! Yes, try and use Psychic to stop Apollo in mid-air, please!" Apollo's attack came as a shock, though, and Alakazam was hardly able to prepare an attack before a swift Quick Attack knocked him down. "Up, up!" pleased Pisclin, hoping that Alakazam had more fight left in him.
"Now's our chance, Apollo! Follow up with a hard hitting Flame Wheel!"
At this close of a range, it would be a miracle if Alakazam could get away from it. Shaking his head, he fired up quite literally and charged towards Alakazam, close range.
"Could this be it?!"
Quilava's searing Flame Wheel, though strong, dwarfed in power compared to his other attacks because Apollo simply didn't have the ability to truly build up the attack. The intense damage had still been done, though, and Alakazam struggled to get up following the attack. "Now! Psychic, while you still can!" Alakazam, using his dwindling energy, lifted up the smoking Apollo, evoking muscle spasms and physical pain, all while creating a bluish aura. "Do as much as you can, Alakazam, as another vicious counter attack could be risky..." yelled Pisclin, trying to keep Alakazam on his feet as long as possible.
"Quick, Smokescreen!"
A black bellow came from the belly of the beast, completely covering Alakazam's eyes in smoldering hot ash and soot. This seemed to be a small advantage. Hopefully, this would break the concentration on the Psychic attack
Alakazam, vision now completely out of the question, could only see an inky blackness. "Keep going Alakazam, you are doing wonderfully!" exclaimed Pisclin! Alakazam had no difficulty maintaining his Psychic attack, and although he could hear Pisclin he certainly could not see him anymore. With Apollo under his control, though, vision was no pressing issue.
"Oh no... What am I gonna do... Wait a tic..."
Of course! Apollo's ability, Blaze, would be kicking in. A Flame Wheel may have the required power to break out of the Psychic. It's all they could hope for at this point in the battle.
"Apollo, try a Flame Wheel, and let's let that Blaze kick in, for a little extra boost!"
As Apollo's flames roared with power, Pisclin acted as Alakazam's eyes to give what he hoped would be his final command. "Alakazam! Quickly! Toss Apollo away in any direction!" Alakazam, obeying orders, sent the explosive Quilava soaring as he released his Psychic grip, sending Quilava through the air.
Ditto seized this chance. He could use this moment of freedom to end this once and for all.
"We don't have much time to lose! Use the flames from your tail to reverse your momentum, go into a Quick Attack, and at the last minute, switch to a high powered Flame Wheel! This is the only chance we've got, so let's make it count!"
And Apollo did so. The Quilava deftly spun around and with one burst from his tail, was sent flying toward the Alakazam. Flame Wheel erupted at the perfect moment. The impact left another cloud of dust, leaving the crowd wondering which Pokémon was still standing.
As the misty cloud of dust settled, Alakazam lay still on the ground next to an exhausted and heavily breathing Quilava. Any last-ditch efforts by Alakazam would have been in vain, as the fiery impact was enough to knock both Pokemon out cold. Pisclin's rallying calls were in vain, as both Quilava and Alakazam were down for the count.
"Amazing! The battle resulted in a tie! Both pokemon are too exhausted to continue battling!"

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Lite continued wandering through the large pleasure-cruise ship. As he and Warmachine walked past, they observed several Trainers, from the amateur to the pro, both battling and lounging with their Pokemon, many of which Lite recognized from his adventures around the world.

"Sir, how long has it been since we've been around such a large gathering of trainers?" Warmachine mused to itself.

"I can't even remember. It's been ages." Lite searched his memories. "It must've been… the Johto-Sinnoh Battle Frontier. Or the Indigo Conference."

"Our most recent adventure… every subsequent journey becomes dwarfed by the one that succeeds it, in sheer scale of powerful Trainers and regions of territory traveled through." Warmachine chuckled. "I look forward to how this adventure will unfold, sir."

"Same, War. But before we do that, how about we pay Princess Prissypants a visit?"

"Yes, indeed. Although... if you must insist on referring to her thusly, I would advise that you refrain from doing so in her presence?"

"Whatever, man." Lite grunted as he climbed the grand staircase to the residential quarters, as Warmachine hovered above the steps. Dalia- or rather, her parents- had clearly spared no expense in decorating the entire interior of the ship with majestic designs. "I feel richer and more pompous than I probably already am!" Lite quipped.

Eventually, they reached the top, and entered a long, sprawling hallway of interior rooms.

"So she should be in… one of these rooms…"

"And how, sir, do you expect to search these rooms for her? By the brute force process of elimination?"

"Well, I obviously expect her to be crying in anguish upon losing to the great Champion of Hoenn despite being a cocky little boy before we started. So we just put our ears to each door and listen for the sound of a lonely depressed woman's tears."

Warmachine gave off a metallic sigh. "As… brilliant… as that sounded, sir, I would simply recommend allowing me to search for her individual brainwave and heartbeat pattern using my hyper-intelligent psychic abilities, which would be a much more direct way of narrowing down the search effort, especially since you had not possessed the foresight of asking anyone prior to beginning your search."

"I thought you didn't like reading people's minds."

"It's not mind-reading, per se. It's mind-searching."

"What's the- never mind."

Warmachine nodded away Lite's cut-off question, and closed its eyes. The steel 'X' on its large, blue, metallic forehead shone brightly, and it opened its eyes slowly.

"Sir, she does not seem to be inside any of these rooms. Ms. Dalia appears to be pondering on the deck."

"Oh, well then, let's head out and get some fresh air."

"Very well, sir. The deck is straight ahead; it's the door in front of us, at the very end of the hall."

Lite nodded. He zipped up his sweatshirt, buttoned up his spring coat, and put his hood over his head as he approached the door at the end of the long corridor. He pushed it open wide enough to accommodate Warmachine, and felt the cold night air brush against what little of his face was exposed- his cheeks, nose, and lips. He removed his sharp glasses and replaced them in his coat pocket. Lite observed Dalia, leaning against the side of the deck, on the edge rail. He nodded to his partner, and as he and it slowly approached the small woman, Lite grinned and spoke up.

"Hey, there, gorgeous! Why don't you come inside? It's too cold for a pretty thing like you to be standing out around here."
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Dalia leaned against the rail, her hair in the wind, her bow without its pokeball, a safe assumption that her pokemon were away for recovery. She turned to her victor, "You're too kind," she said, her attention back out to the waves, and then towards where the ship was headed, "But I wanted to enjoy this before we prepare for transition." She motioned to the destructive wall of blasting zephyrs, the wind so ferocious it whipped water up into a white wall of spray.
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Louis continued to take shots of the battle going on between Ditto and Pisclin. "These shots are nice, but I wish I could use just a bit more shade"-

No means no, kid. The security guard said impatiently. Just at that moment, The Alakazam and Quilava that were fighting collided with a fiery explosion that caught Photo off guard. "Fantastic!" Louis exclaimed as his camera went off rapidly. He and Photo would have run into the ring to get shots of the unconscious pokemon, but the guard held them by the collar and tail, respectively. "For the love of god, kid, get outta the ring!"

"Well, if I can't capture other pokemon on film, I'll just have to go into the ring myself! Get me in there! Lemme' at 'em!" Louis yelled childishly as his eyes flashed brightly. Photo seemed to feed off of his excitement, and became rather rambunctious as well. The guard, despite his bulk, was having trouble even holding on to Louis, let alone hold him back. "Alright, alright, kid! Just lemme talk to the guys up top and I'll see if we can't get you in."

Louis stopped squirming and faced the guard, his face glowing with the satisfaction of getting his way. "You'd really do that for me?" he asked with almost forced ingenuity. The guard grumbled and talked into his earpiece. "Hey, this kid down here is giving me heaps of trouble. Says he wants to battle so he can get some shots. .. No, I mean camera shots. ... Listen, he isn't gonna take no for an answer. ... Okay. .. You do that." He faced Louis again.


"He's gonna confirm with the cruise schedulers to see if we got time for an extra match. If we do, you get your fun. You little cretin..." he muttered.

Louis looked at Photo and then sat down on the ground. He didn't budge or make a sound. Photo joined him.
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Aura, having grown bored of simply watching battles aboard the cruise ship, decided to do some practice of his own. According to his maps, there were many islands the ship had not yet passed that were inhabited by powerful Pokemon. Facing them would allow Aura to get a warm-up without attracting too much attention. "I suppose we could head off the ship for a while, and get some training in. At least the islands will have more space."

Salamence, still following behind him, nodded in response. However, as Aura prepared to mount Salamence, a voice called out to him. "And where do you think you're going? This is a battle cruiseliner, think you might feel like giving one a try?"

Aura, somewhat surprised by the sudden interruption, grinned and clutched a PokeBall at his waist in anticipation.
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A chime rung simultaneously in all the approaching liners, "Engaging Zephyr Mode, all passengers please keep yourselves inside the decks until further notice. Battling systems may continue during this time."

Dalia was smiling as a red light engrossed the edges of the deck she stood on, "And so the gates will--"

"Haha! The time is at hand for the ultimate test, Riolu!"

A yellow Riolu, with a shimmer was at the ready, both of them on top of the hull of the ship as it began to seal, the youthful man too, had a yellow flicker float about him.

Dalia was shocked, "Leonard!!!" She yelled, "You get down from there now! This is the third time you two have done this! Go Latias!"

The Latias flew its way up and put up a Psychic to try and get the two down, they both struggled against it.

"Okay Riolu, like we've trained!" He said aloud to his companion, "Auraaaaa Snap!" And a flash of yellow came from both of them, breaking the psychic pokemon's grasp.

The ship was sealing, "We don't have time for this you lunatic! Get in here before you seriously get hurt!"

"You worry too much! This will be the ultimate test of our abilities!"


The battle between Pisclin and Ditto was ferocious, but the only thing that matched the ferocity of that was out on the side of the field by the bleachers, two artists heavily at work, a young man and his Smeargle, the young man artfully making quick movements, his canvas his pride, the Smeargle tossing about its own paint haphazardly.

"Aaaaaand break!" The artist said, tossing the brush into his afro, he turned about quickly so his overly long scarf whipped in the air, he energetically looked back and forth between his canvas and Smeargle's, on his, the two contenders were shown in opposing light, with quite a ferocious fire between the two, very detailed to say the least. With Smeargle's there were haphazard paint strokes in varying directions, not an image could be detected from them.

He filled with excitement, opposite of the Smeargle's less than intelligent glazed eyes, "YEAH! You won again Smeargle! You're such the stupendous artist!" He exclaimed, tossing his masterpiece into a nearby trash receptacle as he hugged his companion.
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Lite stared up in amazement at the young man as he and his vibrant Riolu stood over the helm shield. "What the hell is that kid try'na do?"

Almost matter-of-factly, Warmachine replied, "Sir, it appears that he and his partner are harnessing some sort of energy in an attempt to repel the gale winds."

Lite grinned. "Hmm. That kid's got guts. He's also going to die." He then looked over and noticed Dalia's expression, a mixture of intense anger and fright. She was clearly distressed by the young man's actions. A moment of inspiration struck Lite. An idea was being conceived in his brain. "War, are you thinkin' what I'm thinking?"

"Sir? ... You're not serious. Those gale winds are blowing at the same force jet planes fly at when they create sonic booms. They'll tear through most metals, and I shudder to think of what they'd do to the human body."

"C'mon, War. Either we get out there and give it our all, or that kid is going to get ripped to shreds. Now or never."

"Harrumph!" Warmachine growled. It paused for a few seconds, and Lite could tell through their telepathic connection that it was computing the odds of their success. Finally, Warmachine gritted its teeth, and with a metallic yell, cried out, "Very well! Sir, we're ready to launch!!"

"Alright! Let's do this!" With a swing of his arm, Lite tossed away his coat and sweatshirt, revealing an electric blue T-shirt underneath. He leapt onto Warmachine's back, and slid his sharp glasses onto his face. "Go, Warmachine!" The duo launched into the air like a rocket being jettisoned into space. They affixed themselves in a position beside the yellow duo. Lite held out his palms as though they were a shield, and from his hands, a purple flame of psychic energy wrapped around him and Warmachine.


Lite's glasses cracked along the bridge. He shut his eyes and embraced the impact. Warmachine, too, was groaning against the gale winds, but their combined psychic might continued to propel them forward...

"NOW, LITE, GO!!" Warmachine catapulted Lite like a psychic cannonball towards the yellow duo and down to Earth. Lite grappled tightly onto the two, and pelted back down toward the ship. Warmachine immediately canceled out the psychic fireball, and sunk back down to the deck.

"Hey!" Leonardo said, his chances of self glory and death taken away from him, "Who're you to challenge the best around?!" He asked as he was pulled into the safety of the hull, Latias followed close behind.

Lite landed perfectly onto the deck as the hull shields sealed around them. He settled the young man and his partner Riolu down on the floor and smiled at them. "Hehe. Kid, I like your style, and I like your guts, but you're also a bit of a moron." Lite tossed down his now broken shades and stomped on them, grinding them into powder, procured a new pair from his jeans pocket, and slid them on. "So listen and listen well," he yelled out, his voice reverberating through the deck. He pointed into the air with a solitary index finger, and declared: "I am Lite Kyler, Champion of Hoenn and KING of Morons, and I'll be damned if you try to pull another idiotic stunt like that again, you got me?"

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Ditto called Apollo back into the metallic red ball. A flash of red light enveloped Apollo's body, and as soon as it had been called, the red light vanished back into the center of the ball.
"Great job, Apollo," Ditto said to the ball, shrinking it and stashing it on his belt. He yelled across the arena at Pisclin. "Find me later!" he shouted across, pointing to his Xtransceiver. Ditto then hastily headed out of the stadium to head back to his room, flashing his usual two-fingered wave at Pisclin. Though, it's not really a wave, as more of a hand gesture. He jogged to the express elevator to get to the rooming quarters of the ship. Apollo did need rest, after all.
When they entered the room, Ditto and Heimdal were greeted by Kallia, in her usual snooty tone of voice. Ditto pulled out Apollo's ball, and in a flash of rainbow light, the Quilava was laying on the bed. Ditto started stroking his fur.
"You did beautifully in the battle, sweetie," Kallia remarked, aimed toward the Quilava. Apollo was the only one she was "nice" to, most likely because he was still quite young. After all, Kallia isn't exactly cold-hearted, just quite full of herself.
"Yeah kid, you did great," Heimdal added. "It's not a loss if you did your best and had fun with it." Even though he hadn't lost many battles himself, Heimdal held this phrase to heart. He may talk big, but that's all that really matters to him. Battling is just what he likes to do.
"C'mon Heim. Let's go see this 'storm' the recording was talking about. Kallia, are you good in that tank for awhile longer?"
"I suppose so," She responded. "It is quite better than that Pokéball I'm forced to call home most of the time." Ditto nodded and left the room with Heimdal, leaving Apollo on the bed to nap.
Up on the main deck, they saw just what this storm was, although "storm" or "zephyr" probably isn't the right word for it. The right word probably would be "hugemonstrosityofahurricane." Ditto and Heimdal looked up, watching the rain fly by literally sideways. There was some sort of energy field around the dome, so you could see out without the rain obscuring vision. Lightning was flashing, water spouts were forming. It was truly a sight to behold. It felt almost as if the end of the world was happening. They lied down on the deck, gazing at the swirling clouds.

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Rapidly looking around, Pisclin noticed that the end of the battle left the crowd disinterested in him and his Alakazam. After returning Alakazam to his Poke Ball, he awkwardly sidled away from the spotlight as he heard a new battle begin. Pisclin wanted to catch up with Ditto but completely understood that he likely had errands to run, not limited to the recovery of Apollo's health. With his own Pokemon passed out, Pisclin decided that it would be best to locate the ship's equivalent of a Pokemon Center. After all, Alakazam's psychological attacks could be alleviated by rest, but second-degree burns required a bit more attention. Passing by porthole after porthole, the young trainer caught glimpses of the raging storm outside, illuminated by lightning that, if he didn't know any better, could have been summoned by an army of irate Zapdos. After wandering for far too long, Pisclin wondered if he should have brought his map with him from his cabin. Rounding yet another corner, Pisclin finally found one of the ship's employees.

"Um, excuse me sir, would you happen to know where I could heal my Pokemon? I was just in a battle, you see."

"If you need your Pokemon healed then a Pokecenter can be found near the battling stadium. Simply head down a stairwell near the stadium's main entrance."

Thanking him quickly, Pisclin dashed back to the stadium's Poke Center and had Alakazam held for treatment while he went back to his room to rest temporarily. Reclining on his bed, he listened to the water pour down and the gales blow as he pondered what his voyage in the Ataka Region would give him. He could train in any region he chose, but why did he choose this one? What is he searching for in life, and why has it brought him here? As the questions of his life filled his mind, and the sound of water filled his ears, Pisclin slowly drifted off to the realm of sleep...

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Aura walked out on the stormy deck, Salamence's Poke Ball in hand. Glancing at it, thoughts filled his mind of the battle that had taken place shortly before.

"How did they become so powerful? Only a Champion like Lite should have skill of that caliber, and nothing came up on them in my post-battle search... And that Pokemon...I should be the only one able to have woken it up, the fact that he was able to do it is unheard of. Not to mention, if someone had seen it, it would've been anarchy. If we hadn't left the ship, the battle may have also hurt a fair few people."

As usual, Aura became lost in thought, and failed to pay attention where he was going, and walked right into Lite himself, who responded with a look suggesting Aura had just interfered with an important event. "Speak of the devil. So what is it that I ruined this time?"

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