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Default Black 2/White 2 TM Guide

Are you missing a few TMs, and you don't know where they are? Do you want to know where a specific TM is? Do you just want to make sure you have all of the TMs you can possibly have up to a specific point? If so, this is the thread for you! All you have to do is find which TM you want to look up, and find which group of 5 it's sorted under. Then, find which spoiler that TM is under, and there you go!

TMs 1-5 {Hone Claws/Dragon Claw/Psyshock/Calm Mind/Roar}    
TM01 ~ Hone Claws    
Victory Road: After getting through the maze and reaching the Pokémon Center, travel east and find a break in the rock wall. Follow the path until the end.
TM02 ~ Dragon Claw    
Dragonspiral Tower: Inside of the maze on the 5th floor. One of 3 items.
TM03 ~ Psyshock    
Giant Chasm (Crater Forest): After visiting the Plasma Frigate, find the approximate midpoint between the topmost and middle impact craters the frigate made. From there, travel west. It will be between the first 2 large patches of grass you encounter.
TM04 ~ Calm Mind    
Striaton City (Pokémon Center): Can be purchased for 80,000 Poké
TM05 ~ Roar    
Route 23: (from Giant Chasm entrance) After getting up the set of stairs, do a u-turn to the left and go across the first 2 wooden bridges. Then, go left past Pokémon Ranger Steve.

TMs 6-10 {Toxic/Hail/Bulk Up/Venoshock/Hidden Power}    
TM06 ~ Toxic    
Seaside Cave: After Surfing across the small lake to reach the exit, go downstairs instead of exiting. Solve the Strength puzzle below, and go up the set of stairs that you've just opened up the way to. Travel parallel to the ledges, and go north when you hit a wall.
TM07 ~ Hail    
Mistralton City (Pokémon Center): Can be purchased for 50,000 Poké
TM08 ~ Bulk Up    
Striaton City (Pokémon Center): Can be purchased for 80,000 Poké
TM09 ~ Venoshock    
Virbank City: Reward for defeating Roxie at the Virbank Gym
TM10 ~ Hidden Power    
Battle Subway/PWT: Can be purchased for 18 BP

TMs 11-15 {Sunny Day/Taunt/Ice Beam/Blizzard/Hyper Beam}    
TM11 ~ Sunny Day    
Mistralton City (Pokémon Center): Can be purchased for 50,000 Poké
TM12 ~ Taunt    
Route 23: (From Giant Chasm entrance) Go up the stairway to get to the upper level, and then go west until you find a cuttable tree. Cut it down, and then continue west, until you get to the other cuttable tree. From there, go southwest until you find a Strength boulder. Push it into its hole, and go up onto the small mountaintop that is now accessible.
TM13 ~ Ice Beam    
Giant Chasm (Cave): Surf up the waterway on the eastern side of the cave, until it ends near the north end of the cave.
TM14 ~ Blizzard    
Mistralton City (Pokémon Center): Can be purchased for 70,000 Poké
TM15 ~ Hyper Beam    
Route 9 (Shopping Mall Nine, 2F): Can be purchased for 90,000 Poké

TMs 16-20 {Light Screen/Protect/Rain Dance/Telekinesis/Safeguard}    
TM16 ~ Light Screen    
Nimbasa City (Pokémon Center): Can be purchased for 30,000 Poké
TM17 ~ Protect    
Battle Subway/PWT: Can be purchased for 6 BP
TM18 ~ Rain Dance    
Mistralton City (Pokémon Center): Can be purchased for 50,000 Poké
TM19 ~ Telekinesis    
Route 18: On the northern edge of the island, in the large patch of grass on the lower level. Go under the wooden bridge above you to access it.
TM20 ~ Safeguard    
Battle Subway/PWT: Can be purchased for 6 BP

TMs 21-25 {Frustration/Solarbeam/Smack Down/Thunderbolt/Thunder}    
TM21 ~ Frustration    
Flocessy Ranch: Find Herdier inside the Ranch, near the northeastern corner. A Team Plasma Grunt throws it at you.
TM22 ~ Solarbeam    
Pinwheel Forest (Inner Area): Within the area east of the bridge. Access the eastern area through a break in the trees north of the bridge, and continue southeast from there until you can't progress anymore.
TM23 ~ Smack Down    
Battle Subway/PWT: Can be purchased for 18 BP
TM24 ~ Thunderbolt    
Victory Road (Cave, 4F): Given to you by Hugh upon defeating him (and just before the Pokémon League, to boot)
TM25 ~ Thunder    
Lacunosa Town (Pokémon Center): Can be purchased for 70,000 Poké

TMs 26-30 {Earthquake/Return/Dig/Psychic/Shadow Ball}    
TM26 ~ Earthquake    
Route 15: Go south from the entrance to Black City/White Forest, down the staircase, and drop the Strength boulder into its hole. Go over the boulder into the now-accessable area.
TM27 ~ Return    
Aspertia City: Given to you by Bianca after defeating Cheren, outside of the Aspertia Gym.
TM28 ~ Dig    
Route 4: (Black 2) Visible from the bottom of the east-to-west street. Navigate your way southeast through the sand, from the opening on the west side of the route. When you find the staircase going east, take it and go straight up through the sand.
(White 2) On the western edge of the route. Take the starcase down from the east-to-west street into the brick-road area, and turn left at the first bend, past the Rich Boy. Go past the fallen debris, and go north through the sand. Follow the path to the top.
TM29 ~ Psychic    
Route 13: From the island with the large patch of grass on it in the southeast corner of the route, Surf northeast to the northernmost of the 2 light-blue islands. Go to the left edge of that island.
TM30 ~ Shadow Ball    
Reversal Mountain (Outside): Behind the Strange House. Go to the left side of the house, and press A when you are at the back corner of the structure.

TMs 31-35 {Brick Break/Double Team/Reflect/Sludge Wave/Flamethrower}    
TM31 ~ Brick Break    
Battle Subway/PWT: Can be purchased for 12 BP
TM32 ~ Double Team    
Battle Subway/PWT: Can be purchased for 6 BP
TM33 ~ Reflect    
Nimbasa City (Pokémon Center): Can be purchased for 30,000 Poké
TM34 ~ Sludge Wave    
Battle Subway/PWT: Can be purchased for 24 BP
TM35 ~ Flamethrower    
Route 23: (From Giant Chasm entrance) When you get to the staircase leading to the upper level, go past it and Surf across the river instead. Talk to the man inside of the house on the eastern bank of the river.

TMs 36-40 {Sludge Bomb/Sandstorm/Fire Blast/Rock Tomb/Aerial Ace}    
TM36 ~ Sludge Bomb    
Route 8: At the northwest corner of the route, just north of the Youngster. Between 2 sets of trees.
TM37 ~ Sandstorm    
Mistralton City (Pokémon Center): Can be purchased for 50,000 Poké
TM38 ~ Fire Blast    
Lacunosa Town (Pokémon Center): Can be purchased for 70,000 Poké
TM39 ~ Rock Tomb    
Relic Castle (B1F): (After entering from Desert Resort entrance) Take the stairs to the lower floor rather than falling down a quicksand pit. Fight the Psychic, and proceed past them to the spot where another quicksand pit used to reside in Black/White.
TM40 ~ Aerial Ace    
Mistralton City: After defeating Skyla, enter the house just east of the runway and the Cargo Service. After talking to the boy in the house, so to the southwestern corner of the runway, just above the greenhouses.

TMs 41-45 {Torment/Facade/Flame Charge/Rest/Attract}    
TM41 ~ Torment    
Castelia Sewers: From the entrance, turn to the north at the first bend, proceed until you hit a wall, and turn left. At the next bend, turn to the south, and proceed south past the Janitor until you see a wooden bridge on your left. Get onto it, and Surf to the south from it. Turn left at the first bend you encounter, and go straight until the first bend you can turn south at. Turn south there, using the bridge as a conjunction. Use Surf to get off the bridge you just landed on, and turn right at the first bend. Follow this until you hit a wall and see a Scientist beyond it. Turn to the north, and get off at the opening in the wall on your left. It will be inside this small opening. (requires Surf, only obtainable in Spring or Summer)
TM42 ~ Facade    
Marine Tube/Humilau City: Talk to the Parasol Lady inside of the gate between the Marine Tube and Humilau City.
TM43 ~ Flame Charge    
Tubeline Bridge: Find the Battle Girl running in a large circle around the middle area of the bridge. Step in front of her and talk to her.
TM44 ~ Rest    
Castelia City (Castelia Street): Go inside the building on the left side of Castelia Street. Take the elevator inside to 11F. Talk to the Guitarist on that floor.
TM45 ~ Attract    
Castelia City (Street leading to Route 4): Go inside the southernmore of the 2 buildings on the right. Talk to the man in front of the elevator, and then go up to 47F. Talk to the girl near the left wall, with brown hair, blue glasses and blue dress.

TMs 46-50 {Thief/Low Sweep/Round/Echoed Voice/Overheat}    
TM46 ~ Thief    
Virbank Complex (Inside): At the extreme southwest corner. Go to the west to get up to the raised walkways, and use them to go east and south to the secluded area.
TM47 ~ Low Sweep    
Wellspring Cave (B1F): In the southeast corner. Use Surf to get to B1F, and then again to cross the first pool of water you encounter on your right. Travel south from there.
TM48 ~ Round    
Battle Subway/PWT: Can be purchased for 18 BP
TM49 ~ Echoed Voice    
Nimbasa City (Musical Theater): Talk to the woman in the back-right corner of the building, on the first floor.
TM50 ~ Overheat    
N's Castle (1F): In the southeast corner. South of the connected rooms, at the far east end of the long hallway below.

Sorry, but the list isn't quite finished yet ^_^'

It takes quite a bit of time to find out exactly where to find each and every one of these, I'm quite literally looking at a map of the specific area, and comparing it against a description from Bulbapedia to find out which one is the TM. The list will be updated ASAP, with TMs 51-75~

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Reserved post for section 2: By Area

Please don't merge this with the OP, I'd prefer if the 2 were seperate posts, and I don't really want to break a character limit here either, it's quite a bit of text to pull this off ^_^
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