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Default Crack Dragon

It was October the 17th. The sun set in the sky. Zero and Ciel were making out
drunk on a lawn nearby. That guy from Grand Theft Auto IV was speeding by in a Yellow 1990's Lamborghini Diablo SV, as the Unova Arms (or the Unova S.W.A.T team) chased him. He had five stars for spaying a fire hydrant.

All was quiet on the campus of Plasma Castle Zone. The air was frigid. The grass had an unnatural glow as the fall dew reflected light from the sunset.
A large figure had just flown off the roof of the campus, desperately looking for something. His name was Jason. He wasn't human like you or me, but a rare genetic species of being - a Kyruem. He was high.

"Hey, Jas-con!" N said in a MyChonny-esque accent. "LIEK A SUM BOODIE WUT DA HEEL U DO UP THERE BOI!"
"Stop mocking me you *hic* ba*****!" A high Legendary said.
"Yeah, that's great. You keep playing jump off the roof. I'll pick up your pieces later." N hollered.
"I swear - if he's on to me," Jason nodded as he flew away, "I'm totally screwed."
"None of my business where you go." N thought to himself as he walked away.
"Won't be like that for long."

************************************************** *******
After a half-hour's flight, Jason was at his destination, but he was exhausted.
He almost flew into a helicopter named Thunderblade, got fingered by the pilot and crashed into a broad side of a building, but that clearly didn't stop him.

"C'mon! Where is it!?" Jason panicked. After an hour of searching the streets,
he found exactly what he was looking for. In an alleyway he saw a Grovyle handing a man in a black hoodie a hardball.
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"Hey, hey, big boy. Calm down, your shaking the ground here.' the fast talking Grovyle said as he finished his business.
"Now, now. Whattya need, bro? I gots everythang here." "Crack, cocaine, heroin, opium, weed, and some weird **** from Africa."
Slick pulled a bag full of weird colored herbs, examining it all over.
"Tch, I have no idea what this is. Probably some weird LSD plant, yo. I bet the Beatles knows about it."

"So yeah. What yous need you obese son a gun?"

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Koro looked down at her shells. She swiftly hid them behind her back as a crustle examined her table. It turned to leave. "Wait. You need to buy somthing." Koro exclaimed. "Why? Is it vital?" The crustle chuckled. "I'll kill you." Koro threatned. "Sire you will. Your only 15!" The crustle turned around to see a hot dewott. The crab became attracted.
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"Kitty! Kitty Kitty Kitty!" the Sunkern squealed as it hopped around Castelia city like a madman. He hopped into people and knocked them over, and went along his way, as if nothing had happened. He'd jump into the walls and fall back, laugh, pick up his mysterious stick, put it back in his mouth, and hop again. He eventually walked into Cafe Sonata, where a bunch of tired workers rested up. They all stared at the tiny Pokemon with a mesmerizing wonder.

"My stars, you look exhausted!" the cafe owner said, smiling. "Here, have a drink. It's on the house. What'll it be?"

Kitty looked up at the menu. What was that? A martini? No idea what that is, moving on. Lemonade?, never heard of it. And what was this mysterious thing these humans called "water"? Kitty couldn't find anything there that he could recognized. So he said the first thing that popped into his mind.

"I don't know..."

The cafe owner laughed. "Ah, OK. I'll give you some time to decide. If you decide something, then give me a holler!" He walked off to assist another customer, who was totally wasted. Kitty looked at the menu for a good 5 hours before the cafe owner finally kicked him out.

"I don't have time for Pokemon standing in my cafe and not ordering anything - it's not efficient. So I'm going to have to let you out. Understand?"

"I don't know..."

"Excuse me?"

"I...I don't know!"

The cafe owner was clearly getting ticked off. "Just go! Now!"

"I...don't..." Kitty began, before the cafe owner slammed his foot into the ground.


"I...I don't kno-" And thus, Kitty was kicked, soared over the buildings, and landed in a dumpster. Much to his luck, he found his stick still in his mouth and not broken. He sat there a while, sucking eagerly on the mysterious thing...
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Jason stood there, confused.
"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST CALL ME?! L-Look, nevermind." the confused
Kyruem said as his uproar fell to a whisper. "I need a good damn deal. And quick."
Jason slammed his hands on the beaten-up candy stand. "If I don't get home before eight, Mr. 'Natural Wh*re-monius Groupies' is gonna kill me." He continued quickly.
"I don't NEED your bull**** about my weight. Just get me my dope,
or I'll shoot you with my B-B gun. ***hole."

************************************************** ***************

Nearby, a team rocket member and a man dressed as a bartender in karate pants stood, backs against a wall with his arms crossed. The guy in the Rocket uniform pulled out a walkie-talkie. "We have the target in range. Get em' or Gi and X will have our heads on a bloody spork. Wipe out the Green and Grey, got it?" Within a few minutes, men in black limousines began moving in from just a couple kilometers away in the dark, Gotham-like streets.
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The crab stared sat the hot looking dewott. The dewott hopped off of the table and she began pushing the crab off into the ocean. Man, you need to exsersize more. At least you can't see what I'm doing. Koro thought. the crab finally fell down and landed onto the beach. Not what Koro wanted, but at least he was dead. Koro wandered back to her table, waiting for the next customer.
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After a nice, relaxing nap, Kitty climbed out and hopped along. He eventually ran into some creepy looking guys on motorcycles, and they skidded along the road at the sight of the harmless-looking Sunkern. They smirked and giggled, and began to crack their knuckles. Kitty tried to hop back, but he found a big, burly biker standing there, hunching over him like he was a pebble next to a boulder.

"Hey, get out of our f***ing way! We almost crashed into ya, you dunce!" the biker growled. Kitty stared up with big, sparkling eyes. "I don't know..." Kitty mumbled.

"Heh, you don't know who we are, eh? Surprise, surprise. We're the Castelia Biker Gang, and you'd best stay out of our way, you hear me!?" the man said, while his group stood beside him. They were a dirty bunch - ragged hair, torn up clothes, and hands black from dirt. They hunched over him, creating a shadow that the intimidated Sunkern sat shaking in.

"I don't know..."

"Oi, buss!" a man in the gang shouted. "E luks lak e wan t'mess witya!" The big burly man, who seemed to be the leader, curled his hand into a fist and punched Kitty in the face. In doing so, Kitty dropped his stick, which the man picked up and looked at. The next man to his right shouted, "Hey, that...I didn't believe it at first, but there's no mistaking it! Rumor has it that this drug has far-out capabilities! No wonder that Sunkern was sassing us...musta thought itself pretty big!" The leader gave a whiff of it. "Ah, yes. It's quite rare, I hear. But I believe in fair choice. So, little Sunkern, may we take this?"

Kitty didn't answer.

"Go on. Say, 'I don't know' like the stupid little Sunkern you a-"

"SHUT THE F***K UP YOU F***ING PIECE OF S***!!!" Kitty attacked with Seed Bomb, which completely obliterated the alleyway.
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Elsewhere, an Absol sat down on a bench, headphones up, music blaring.
Mike was the type who never always quite had a piece of mind. Sometimes he felt he needed to be by himself. He was all alone, other than Harpuia from Neo Arcadia, walking across a sidewalk, parallel to the one Mike was sitting next to.
He knew something was totally wrong.

Barely anyone was on the street. It was Friday. During this hour at every week, no one wanted to go outside. A syndicate usually emerged from the shadows, ready to annihilate anyone, at random. In the news last week, an Arceus was slaughtered by bulletfire. She was a walking target. Bad things happened, and that's because it was Friday.

Rebbecca Black music blared through the empty, windy street. A dark omen, indeed.
The sound of semi - automatic ammo whined nearby.

************************************************** ************
Jason tried to escape his attackers. He didn't know why they wanted him.
"That fast-talking Grovyle... I didn't even help... Oh well! "
The Kyruem flew at 256 km\h. He may have been tired, but the boy wanted his crack!
He ran like forest. He ran like Sonic back in Stardust Speedway Bad Future, when he had too many chili dogs and he had to go to the bathroom. He ran like a train *****ting nitro.

After hopping from one rooftop to the other, the Rocket members and many other thugs he'd never seen before disappeared. But that didn't mean he'd stop running now.
"FINAL CRASH!" A thug had knocked him over, sending him over the side of a building, smashing him head-first into an Aston Martin DB7, parked nearby. Jason was dazed.
The owner, Cress, freaked.
"Where the hell'd you come from!?"
"FINAL CRASH...!" The thug jumped onto the street and gave Cress a strong kick in the head. Fire glowed from the attack. Cress was clueless.
A four - legged figure galloped gallantly toward Cress, yelling at Jason.
"Move man, quick!" Mike gave the thug a Giga Impact. Luckily, their persistent pursuer
got knocked out cold. "Hurry, we gotta get outta here, man! These people mean to kill you! These parts of Opelucid City aren't safe."
"Wha- What are you doing here!?"
"Don't ask, were very vulnerable here. Let's move! D=< "

The attacker didn't stay unconscious for long. He woke to the smell of cold sweat,
and a pissed Cress. Cress knew the man was strong. Cress was smart and backed off.
As the thug brushed off his clothes and cracked his neck, he muttered to himself:
"No one screws with the Max Man."

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"H-hey.. whattya characters want?" Slick said, backing p into a corner.
"I told ya, 'I ain't want anything to do with ya, so leave me alone."
"I-I mean it!"

Slick jumped just in time as one of the men tried to grab him. He sprinted throughout the streets, hopping on cars and buildings.
"Dang it. These boys can put up a good chase." he said, as he was sprinting on the sidewalk.
He bumped into millions of people on the crowded streets of Castelia. He threw around fruit stands, carts, and he even threw a stroller at them!
At this point, even the cops were after him for being such a menace to society.

"I-I need to s-stop.." he said, gasping for air as he entered a dark alleyway.
"Hey, hey. Look who we got her, boys." A shadowy figure said in the distance.
Slick grabbed an empty pop bottle from the floor and broke it on the garbage can, breaking it to use as a weapon.

"I said stay back!" Slick yelled and lunged towards them with the broken bottle in his hand.
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After cooling off a bit, Kitty picked up its stick from the charred carcasses of his assailants. With a satisfied smirk, he hopped away, to find a strange looking Grovyle backing away from some strange thugs. Kitty decided to hop over there.

The clueless Sunkern jumped up behind the thugs, squealing "Kitty!" repeatedly. The thungs seemed to try ignoring him, but the Sunkern kept going, repeating "Kitty!" in his usual, squealing girlish voice. The thugs finally turned around and gave him a menacing glare...
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Grumbling, Koro grabbed all of her drugs and placed them into her pack and began walking to the beach. She was leaving today. Being knowledgable at the currents she swam until she bumped into somthing. She quickly relized she had just hit a Frillish, who didn't seem happy. "Oh God..." Koro knew that she was either about to be drowned, or flung. She guessed it was drowning.
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Mike and Jason, exhausted from the chase, finally made it back to N's home-pad, Plasma Castle Zone. It was 12:45 in the morning. N sure as hell wouldn't like this one bit.

"You really shouldn't have taken these drugs - they're totally screwing you up!" Mike scorned. "Look, I'm... I'm not right in the head, okay?" Jason said. "This recession has been totally hell on me. I'm afraid of losing everything. N doesn't care about me. He's more concerned about his little Team Plasma organization - we've lost 2 million employees last year!" Jason defended.
"But you're a rare breed of Pocket Monster!"
"Who gives a *****! All I know is that once he loses his power and authority as the Team Plasma leader, I'll be out on the street. How the **** am I supposed to care for myself!?"

"Well..." An uncertain Absol answered.
"I just wish I had a REAL family. If I had parents and siblings, I would be happy, even if we were broke." Jason cried.
"Your father died years ago." A human figure replied.
"Whoa!? N!? You're out here!?" Mike shouted.
"Yep. For two hours straight, I noticed your little trip out." N answered.

"Okay, 'Dad', why don't you just kick me out and get my *****y life over with!" Jason roared. "Look," N said, "Taking crack won't make your life better. The Plasma Personnel will deal with the financial stuff. You don't need to wor-"
N showed no emotion.

"You treat me like crap again, I'll punch you in your miserable little face, you coward." N threatened. "OH **** OFF!" An angry Kyruem raged.
Jason almost shot N with his B-B gun. Sirens approached nearby minutes later.

"That's it." Jason mumbled. "I can't be here anymore."
"You... You never told me all this time why you practically ruined your life!" Mike barked. "Hmph. As if I wasn't a loyal enough friend." He continued. "For four years I've been sucking your ***. You could've asked me for help. Seriously, goodbye!" Jason's enraged ex - friend left Jason behind, helpless.

"Wait... How did you know when my father died?" Jason asked, shocked as he turned to N. "I didn't say I knew when, you stinkin' bunghole." N barked. "All I know is that he died. He was killed. Two men, one the Team Rocket Leader and another of a foreign organization, teamed up to murder him. I heard he died in a head-shot from a sniper somehow. That's all I know, and the last you'll hear from me." The green - mint haired lad finished.

"Oh, yeah, I'm throwing your crappy Commodore 64 out too!"
"I don't need it." Jason bitterly answered. Jason flew off, leaving his only home behind.

After an hour of aimless flying, Jason stopped to take a break. It was only him and his bag of crack now... "Well, if I'm gonna die, miserably and slowly, might as well do it while I'm high." He said awkwardly. After 2 hours of snorting, the desperate Pokemon passed out.

************************************************** *******
As N walked towards the campus after an hour of questioning from the police, he heard footsteps. N thought he was tired from five hours of paperwork. "Who's my stalker?" He asked. Nothing happened. The wind animated the trees, high up in the cloudy sky. The grass rippled alive as brittle autumn leaves flew across the lot. Nothing special. N walked upstairs to his room. He noticed just how much less employees Team Plasma had this year in the large, elegant, marble halls. N nodded in dismay. As N unlocked the door to his room, he walked towards his own, personal washroom to take a bath. "Yeah, that'll be perfect. A warm, bubble - bath. Perfect for a stressful episode." He thought to himself. After fifteen minutes, N stepped into the bathtub full of warm soap and H2O. N whistled Elvis's 'Jailhouse Rock' and almost fell asleep twice. After N left the tub and went to hit the sack, he tried to clear his mind of the experience of his own Pokemon almost killing him...

A group of Samurai appeared out of nowhere.
"Holy, crap! Who are you people!?" N yelled.
"You can call me Y for short." The group replied in eerie, perfect unison.
"I know you're mocking me." N gulped.
The Samurai disappeared.
One of the Samurai appeared, with a blade at N's neck.
"Glad to see your taking this well N. I want you next."
"Next?!" N thought, terrified.
N elbowed the Samurai towering over him, in the Turtwig.
"Doh! That's just not fair. DX. " The red clad figure tumbled over like a bowling pin. A light shone behind the glass of N's window from outside. N saw a helicopter outside the glass. He also noticed a red 'R' on the hull. Team Rocket was here. The three Samurai transformed into one. "Now N, this, is where you die. Painfully." The mystic warrior charged at N with a bright golden light. N barely dodged.
The Samurai disappeared. N had to run.
N pulled out a Pokeball and a shotgun from a the cupboard of a nearby cabinet. "Zoroark, I choose y-"
N had been paralyzed.
"Looks like you can't move now. The boss will most certainly be impressed.
Tell me everything you know and I may spare you."
"Do I look like a tampon to you!?" N hissed.

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Right before Slick had lunged out at the two cowardly goons, a strange plant popped out and distracted them, giving him the perfect window to attack.
Slick held the broken bottle out in front of him, slashing the back of the two Grunts' backs.
"Yeeeowch!" they both screamed in unison!
One of them turned around, giving Slick a menacing grin. The other one stepped back up.
"Oh, you got what's coming to you now." The grunt said, bringing out a small electric taser.

This time Slick knew they meant business, and he would have to be careful fighting.
He took a step back, the two grunts taking a step every time he took one.
"Gaaah! Get outta the way!" He screamed, his voice hitting the cold, concrete blocks of the wall.
He turned right into another alley, trying to get away from him.
The two grunts were stunned for a while, but got back up, pursuiting this Pokemon.

Slick appeared at a turn, taking a left and hitting smack dab into a hard wall!
He fell on the floor hard, everything was spinning, the walls, the trash, and the sky. He got up in a daze, staring straight into the cold, hard eyes of these goons.
"Get him." One grunt commanded to the other. He lunged towards Slick, the taser in front of him, ready to strike.

Slick jumped out right in the nick of time, slashing the goon with the blades on his arm. He tried running away, but the other grunt caught him by his legs and dragged him back.
"No, no, no. Let.. me .. go!" He screamed as the grunt tightened his grip.
The other grunt got up from the floor. His lip was busted and his nose appeared fractured, but he was happy to finally give it to this Grovyle.
"Now, now. Let's give you the VIP treatment." He said in a sinister voice.

He pushed a button on the taser, sending it into the highest voltage. He put right in front of Slcik's eyes, letting him see the sparks that would soon end him.
He struck right into Slick's side. A mix of extreme pain and volts rushed into him. He tried to scream, but no noise would come out.

Slick then grew limp, stopping his struggle with the goons, his eyes slowly closing.

The goon loosened his grip on Slick. He then fell to the floor, watching the ground rush to meet him.
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Kitty continued to follow the goon's path, unaware of the severity of the situation. Peeking out of the corner, he saw the goons dragging along the strange Pokemon from before, but he was limp, unmoving, lifeless. Kitty hopped towards the two, trying to be as quiet as possible. Out of the corner of their eyes, however, the goons saw the Sunkern, and frowned. One of them grabbed him by the head and shouted, "You nearly ruined our plan, you git! Hey, hand me the taser. I wanna see to it that this guy gets what's coming to him!" The associate handed him the small machine, and taunted him with the menace of the sparks. Kitty tried to back away, but try as he might, the goons continued to follow him.

"Any last words before I shock you into submission?" the grunt said, with a grotesque smile and laugh. Kitty trembled. "I don't know..."

"Nice last words. Good night, little one!" He thrust his taser towards him, but Kitty jumped out of the way. Startled, the Sunkern was so surprised...he wet himself. The two goons noticed immediately, and began to laugh uncontrollably. It was no exaggeration to say that they ROFL'd in delight.

Kitty was mortified. He had nothing to protect himself, but he had no choice. He, in a fit of embarrassment, flung a bunch of Seed Bombs throughout the entire alleyway, devastating everything in sight...
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Koro smiled as the frillish stared at her, rage building. "Hey look overthere!" Koro pointed. The frillish turned away and Koro blasted onto another current. She heard the frillish scream "I'll get you and drown you!" The frillish went back under the water. Koro chuckled. Pokemon these days were so stupid. She even had to admit, she was pretty stupid at times. She wandered off into Route 1, not knwing where to go next.
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Jason woke up in a foggy haze. It seemed to him the sun rose.
"Well," Jason said. "Time for suicide." A hippie walked down the route, surprised by Jason's presence. "Whoa, man. I'm... I'm seein' a Kyruem with a bag of crack!" The startled hippie said. "Dude... These are some good damn drugs!" The hippie looked at the the Roxanne in his hand. "I'm seein' **** without even smoking it!"

"Dude, are you high!?" Jason said.
"Well, it seems like your high too. LSD, my man?"
"What time is it?"
"August 17th. I think it's about 7:52 or something."
"Wow, kinda early in the morn- Wait... Wait a second... August!?"
"Yep. August 17th. 7:59 PM, 1969."
"Whhhoooooaaaaaaaa!!!!" The Kyruem said. He sounded like he was in a Sega CD advertisement.
"This is some strong ass crack! What, is it imbued with Dialga's blood!?" Jason freaked.
"Why would you say that, man?" The hippie asked.
"Oh, nothing. You wouldn't believe me if I told you."
After their strange conversation, the two had parted in opposite directions. That hippie had a cool 'stache.

************************************************** ***
Jason flew over to Opelucid City. It was like the 90's over there.
He saw his hometown in it's older, retro form. "Dude, I remember this.
This is the last day I saw my Dad for the rest of my life! I think fate's giving me a chance. If I can save him-"

A group of men stormed down the street. They went into a nearby office building. None of them seemed to notice the large, cold - blooded, winged lizard. "Who the hell are those guys?" Jason thought to himself. He noticed another Kyruem, standing on the roof of the office building, across from the one the group of men entered.

"There he is. My Dad. I'd better save him, quick."

The Kyruem walked in the office building. A woman sat at a desk in the entrance room, surrounded by people walking about. "Hello? No, sir, this isn't Burger King. It's not Pizza Palace either................. Just get the hell off the phone, your blocking the line! D:< " Jason heard a phone slam as he walked slightly nervous toward the woman.

"Who the hell are you?" The woman impatiently asked.
"Uh... Jason."
"That's funny. We have a Kyruem working here and the name of his son is Jason."
"Sweet Jigglypuff, I got em' now!" Jason thought to himself.
"If you want a tour, just ask that man over there." She said.
She pointed to a man in in a biker suit. "Why is he wearing that?" Jason asked. "I dunno, but I hear the people like him." The woman answered.
"Whatever. I am allowed to go to the roof?"
"Only for a little while. There, tourists can look at the view and take shots."
"With a camera?" Jason questioned.
"No, with a rocket launcher." She spoke coldly.

Jason took an elevator to the top floor. He just hoped he wasn't too late.
Soon, the pressure began to settle in. Would he make it in time?
The elevator jammed, but luckily Jason was still able to leave the elevator and dashed to the stairs through the hallway. Along the way he knocked over a man carrying a stack of paperwork in his hands. "Watch it, you crackbaby!" The man yelled in a homosexual accent.

Soon, Jason made it there. He hoped to see his father. He crossed his fingers. Jason didn't care if he had to look crazy to save his old man; nobody knew him and here, practically in the 1970's, he had nothing to lose. As Jason opened the door to the rooftop after climbing a long, tiring staircase, there his father was, standing by the rail near the edge, over looking the street. He walked up right next to his Father.
"Hey. How's it going?" Jason greeted his Dad.
"Oh, hi. /\ _ /\" Jason's Father responded.
"I just came to tell you, you might be in danger.
Please keep an eye out for yourself."
"Heh. Your quite the funny guy. "
"I don't expect you to believe me, but I think
you should consider what I'm saying, and take it with a pinch of salt."

"At this point, I should keep an eye out for any snipers." Jason thought to himself.
"You really look familiar. You know that?" His Dad noticed.
Jason felt a little awkward talking to his past father.
Jason took a stone he found in a nearby planter box, a little out of boredom, and threw it over to the roof of the building across, where that strange group of people entered earlier.
"How'd you do that!?" His father asked.
"What?" Jason wondered.
"That stone you threw. It bounced on nothing!"
A man appeared out of thin air where his father pointed to. The man was holding a sniper rifle. The sniper was knocked out.
"Holy ****, you were right! WHO ARE YOU!?" His Dad yelled, shocked.

************************************************** ******
After rushing to the other building where the men had been seen, Jason and his Dad made it to the other rooftop to try and catch their killer. They entered the building, only to find the sniper had been noticed, and the police were on high alert. "Terrorists! Terrorists! Run!" A Patrat screamed, running out of the building with his car keys and a stapler. The entire place was in panic. People screamed. Gun shots were heard. "Everybody evacuate! It isn't safe here!" Officer Jenny yelled. "Quick, son, we gotta get in there." His father said, still in slight disbelief. They hurried to the second floor.

Men in balaclavas sprinted through the hallways of the second floor. "Nick, don't risk your life!" Jason said.
"It's Dad to you now, son." Jason's father said over the gunshots.
Jason pulled out his B - B gun. His father, though, clearly came prepared.
He pulled out a bat, and a chain-gun. "Let's kick some ass."
Jason's Dad announced.

A man jumped out of nowhere and pulled out a rifle. "Suck this, ***holes!" He taunted. "Ahahahaha!"

Both Kyruems dodged. "Who in hell are you?!" Jason demanded an answer. His father charged the man, knocking him over, similar to the infamous Giga Impact. Jason's Dad tore the mask off the villain's face. The man had long, black hair and a mustache. "Mr. X. I caught you now, you *******."
His father said.
"Yes, you did. I'll get you and your son for ****ing with my plans."
X said.
"Why?" James asked, baffled.
"I'm not telling you." The gangster said. "Take this!"
Mr. X hit Jason's father with a rifle butt.
"Mark my words, you may have ruined my plans, but the next time I come to kill you, it will be with my own hands." Mr. X revealed. "I come from a far off city, where gangs and violence rule. I grew up in the worst ghettos and slums you can imagine. Where you have to live in a cardboard box in the rain, eat the remains of dead men and women every single solitary night, just so you don't starve to death, and steal money with a knife in your chest and gangsters on your tail for weeks on end. I got raped five times. All at the age of five. All I want is power, and it will all be mine; I don't care who you are, your age, your nationality or if your my damn mother or father. Mess with me and you will have a knife down your throat. I've lived in the Streets of Rage, my entire life. You can't kill me."
Jason saw a bright light.
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A watchog came up to her, sniffing her. "Um..." Koro didn't know what to say. "Give me the coke." The watchog said. She looked in her sack and pulled out a can of coka cola. She opened the can and drank some., before going through her bag and getting a plastic bag and handing it to the watchog. She watched the watchog put the sack in his bag. "Thanks kid." The watchog said, giving her 100$, before walking into the tall grass. "So it's no rumor. Watchogs will do anything for Coke." Koro muttered, before walking to the edge of the water. She smiled and looked at the sparkling water. Suddenly,she felt herself being pushed into the water. She looked up, and saw the same frillish she fooled and bumped. "Payback baby. And don't try your Gay charm on me. I'm female." The frillish said. "No ****." Koro said to the frillish. "And why the hell did you follow me? You could have stolen my drugs or arresed me." Koro said. "**** that ****! Only wusses do that! You're a man!" The frillish complimented. For once Koro liked this Frillish.
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Back in the present, the Royal Unova was approaching the region from the south, amidst the choppy waves and warm ocean spray. The sun was high in the sky, it's glare dominating the ocean.

A blonde man in a red headband, a white tee and jeans sat in a relaxer on the ship.
"Yo, Axel!" A brunette in a matching red top and miniskirt called. The man got out of his seat and approached the woman, leaning on the rail next to the edge of the boat.
"Aw, C'mon, Blaze! I finally got to sit down! Skate kept puking on the ship."
"And Dr. Zan's chatting busy chatting with Professor Juniper in the hull?" The woman Blaze replied.
"Hell, yeah." Axel bluntly stated. The two were quiet for a while, wondering what to say next.
"I can see Unova. I heard a rumor that gangsters are causing panic in Opelucid City and Castella City." Blaze said.
"Where's that?" Axel asked.
"There's a hexagon of roads that link the cities and towns together.
Castella is the south - most city, Opelucid City is most northern city and closest to the Elite Four. I heard a Psychic - Type Elite Four member somehow got in a coma. Apparently someone threw a tuba at her."
Blaze reported.
"Oh, that's great. Wouldn't it be funny if Mr. X threw it at her?"
"Axel! >=( " Blaze scorned.
Somewhere far off on the ship, a young kid lost his cookies.
"Oh, ****!" Axel spat. "Look's like that Janitor Lucario is gonna have to clean up again."

************************************************** *******

The ship approached Castella City. As the boat docked, Axel, Blaze and friends left the ship with their belongings. (Isn't funny that Skate brought a Nintendo 3DS with a copy of Black?)

"You wouldn't believe it, Axel. Professor Juniper and I were talking in the hull of the ship. " Dr. Zan said as Axel, Blaze, Skate and a Pro - Wrestler friend of Axel, Max, walked to a Pokemon Center for directions.
"Oh, really? I didn't know." Axel said sarcastically.
"I think she likes me. Is it my personality? My physique? My intelligence?"
"Maybe." Axel said carelessly. "That sounds just as unlikely as finding and eating a turkey you find randomly under a garbage can." Axel thought to himself. "Only thing, I've done that lots of times." While walking to the Pokemon centre, Axel noticed a Sunkern and a group of bikers chasing the Pokemon. "Guys, I'll be right back."

"Yo, where the hell'd that little green ******* go?!" A biker said.
"Oi, boss, look! Sum blonde gui'z walkin' her."
"You need friggin' English lessons. Either that or Japanese. Any damn language I can understand." The boss puffed.

"Grand Upper!" Axel ran by and hit a nearby biker goon. Everyone on the street panicked. "Come here you *******s! I do away with ********s like you!" Axel shouted. "Damn, who is this guy!?" One of the thugs panicked.
"Relax pussies, I can handle this." The boss said. "He won't return alive."

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Kitty was terrified. Unsure what to make of the situation, he decided to hide in a nearby abandoned warehouse. There, he poked through a broken window and saw a strange person standing up to the Sunkern's assailant bikers. While up in the warehouse, Kitty was suddenly struck with another case of amnesia - he forgot why he was in a warehouse, or who the bikers were and why they were there. He forgot why he was poking through a window, he forgot why he was sucking on a strange stick, he forgot what day it was, what hour, what year, and overall, he forgot who he was. He also happened to forget the laws of gravity, which clearly led to his thinking that it was a good idea to jump out the window.

"KITTY~!" the Sunkern squealed as he jumped out the window. He landed on Axel, who didn't seem necessarily happy with the sudden, unpleasant surprise. The bikers stared at Kitty, with dumbfounded looks on their faces.

"Oi, buss! Ah thaink thadbe da saim 'kern fram befur, ays it?"

The boss facepalmed. "I swear, if you don't lose that accent of yours, I'm going to rip it our of you." He pulled out a gun and pointed it at the two of them. "Alright,, the Sunkern ain't got any...well, you know what I mean!" The passersby panicked and fled the scene, and some hid in the alleyways to call 911 for the Castelia Police Force. Kitty was mortified, but of course, the only think he could say was

"I don't know?"
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"So... I'm gonna need your name." Koro said as she climed out of the water. "Strangler." Strangler replied. "Koro if I haven't told you yet." Koro said. "I want to rule the world with another water type. Want to help me?" Strangler asked.WTF? I'm being asked to rule the world with some stupid octipus?Koro would have screamed th words outloud, but she didn't want to upset her new "pal". "Only if you you help me sell drugs to every pokemon in the Unova region." Koro said, pushing herself and the frillish into the water, swimming to the other side. "But what if they don't?" Strangler asked."We'll kill them." Koro said, eyeing a Lilpup.
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"Oh, god." Axel thought. A gun.

"Axel!" Blaze called. "I'm comin' in!"
She rushed over and jumped on top of one of the goons with her miniskirt.
"Gah! I can't see. But I like it in here. C:" The thug said as he 'struggled' to get her off.

"You *******!" The boss spoke, gun pointed at the Sunkern and Axel.
"Take this, moron!" Blaze replied. She socked the baddie in the face while she was on top of him. She then proceeded to topple him over as he fell face first on the concrete. Max had another plan. He rammed right into the boss of the thugs from behind, pinning him to the floor. Axel ran by and swiped the gun from the hands of the boss thug. "God, I hate you people." The man spat. "Good work. You guy's seem to have nailed him before I even saw him." An approaching Officer Jenny said, with a dozen cops and cop cars behind her. "Hi, I'm Officer Jenny. Leader of Castella Police Force - 7DL."
"Hey," Blaze said as she shook the Officer's hand. "Blaze. Blaze Fielding."
Blaze pointed at her husband. "This is my husband Axel Stone."
"Howdy. " He said.
Look, why don't you meet me in the Police Station, next to the nearby Pokemon Center
over there? I would like to thank you guys for doing such an excellent job." Officer Jenny asked. "Oh, that'd be great, Officer, but we really must be going." Dr. Zan said.
"No, really! We'd appreciate it! We need more people to take action around here! Especially with this dangerous new organization that just appeared a few months ago."
"Sound's like our kinda deal." A curious Blaze said.
"Oh yes, and the Sunkern can come along. I'm sure the poor guy must be mortified with all this street violence!" The Officer said.
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"Kitty?" Kitty said, with a puzzled look on his face. Officer Jenny began to pick the Sunkern up, but he struggled under her grasp. His only words were, "Kitty! I don't know! Kitty, I don't know, I don't know..." and Kitty started to sob. Officer Jenny frowned.

"Poor guy...he's been traumatized." She turned to Axel, Blaze, and the others. "Do you have any idea what's happened to him? He seems pretty terrified. Just look at him..."

Kitty shook on the street, the stick in his mouth bobbing up and down, and his lips trembling. His eyes watered with tears, and his appearance was dirty, ragged, and he smelled of disposal bins. The other cops circled around.

"No sign of anyone else here. Should we head back to base, ma'am?" asked a nearby cop. Officer Jenny nodded to him. "Sure, go ahead. There's nothing else to see here. Just make sure these grunts get what's coming to them, got it?"

The cop nodded, grabbed the handcuffed goons, and shoved them into the police car. They all looked depressed, and one gave the Sunkern a dirty look. Kitty merely stared back.

"Buss, whaz gon' haipen too us naio?" said the strangely-accented goon.

"Shut up...just...shut...up..."
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Strangler looked at the Lilpup as well. "Are we gonna go get it?" Strangler asked. "No. I just think they're so cute running around." Koro said. My first day is most likely going to be like this. Watcing stupid pokemon play. Strangler thought. "Lets get moving." Koro said. "Thought you were going to watch that **** lilpup all day." Strangler said. Maybe if we do that all day, I can kill Koro with a neat exucuse. Strangler thought, as they blindly walked into somone's leg. "Err, exuse us." Koro said. "Exucuse us? No. Only one of you are getting away." The person said, taking a pokeball out.**** a trainer. Strangler thought. Koro reached into her bag. "I'll give you some drugs. Two for the price of one." Koro said. "Nope. One of you are getting caught." The trainer said. Koro pulled out her shells. "Hold him down." Koro ordered.
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"Oooh..." Slick moaned and groaned as he was being dragged along in what felt like a large potato sack.
"Shut up." A goon said, kicking him right in the kidneys.

"Mother.." Slick mumbled every curse under the sun under his breath. "I-I swear.. I'm goin' kick ya two butts when I get out, and smash your heads into each other." He said, threatening them with various insults.
Slick could feel himself being dragged around smooth, yet rough, concrete. Perhaps it was a sidewalk, he thought?
"Huh? What's this?" He asked, looking at a small tear in the potato sack.
"Hmm.." He thought. He knew he could cut through it, releasing himself, but his hands were tied behind his back too.

A goon seemed to realize this and ordered him to stop.
"Hah. Go ahead, tear through the hole. If ya do, I'll give you another little shock from my buddy." The goon threatened him, buzzing a small taser in his hand.

"Oh my god." A lady said on the street.
""What the heck is THAT?!"

"Hey, hey lady," A goon responded, bringing out a switch blade. "Why don't ya mind your own business, ey."
"Hey! What do you guys have there?" An ample sized baker said, running out of his shop dressed in an apron covered with tons of creme filling and blue frosting.

"All right, listen: We have nothing you should be concerned about." A goon responded, this time bringing out a small gun.
He flashed it in the air, showing the various people along the streets.
"Aaaah! He's got a gun!" A stranger said, causing everyone else to scream in horror.
"I'll call the cops!" The ample baker said, running into his shop.

"Well, time to book it." The other grunt said, picking up Slick and throwing him in the backseat of a shiny, black car.
Slick was thrown against the cushioned seats, banging his head on the car door.
"Hey, watch it!" He yelled.
"Oh shut up," One of the guns responded as they entered the front seats.

"You didn't tell me you had a gun." The grunt in the passenger seat said.
"Ehh. It ain' loaded. Just for show really." He handed the gun to the other goon.

The car's tires skidded against the street, sending clouds of smoke through the street filled with the smell of burnt rubber.
"Come one. We gotta get outta herre before the 5-0 come."
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Koro slapped the trainer until he feel asleep. "Let's get a move on. We can't take chances of getting caught." Strangler said. Koro and the Frillish rapidly barrle rolled to Route 2. "And why did we barrel roll?" Strangler asked. "Because we felt like doing it" Koro awnsered. "When can we sell drugs?" Strangler asked impaintently. "When we get to Route 4.' Koro said, walking through tall grass. "WHAAAAAAAAAT?!" Strangler said, jaw onto the ground. "Look I'm not stupid or cold hearted." Koro said. "Don't care. I need a cigarette." Strangler said. Koro reached in her pack and tossed her a match and a cigarette.
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"Listen," A concerned Officer Jenny said. "I'm very thankful you and your friends came
along to help us out, Blaze, but really, if you guy's are here for a vay - kay, then by all means please enjoy yourselves in the Unova region."
"Hey, when we see trouble, we kick it's ass!" A ferocious Skate declared.
"We'll be sure to do that Officer." Blaze responded.
"Okay, but if you guys see ANYTHING, please tell the Unovian Police. We need as much info we can get. I wish you a safe trip." Jenny spoke.

As Axel and gang left the Pokemon Center, they continued way through a backstreet.
"Who do you thinks responsible for all the street violence around here?" Max asked.
"Not sure. Hopefully we'll find out soon." Dr. Zan replied. After five minutes of walking, the group saw an entrance to a bar. Axel immediately remembered back in 92' when he walked into a bar, beat multiple thugs senseless and walked through the back door of the bar only to fight the bartender and his goons in the rain. The bartender worked for Mr. X.

"I guess we'll check this place out for a while." Axel muttered to himself as he walked inside, group following. Immediately Blaze and Axel noticed a Meloetta singing an unfamiliar song on a stage, as an audience gave an applause. The Meloetta sounded like a Vocaloid.

"Well, hello!" A waitress asked. "Would you like to take a seat and a meal, sir and miss? You and your friends looked mightily exhausted..."
"Does anyone wanna eat? Look's like they serve food here." Axel asked.
"Sure." "Yeah, guy! XD "
Dr. Zan and Skate answered.

"Here's a seat. Please enjoy the show!" The waitress declared.
"Unova is so full of culture. I'm actually rather fascinated
with this place." Dr. Zan said as the audience roared with applause.
After 15 minutes, the waitress returned with a salad,
dried dates dipped in chocolate, and a turkey. "Here you go!" She said with a smile. The group had a fabulous night. Axel for once
actually liked classical music, while Skate managed to sit still.

After their first evening in the Unova region, Blaze found
a hotel. They rested there for the night. As they entered the luxurious
elegant hotel full of white marble pillars and giant statues,
they were greeted by polite employees, one a Kyogre,
one a regular human being. The Kyogre led the group to their
respective rooms. The Kyogre at one point thought he lost Skate,
when he was sitting on the giant water type's head, the entire time.
After Axel and Blaze settled into their suite, Axel noticed
a suspicious car drive by the street, in front
of the hotel, from the window in the suite Blaze and him were sleeping in.
Max and Skate were sleeping in separate beds in one room,
with Dr. Zan sleeping in his own room.
Axel noticed a giant potato bag covered in blood in the back seat.
"Wow, maybe Unova is turning into more of a hellhole than I thought..."
Axel thought to himself, scratching his head.
"Comin' to bed, baby?" Blaze asked, under the sheets.
"Yeah," Axel said, distracted by the suspicious black
Mercedes that drove by.

************************************************** *******
Jason woke up to find where he was, before he somehow found
himself in the 70's. It was morning. "Was I dreaming? Everything felt so real."
Jason said to himself, aloud.
"Hey, Jason! Catch!" A distant voice had alerted. Jason caught a
brilliant, translucent Frisbee. "C'mon son! Throw it back, man!"
Jason waited a moment. He saw another Kyruem fly into
view over a nearby hill. "Dad! Holy crap!"
"Son, what is it? You look like you just saw a dead person."
"Uh..." Jason was confused.
"You takin' drugs, young man?" His dad noticed the
crack bag in Jason's hands. "I thought you were better than this!"
Jason hugged his Dad out of shock and relief,
almost breaking his middle - age back.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold it. I MEAN DON'T HOLD ME! Ugh..."

After Jason spent novelty time with his Dad, who was still
confused about Jason's outburst of happiness, his Dad asked,
"Why are you acting like that?"
"Oh nothin'! /\ O /\ " Jason gave his dad another hug.

"C'mon punk! I don't take no *****ING ***** from you!
You tell me where in hell my daughter is, or I'll rip
your damn Master Balls out!" A shirtless, muscular man yelled.
"Look, I - I'm sorry, okay! I don't know where she is!" A dude in
his late - teens screamed. "Damn, it Hilbert!
You're totally *****ing worthless, you sc***um!"
"I really don't know, guy!" Hilbert begged.
"It's Haggar to you arsewipe! Now piss off!"
Haggar threw Hilbert across the street.
"Speaking of which," Haggar said as he took out his I - Pod Touch.
He took a call. "Hey, Guy? Found anything about my daughter?
No? Your playing what? What the hell is 'Bare Knuckle'?"
Jason walked up to Haggar.
"Hold it, Guy, some jerk - off - crack dragon is bothering me."
Haggar hung up.
"What 'cha want jackass?" The brute hollered.
"Hey, don't treat Hilbert like crap." Jason scorned.
"Don't treat my son like ****." Jason's dad threatened.
"Excuse, me, dickcheese, but I got a daughter of mine to find.
You and your twit son can **** ** ****."
"Shut your ****ing mouth!" Jason's dad growled.
"Wanna fight, ****er?"
"I'll rip your ******* inside out!" Jason's father defended.
The testosterone was rising, and Jason knew it.

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"Hahah! Oh god man, your cracking me up!"
"Dude, I know. I'm a total comedian, man."
"Dude, I was playing with you, you dumbass." The grunt said, slapping the other in the face.
"Oh, it's a fight you're looking for, eh? Fine then, you'll get it!" The other goon lunged towards him, attempting to strangle him.

"Oh put a sock in it." The other said, kicking him to the side.
"Oh ladies. No need to fight over me." A familiar voice said in the backseat of the car.

"Hey. Looks like we forgot to take care of the cargo."
"Oh. Uhh, come on, boys. Ya kn-know I was kidding with ya." Slick said, growing nervous each second.
"Oh yeah, we know" The other said, grabbing him by the legs.

"Hey, come on man! Where ya takin' me."
"Somewhere where you'll shut up, hopefully. A zoo, apartment, maybe even the slaughterhouse." He said, dragging Slick along the concrete.
"S-s-slaighterhouse? Wh-who'd want to eat me. I mean, I'm unfit for any kind of meal. Come on guys, ya can' do this to me."
"Oh sure we can. We got connections. Plus, everyone wants ya dead."
"Yeah," the other responded, "'s not like anyone will miss ya. You're just a drug dealer. We can all just find another one."
"Oh yeah," the goon said, "I heard there's this guy named Twitch, the Spinda. He's got the most dope crack ever."
"I heard Twitch was in jail, though."
"Naaah. You're thinking of that other guy. Uhm, uhh. Dang, I forgot his name."
"Oh yeah. Wasn't it, uhh, Pancho, the Ludicolo?"

"Oh, just shut up!" Slick said from the potato sack. "Y'all sound like a bunch o' little teenage girls. 'Oh, Twitch is so hot'"
"Oh shut up!" They both said, kicking him in the ribs.
"We're almost there, buddy. Then ya can have the time of your life." They both started laughing at this hardly comical statement.
"Hey, what are ya doing. Let me see, man." Slick was struggling to get out of the ropes he was tied in. It didn't help that he was blindfolded either.
"Stop it, man. The boss man wants to make sure you're in good condition before, ya know, we 'take care o' ya.'"

"Well at least let me SEE!" Slick demanded, twisting his body in every way possible.
"Hey! Stop moving! The boss don' like it when they put up a fight." One grunt when behind him, tying the ropes stronger.

"Ya know, we might as well let 'im see."
"Why though. It' not like he have much to see. It's an abandoned warehouse full of Ariados and Joltik. What's more to see."
"Oh, I don't know. The beauty of nature, idiot."
"Oh shut up! You're turning into a little wuss now, ain't ya?"
"I'm just sayin'. I'd love to see at least somefing before I was killed."
One of the goons stepped up to the now, quiet, unmoving Slick. He untied the blindfold on him, allowing it to drop to the floor.

His eyes cringed at the sudden change from pitch black darkness to the rays of light slipping through the broken wood boards.

Ring, ring, ring! Ring, ring!
The Grunts' phone ringed in his pocket, causing all three of them to jump.
"Hey, who's it?"
"I dunno. Probably the boss man."

The grunt answered his phone, talking to a strange man on the other end.

"Uhh, yeah. He's ready boss. He's just standing there, waitin' like a good 'lil boy."
"Oh, alright. Well, ya better hurry it over here. The little birthday boy's growin' impatient.

The goon hung up the phone, sticking it in his pocket.
"The boss said he's gonna be hear soon with the others..."
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"I'll meet you in Striton kay o?" Koro asked. "Whateves." Strangler said. Koro ran as fast as her little leg could and haalted to a stop around Striton. She sighed. Smoke was one thing she hated. She leaned against a tree and sighed again. Koro decided to take a nap

After her cat nap, Strangler was just in her view. "Strangler, understand I can't stand smoke." Koro said. "Then why the F*** do you sell it?" Strangler asked. "Because what the hell do you expect out of a drug dealer? To seel you candy ones?" Koro asked. "Whatever." Strangler said.
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"Muff - Muff!" A Turquoise haired young man hollered in a dark room.
He was tied up and had a dirty rag in his mouth. He could taste the
asphalt and grit in the rag. A young woman in the same room also was suffering
the same grim fate. It seemed she'd been in this kind of situation multiple times, though.

The young man did the right thing. He decided to cut the ropes on his back,
after scooting across the floor to a broken window full of sharp glass. There was
glass on the floor, and he was only in a royal red bed robe, his underwear and
a pair of slippers. He was careful not to cut himself. He cut himself free, finally spitting
that disgusting handkerchief out of his mouth. He quickly took a piece of glass after
stuffing his hand back in his soft sleeve, using the sleeve to protect his hands while
he carried the shard and used it to cut the ropes of the tied - up mistress.

"There we go. Now, we gotta get the hell outta here before they come for us
and put us in those meat grinders."
"Thank you. Thank you very much. My name is Jessica. What's yours?"
"N. Now follow me."
The woman didn't say another word. She just shook her head.
N cracked the door open very quietly, looking around and hoping
the coast was clear. Both N and Jessica slipped out of the door.
N found a lead pipe. He armed himself.

After ten minutes of sneaking around for an exit, the two noticed a pair
of men standing next to a Grovyle. The Grovyle seemed horrified.
"I can't leave that poor Pokemon. Stay here!" N sternly stated in a
whisper. N ran up to one of the guards and gave him a swift whack
in the back of the head with his lead pipe.
"Yo, what the fu-" The brain damaged thug said.
"It's *****ing Groupis! Shoot that be - atch!"
It was no use. The thug's friend was dead.
The thug pulled out a pistol. "Oh, crap!" N flipped.
"Run you prick!" The criminal roared.
N rushed to where he last saw Jessica.
He saw no one. "Jessica!" N cursed.
N kept running. He tried running to the exit
and finding Jessica at the same time. There was no luck.
He stopped to rest behind the cover of an old crate.
N heard a door open.
The same Samurai entered the room.
"I sensed someone was trying to sneak out. Too bad you die here!"
The Samurai started. A silence occurred.
"...and... uh... kicking me in the gonads wont work. Behold the mighty power
of the crotch plate!" The crimson assassin performed a double pelvis thrust.
It was awkward.

"Don't look at me like that! Shiva!" The Samurai called, turning back
to the opposite direction he came from.
"**** off, Yamato! I'm taking a ****!" A man hollered from beyond the door.
It didn't seem like Yamato saw him from eyesight;
N hid too well for that. But the fact Yamato still noticed him was

Another door had opened a few metres from Yamato.
A man in red appeared. He was not a Samurai. Derp.
"Hey, what the ****'s going on in here? You'd take Jessica?"
The man replied in the direction of Yamato.
Shiva had entered the room. "And who the hell are you?"
"Guy. Why?"
"I dunno." Shiva said.
"This is truly climactic, morons! Now Shiva, kill 'Gay', or whatever."
Yamato interrupted.
"Excuse me!? I'm finding Jessica and taking her back
to her dad. Got it?" Guy finished.
Guy and Shiva ran head on. Shiva gave a punch to Guy, but
guy was smart and ducked, bending backwards. Guy attempted to give Shiva
a kick in the groin, but Shiva grabbed Guy by the ankle, and pushed
him back by the palm of his hand. The two were moving at mach speed.
"Human TM 'FAWK YOU', FINAL CRASH!" Shiva exclaimed.

Meanwhile, N tried to run, but Yamato blocked him off. "Disappear!"
The Armour clad killer appeared in front of N. The two stopped
for a while, predicting what the other would do next. N hit
Yamato in the woodie with the lead pipe.
The Samurai replied. N ran off.
As N was running, he saw a door. He entered, desperate
to escape Yamato.

Just as N entered, he noticed a meat grinder with Jessica tied onto
the conveyor belt. The machine was on, as the belt
moved in the direction of the hole where the meat went in the
machine. "Help!" She screamed. A man stood behind the
grinder, watching the victim squirm. The man saw N and ran off.
Apparently, he wasn't a fighter, just a murderer.
Luckily the murderer left the keys in the lock. N managed to stop the machine and rescue Jessica.

"What the hell's going on in here?" N asked.
"Someone dragged me to this room. That m - man's crazy." Jessica said.
"Look, let's just get outta-"
Vrrroooomm! Vrrrrrrrooooooooomm!
The man returned with a chainsaw. He jumped at N, barely missing
him. "Giratina Turner!" N said, shocked.
"C' mon! This way!" Jessica led back to the door N came from.

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Strangler looked around with KoroYou know what? You are a stupid as $#!T Koro. Strangler thought. Unknowingly, they walked into the Dreamyard and into some dark grass. Strangler knew this, but Koro continued to walk in the dark grass. Strangler smiled. Koro was pretty stupid.

Koro knew where she was going. She turned back. "Aren't you coming? If you don't that's gonna confuse me. If you want to sell drugs, the I'd suggest you come with me." Koro said smuggly.

Strangler faceplamed. Koro was going to die. "Uh, I guess." Strangler said.She knows me. Strangler thought. A munna popped out of nowhere. "I smell... somthing." Was all it said, sniffing Koro's bag.

"Listin up loser. Get lost and hide behind your mom." Koro said. The munna looked shocked, then smiled. "Daaaaaaaaaaaad! These pokemon are being mean!" The munna called. Suddenly, out of nowhere was Koro and Strangler's worst nightmare. A Majicarp Hydregion.
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The Final Fight on Unova's Streets of Rage Begins

Things were getting hectic with Guy and Shiva. Meanwhile, Yamato was still on the floor. Hoards of baddies came in; Chicks with electric whips, guys with Machetes and a few barefoot heavy - weight boxers busted through a pair of nearby double doors.

"****!" Shiva said as he got pinned to the floor. Guy fought Shiva a few times before, and he knew how to deal with him. "I'll send your ass back to Metro City!" Shiva hissed. As Guy held Shiva down, Shiva's left arm was still free. Shiva ***** - slapped Guy, sending him face first into a wall. (Guy was truly a hero.) N then came running through with Jessica. "Outta my way, ******!" N declared. N accidentally hit Guy with the lead pipe he was holding as he ran through. Guy tumbled like a brick. "****ing Zekrom - Buddha - Robocop - Jesus!" Guy cried. "Y'know as a Jew, I wouldn't say that." N said. "Let's just get outta here!" Jessica cut N off. "Not so bloody fast, cocknozzles." Shiva cursed as he swiftly jumped over the threesome and into the way of the door. "You ain't seeing daylight. Jessica will be sucking Mr. X's **** soon enough," Shiva threatened. "After that, all tree'a you are going in the grind, the meat grind, hear that you pussies?"
While Shiva was gloating about how he'd destroy N, Guy and Jessica,
N walked up to him. "Think your such hot ****?"
N knocked Shiva aside. "C'mon!" N said, pointing to the exit.
All three of them ran in the gritty, harsh, ominous streets, just outside
where they exited the building. It appeared to be a Warehouse they had just left.
The skies were a dark, hot grey. Lightning showered Castella City. Wind roared
in like tidal waves. Jessica looked back as she saw a group of thugs
chasing them. All of them looked pissed off.
"Yo, *******s! Shoot em'! Shoot em'!" A thug shouted.
Bang! Bang!
"Oh, ****!!!" Guy panicked!
"Guy! God dammit!" Jessica noticed Guy
tumbled over on the wet, hard pavement.
"They got me! In the nipple!" Guy hollered.
"Eww..." N thought to himself as he quickly
picked Guy up off the ground and kept
running with Jessica. Jessica's eyes lit up, as
her eyes caught a bright yellow taxi on the street.
"Over there!" She pointed.

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The duo stared at the monster. "See ya! Oh-Have fun dealing with dad!" The munna said. "HOW DARE YOU ARE MEAN TO MY CHILD! THUNDER!" The hydregion screamed. The lightng bolt struck Koro and the most unpredictable thing happened.

Koro rubbed her back."That's all you got?" Koro challenged. "Razor shell!" Koro said. This may take a while. Strangler said.
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(Lemme guess, this thread is dead because it's getting boring?
I could ask an Admin to close it here if you guys would like.)
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(I'm not. People are busy with school, so frequent posts might be going away. This is funny as hell. I'm just waiting for people to post.)
The Hydregion moved out of the way. Koro was already pissed off. She reached in her pack and began throwing bottles of drugs at the Hydregion. Strangler held the Hydregion in place while Koro was getting glass everywhere. "RARGH! MOM HELP!" The Hydregion called. A small little hedgehog with a flower in it's ear walked over and it looked like it was about to #!*king inhale Koro and Strangler. "SEED FLARE BISHES!" It screamed, lauching Koro and Strangler into the high skies of the Unova region. "We're ****ed huh?" Strangler asked. "Yes we are." Koro said.
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As N, Guy and Jessica entered the cab, Haggar was sitting in the front
"Dad!" Jessica cried.
"My, baby girl... The hell have them *******s done to ya?"
Haggar asked as the Darkrai driving the taxi sped up.
"Nothing, but Guy was shot." N added.
"I didn't ****ING ask you." Haggar scorned.
"Who are you?" N asked impatiently.
"I'm Jessica's father. You'd best not damn forget it." Haggar bristled.
"Yo, Nick?" Haggar asked the Darkrai driving the vehicle.
"Yes?" Nick responded.
"Get us to a nearby hospital, quick. Those dickheads are gonna get what's
comin' to em'. I'm paying."

The driver took a swift left turn for the nearest hospital. Immediately a
16 - wheel truck nearly drove at them head on. Nick was smart enough to
swerve out of the way. "****!" N cursed. "They're trying to kill us!"
As the taxi drove at a speed of 125 mph, a black SUV pulled up behind them,
pursuing Nick's tail. "Oh, god! I don't wanna die!" Nick shouted.
"Shut up! You'll ******* live! Just hit the road, man!" Haggar
pointed ahead. The SUV pulled back, as if the driver quit his pursuit.
N thought they were safe. The SUV then hit the accelerator and
tailgated the back of the taxi. The taxi went into a swerve as it
went off the road and into a staircase that lead to the subway.
The taxi rolled down the stairs, crushing people alive as the
left side of the taxi scraped against the rusty handrails.
"I've had enough of this crap. We have to take em' out."
Nick said. "I have a pistol in the glove compartment, which
only I have the keys for. Use it!"
Haggar unlocked the compartment to find a golden firearm.
As the yellow Victoria Crown hit the bottom of the staircase,
one Reuniclus from the SUV at the top of the stairs came out
and shot both rear wheels of the vehicle. The green menace
then threw TNT at the disabled vehicle. "Damnit!"
Guy shouted! "Hurry! Get out of the car!"
Everyone scrambled to get out of the vehicle.
The car exploded, sending N flying over into a pit of nearby train tracks.
He was knocked unconscious. "The hell'd that Green haired tampon go?"
Haggar said. Immediately, a group of Rocket members slid down the
rail of the staircase to kill their targets. Haggar was quick though;
he shot the first two Rocket members that appeared in seconds flat.
"C'mon Dick! Do something!" Haggar teased Nick.
Nick pulled out a machete and gave one Rocket Member a choke-hold
while stabbing him in his Snivy. Another Rocketeer came from behind
to taze him, but Haggar tackled him, breaking the thugs neck.
"Lets get Guy outta here!" Haggar ordered.
"But what about N?" Jessica pleaded.
"He can eat dog ****."
"But he SAVED me!"
Haggar gave it some thought.
"Fine...Anything for my little girl."

Immediately a train was approaching as 10 more goons appeared
from the blue. They were all armed. Nick noticed a man on the railway
tracks. "N!" Nick jolted. "****." Haggar thought loudly. "I'll take these
*******s. Nick, save Mister helpless over there. The Darkrai ran for N,
while Haggar picked up a garbage can and threw it at the enemy, knocking
five of them down like bowling pins. Nick carried N to the exit, while
Haggar carried Guy and his daughter followed them to a staircase
across from the one they had entered. "I can see the hospital!"
Guy pointed as the group climbed out of the subway.
"I know, *******." Haggar said. They zipped across the
street to the Hospital (or a "Human" Center), with baddies
hot on their tail and a Darkrai already exhausted
from carrying an injured N.


Meanwhile, at a train station, a muscular man
approached. "Good thing I took that train through the Extralink to get
here. Now I can find the *******s who took her... I shouldn't have wasted
time with those two." He said as he strolled out of the train he came in.
"What in the hell..." He stumbled across the remains of a car at the bottom
of a staircase. There he saw people fatally injured, lying dead on the ground.
The man heard a young female cry. "H-help..." She pleaded, weakly.

"What happened ma'am?" The man asked concerned.

"A yellow Victoria Crown just hit me! I-I almost got sucked under the car..
I tumbled down the stairs, then all these men in black suits attacked...
Thank Arceus I'm alive!" The girl said.

"Y' mean Jesus?"

"I'm not Christian! We have our own religion here in Unova!" She coughed up.

"Look, lets get you outta here! What's your name? Can you walk?"

"Yulia. Yulia Carbon. My legs still work."

Yulia got up and began to walk, somewhat limping. The man raised a brow.
"You really sure you can walk?"

People arrived. Three of them
had machetes, and the rest had handguns.

"Send out our Pokemon! Go!" One of them cried. Immediately a Vulpix,
a Lucario and a Giratina appeared. The Giratina had a Chaingun.

"Hand's up be - atch!" The Giratina barked.

Yulia ran for cover. The man stayed.

"You don't know who I am, do you?" The man replied.

"No, who the **** are you?" Someone chuckled.

"I am a former Street Fighter, and a mayor.
I own Metro City. I run it. And what happens
when punks like you decide to defy me? I crush you.
I destroyed the Mad Gear gang. I'll destroy you. Like that?"

"Haggar" gave the Giratina a jump kick in the face. The Giratina
dropped his gun. The Pokemon fought back, trying to choke hold
his attacker with its his hand like wings. Haggar bit into the Pocket
Monster's wing hard, making the Dragon bleed. Haggar found a lead pipe
on the floor and bashed the Legendary violently in the face, all while
grasping onto the Giratina's wing with his teeth. The Pokemon

"Move, and I'll throw gasoline on you and set you ablaze." The man roared.

The Vulpix and the Lucario tried attacking, but the Lucario chickened
out. She fled. The Vulpix tried to tackle the bulky brute, but the Vulpix
was too slow. As soon as "Haggar" saw the Fire - Type under his foot,
he nailed the fox senselessly to the ground with a stomp.
The Vulpix was knocked out cold, neck broken.

"Haggar" turned his head to the group of people.

"I see why you let your Pokemon die first. You're terrified of me, aren't
you? Well, I like it that way."

"Haggar" pulled the trigger of his shiny new chain gun. Streaks of light
flashed across the room as a fresh new coat of crimson red sprayed
on the walls of Castella's Subway System.

"Haggar" then took his lighter, and threw it at the Giratina on the ground,
still dazed. The Pokemon burned.

"WHYYYYYYY!?!?!?!?!?!?" The Dragon - Type shrieked!

"Because I don't like you." "Haggar" then tried to catch up with Yulia.

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