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Default Circle you, Circle me (Horror RP)

(Had originally wanted to make this elsewhere.. But i forgot my password, sooo.. It'll go on here~)
An old building out of the sun's reach
Hallways with decay starting to leach
Behind the door in a dark back room
Were children remembered by what, by whom?
They had been waiting for you to visit them for a long time..

..But they were not alive as most people know it. They were originally children at an orphanage, which had been abandoned. Sciencists conducted experiments on the children, usually killing them.. But the children didn't properly die. They couldn't.

Even if their head is crushed in
Even if if their arm is taken
The children who can never die
They just laugh at you sweetly, as if nothing happened.. And try to lure you to one room in the building.. To die.

Are you one of the children? Or are you an unfortunate traveller who found the building one day? If you are a child, you will try to lure the travellers to a secret room.. And kill them.

Sign-up sheet~
Are you one of the immortal children?-
Any weapons?- (No guns.)

My characters'll be up tomorrow, or sometime like that. I have school, and after school, i'll be out 'till about midnight, watching a play in Leicester.
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